How to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft

It’s always fun to discover new enchantments in Minecraft. However, not all of them can be desirable. There are many enchanted items that can be found in this sandbox, but some of them have negative enchantments. You might also accidentally put the wrong enchantment when learning how to use an Enchanting Table in Minecraft. It doesn’t matter how you get an undesirable enchantment. It is easy to remove it. We will be making a grindstone to learn how to remove Minecraft enchantments. This is the only way to remove enchantments from Minecraft Java or Bedrock editions. You can also Install Forge in Minecraft for unique, mod-based solutions. Most players won’t have to go through this lengthy process. Let me now show you how to remove Minecraft enchantments from weapons and tools.

Remove Enchantments from Minecraft (2022).

This tutorial has been tested on the Minecraft 1.18 Update. You can use it in your game with no problems. We will first learn how to create a Minecraft grindstone. This is the tool that we’ll be using to remove enchantments from Minecraft. You can also skip directly to the actual process by using the table below.

What tool is used to remove enchantments from Minecraft?

A grinding stone is the only way to remove enchantments from Minecraft. A grindstone can be used in both traditional Minecraft worlds as well as the real world to upgrade and polish weapons and tools. It can also be used to remove any enchantments from your tools in Minecraft. You can use it on all types of enchantment equipment, from swords to carrots on sticks. This is used by many players to earn XP (experience point) but we’ll get to that later. Let’s first find out how to grindstone in the game.

How to Get Grindstone in Minecraft

Gritstones can only be created in close proximity to the houses of weaponsmiths, either in villages or within weaponsmith shelters. You can skip to the next step if you are lucky enough to learn how to remove enchantments from Minecraft. These villages are rare, but you can make your own best Minecraft villages seeds to increase your chances of finding them. You can also make grindstone in Minecraft using these items:

  • 2 Sticks
  • 2 Planks (any wood)
  • Stone Slab
  • Crafting table

There is already a guide for making a crafting table in Minecraft. This guide will help you make wooden planks. This will create wooden sticks by placing the planks vertically together in the crafting area.

How to make a stone slab

A stone slab is a final ingredient that you will need to create a grindstone. There are two ways Minecraft can provide stone slabs. To get either one of these, you must first obtain stones from the game. Heating cobblestone in a furnace can create the stone. It shouldn’t take you long to start making stones, cobblestone being one of the most common blocks in the sandbox game.

You can find a village with a stonecutter in it once you have found a stone in the game. Stonecutters are often easier to find than grinding stones. To easily create stone slabs, you can place three stones in the bottom row on the crafting table. Even though you only need two stones to remove enchantments from Minecraft, this method will yield 6 stone slabs.

Minecraft Crafting Recipe for Grindstone

After you have collected all of the items, it is time to combine them into a grinding stone. Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Place a wooden stick on either side of the first row in the crafting area.
  2. Then, place the wooden plank under each stick in row 2. Next, place the stone slab in the middle cell (between the wooden sticks). This crafting recipe will create a Minecraft grindstone.

Grindstone: How to Remove Enchantments from Minecraft

Place your weapons or tools in the grinder to remove any enchantments. You can use either of the two columns found in the grindstone (see the below screenshot). Make sure the other column does not have the same item or is empty. This process is quick and doesn’t require any experience, fuel, or time.

Grinding stone can also be used to remove enchantments. This will give you experience points. The amount of each enchantment and the quality of the tool will determine how many you have. You can only remove the in-game Enchantments from your equipment, except Curse of Binding or Curse of Vanishing.

Bonus: Grindstone can be used in Minecraft

You can also use the grindstone for:

  • Tools and weapons for repair in Minecraft
  • Combining two identical types of items
  • Increase the overall durability of your equipment
  • Making weapons smiths using grindstone placed in a village

You can easily remove enchantments from Minecraft

You can remove all enchantments from Minecraft by using the crafting recipe and a grindstone. There are much other fun and unique ways you can improve your fighting style even if you don’t have the enchantment tools. To fight mobs, you can create a Potion to Fire Resistance and a Potion of Invisibility. For additional benefits, you can use the best Minecraft 1.18 seed. Minecraft is open to exploration, with or without extra help. Let’s get back to the world of enchantments. Please share your top enchantments that Minecraft players should not remove. For our readers’ enjoyment, you can post them in the comments below.

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