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Best Drawing Apps for Chromebook

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Many Chromebook users believe that Chromebooks are lacking quality apps for creative work. This is false. To prove the same, we recently wrote about the best photo editors on Chromebook. We’re going to be listing some of the top free Chromebook drawing apps. These apps are not only flawless, but they also offer full-screen touch controls and an amazing range of tools. The apps that offer offline support and the lowest latency when drawing or painting on a Google Chromebook have been carefully selected. Let’s take a look at the top Chromebook drawing apps in 2022.

The Best Drawing Apps For Chromebook (2022).

We have listed the top 14 drawing apps for Chromebook, which include Web, Android, Linux, and Chrome apps. All the apps I tested ran smoothly on my Chromebook. I also included some animation drawing apps for Chromebook, as well as excellent painting apps for Chrome OS. Let’s now go over the list.

1. Autodesk Sketchbook

Sketchbook is a popular digital drawing program and is highly recommended for beginners and professionals alike. The best thing is that Sketchbook is now available for Chromebooks with Android support. Sketchbook works flawlessly in full-screen mode, with a large canvas, multiple tools, and layers.

Other than that, touchscreen latency was very low in my testing and I was able to draw on my HP Chromebook 360 without any crashes or freezing issues. This app supports palm rejection and can be used with an active stylus.

Sketchbook by Autodesk is a great tool for drawing and sketching. A sketchbook can be installed on a Chromebook with no hacks. It also has offline support because it is an Android app.

  • For professionals and beginners
  • No latency issues
  • Many brushes and tools
  • Offline support
  • Palm rejection
  • Requires Android app support

Install: Sketchbook (Free)

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw / Adobe Photoshop sketch

Like Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator and Sketch are the best drawing apps on Windows and macOS. Now you can also use them on Chromebook. It works in full-screen mode with touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, and keyboard controls.

If you’re unsure which Adobe app to use, I recommend Adobe Illustrator Draw. It is a vector drawing application that allows you to freely draw on a large canvas using multiple brushes, layers, and tools. Adobe Photoshop Sketch is the best choice if you like bitmap and raster drawing.

You will use both apps as you go, depending on what you need. Both apps performed well on Chromebook. There was no input lag and they were fast. Both apps can be used through the rotate tool to enable tilt mode.

  • Free-hand illustration and vector drawing
  • No input lag
  • Useful tools
  • Layer support


  • Some UI elements may be smaller
  • Requires support from the Play Store
  • Download: Adobe Illustrator Draw ( Free )
  • Installation: Adobe Photoshop Sketch ( )

3. Sumopaint

Chromebook users may not have access to the Play Store. This is especially true for students who were issued Chromebooks by their schools. It is impossible to install a drawing app from Play Store in these cases. Sumopaint, a Chromebook drawing app that doesn’t require any downloads, is the best choice. Sumopaint is a web-based drawing app that allows you to access all of the advanced features for free. Sumopaint can be installed as a PWA so you can use it even if you’re offline. That’s amazing, right?

Sumopaint also includes nearly 300 brushes, as well as many effects and tools you don’t have access to in desktop apps. You can also add filters, insert text elements and join images to create unique effects. Sumopaint is a great alternative to MS Paint on Chromebook. It allows you to draw with ease.

  • Web-based drawing software
  • Best Chromebooks for schools
  • Large selection of tools and effects
  • Offline


  • No palm rejection

Get Sumopaint for Free

4. Aggie.io

Aggie.io, another Chromebook-based animation, and drawing application is also available. The popular Magma Studio group is responsible for developing it. They are also known for creating an online art collaboration platform. Aggie.io, the free version of this platform, allows you to create a new canvas or draw with your online friends. You can also use it on your Chromebook as a standalone drawing application if you’re not interested in collaboration.

You have a great selection of tools, layer support is available, and you can import a GIF file in order to get started on your animation project. The website works flawlessly in browsers and has zero latency. Aggie.io is the best drawing platform for Chromebook.

  • Best for Online Collaboration
  • Web-based drawing software
  • Import GIF
  • No input latency
  • No palm rejection

Check Out Aggie.io (Free)

5. Infinite Painter

Although Infinite Painter may not be the most popular app on the Play Store it is extremely well-suited for Chromebooks. Although it’s a basic drawing application, the latency is very low. The canvas handling is much improved by the free panning from all sides. In fact, was more responsive to touch input than the Adobe apps in my testing.

Infinite Painter also offers over 160 presets for natural brushes, and allows you to make new brushes. You can also use layers and blend modes, as well as geometrical tools such as line, ellipse, and protractor. The app is solid for sketching, drawing, and painting on Chromebook. It’s also recommended for beginners.


  • Minimal Drawing App
  • Excellent input response
  • Supports layers
  • Requires support from the Play Store

Installation: Infinite Painter (, Offers within-app purchases)

6. ibis Paint

I recommend ibis Paint X if you’re looking for a powerful drawing app for Chromebook. It has more than 800 fonts and 381 brushes. There are also 71 filters and many blending options. The best thing about the app is its ability to stabilize pen strokes while you draw, making it much more fluid and precise.

You also have tools such as Radial Line rulers and clipping masks. The SNS feature allows you to learn new techniques. You might be wondering what latency means on an Intel-based Chromebook. It is nearly zero, which is amazing. You will get even more performance if you have an ARM-based Chromebook. Overall, I can tell you that ibis Paint X has been a favorite of mine on Chromebook. You can give it a shot.

  • Feature-rich drawing app
  • The majority of features are completely free
  • Can stabilize pen strokes
  • Near-zero input lag
  • For beginners can be confusing

Install: ibis Paint X (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

7. Concepts

Concepts are the most downloaded drawing app on iOS and iPadOS. It’s also available on Chromebook via Google Play Store. This app is optimized for Chromebooks. It has very low latency and allows you to create sketches, illustrations, and plans.

Concepts also support tilt and pressure modes that will allow you to sketch intricate details with great precision. You can also choose from a variety of pencils, brushes and pens, just like other drawing apps. You can also choose the background from different textures and preset paper options.

You can use the velocity feature of an active stylus, such as one from Wacom to create flexible sketches and drawings. Concepts is the best drawing app on Chromebook.

  • Infinite Canvas
  • Supports stylus
  • Tilt and Pressure Modes
  • Best for Illustrations


  • The Learning curve has a high

Installation: Concepts ( No-cost, Specials in-app Purchases)

8. ArtFlow

While Sketchbook and the other apps are professional-grade apps for painting and drawing, beginners may be overwhelmed by the many tools and features. ArtFlow is an excellent Android app that allows sketching and digital drawing. This app can be installed on Chromebook easily and works flawlessly.

This app’s best feature is its lightness. It allows you to draw on large canvases with virtually zero latency. You have tools, brushes, an opacity slider, and a color picker to help you get started painting on Chromebooks.

Tilt support is available, which can be very helpful when controlling line width or rotation with certain brushes. ArtFlow is an excellent, light painting app that you can use on Chromebook.

  • Great painting app for beginners
  • Includes tilt support
  • Many brushes and tools
  • A little buggy

Installation: ArtFlow ( No-cost, Specials on in-app purchases)

9. Sketchpad

I’ve already mentioned Sketchpad for Chromebooks, which can be downloaded from the Play Store. Some Chromebook users may not have Play Store support. In that case, Sketchpad can be used on the web. You can also install Sketchpad as a PWA application. You can then use all features without the need for internet access.

Sketchpad also offers all the usual features like multiple brush styles, color picker,s and, of course, layers. Sketchpad also allows you to do some vector drawing. Sketchpad is a great drawing app for Chromebooks, even if it doesn’t support the Play Store.

  • A great web-based drawing application
  • Offline support
  • Support for numerous brushes
  • Also includes vector-based tools


  • First-time users may find it confusing


10. SVG Boxy

Boxy SVG, a great vector graphics editor that runs in the browser, is Boxy SVG. You can edit SVG files, and it also has an amazing vector drawing app for Chromebook that allows you to create vector-based images quickly. The best thing about Boxy SVG? It’s very clean and well-organized, unlike other Chromebook drawing apps. The UI is simple and intuitive, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the cluttered menus or endless toolbars.

It is easy to create your illustration without the need for Linux or Play Store support. You can also customize keyboard shortcuts. You can use Boxy SVG as a vector drawing application for Chromebook. Boxy SVG also supports offline use.

  • Best for editing SVG file
  • UI is quite polished
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Works in a browser
  • Offline support
  • SVG files cannot be exported to PDF in the free tier

Get Boxy SVG (Free plan, $9.99 per annum)

11. Krita

Krita, a powerful Linux app that allows you to sketch and paint on your Chromebook, is available. Krita is a free, open-source drawing program. This program will only work if you install Linux on your Chromebook. You can create complex illustrations, comics, and conceptual art using many of the powerful tools in the program.

Krita, a popular Linux app that many professionals use for digital painting, is not something you may be aware of. Krita is the best Chromebook drawing app that can compete with Sketchbook and Adobe Illustrator desktop versions. This app worked flawlessly on my Chromebook.

  • Desktop-grade paint tool
  • For complex illustrations
  • Open-source


  • Requires Linux support
  • Installing: Set up Linux and Flatpak first on your Chromebook, then follow the following commands. The app will be found in the Linux apps folder’s app drawer after installation. This app can also be installed via the GUI app store described in the linked guide.

sudo su flatpak install flathub org.kde.Krita

12. Inkscape

Inkscape, another Linux Chromebook app that allows vector drawing on Chromebook, is also available. It’s not an Android app, but it is a fully-fledged desktop program that gives you advanced tools such as flyout, anchor, smart navigation, and anchor. It can be easily said that it is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator on Chrome OS.

This program is very advanced and includes all the controls that you need to create intricate paintings, art, logos, and much more. You also have access to powerful text tools, such as layers, spiro curves, and bezier, as well as layers and color profiles.

To run the application, you’ll need a Chromebook with a high-performance processor. Inkscape can be enabled GPU acceleration for Linux applications.

  • Desktop-grade program to vector draw
  • Use powerful tools
  • The best for banners, art, and logos
  • The app can be a little heavy
  • Linux support required
  • Install the program: Open Linux Terminal and run the following command. The program will be found in the app drawer of the Linux apps folder after installation.

sudo aptget install inkscape

13. Gravit

Gravit, an excellent Chromebook vector drawing app that is both an Android and Linux app, is a great choice. It’s a Chrome app that lets you draw and design many graphic elements. You can create objects such as logos, icons, vectorized graphic elements; you can also define them using many design element,, and other options. It also supports raster graphic illustration, so you can create characters, animations, and more.

Gravit is a professional-grade app that allows you to draw and illustrate. This is why it is one of the best apps in the Chrome ecosystem. This might be more convenient than installing Inkscape through Linux for Chromebook. Give Gravit a shot and find out if it suits your needs.

  • Excellent vector illustration app
  • Supports Raster graphic illustration
  • Best for professionals


  • None as such

Check Out Gravit (Free)

14. Chrome Canvas

Chrome Canvas is the last painting app that Chromebook offers. This is a basic drawing app with only a few brush options. It also has a large canvas. This app is great for beginners or those who want to teach their kids how to draw and paint.

Chrome Canvas is pre-installed with many touchscreen Chromebooks. However, if you don’t have it you can open the website to install Canvas as an PWA. It can also be used offline. You can also use Chrome Canvas to learn how to digitally paint on Chromebooks.

  • Best for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Offline support
  • brushes limited supply

Check Out Chrome Canvas (Free)

Get the free drawing app for your Chromebook

These are our top picks for best Chromebook drawing apps. It’s obvious that there are many Android apps that not only function but also provide a full suite of tools that can be used on desktop programs. You aren’t missing anything. Chromebooks are almost on par with iPads for drawing and illustration due to the abundance of quality apps. That’s all we have to say. Which one did you choose? Let us know which drawing app you prefer in the comments section below.

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