What Does the Icon Under Messages in Snapchat Mean?

Snapchat is today’s most popular social network. Snapchat is especially popular with younger, more tech-savvy users. Snapchat lets users send short videos and photos directly to their friends. Users can also create Stories lasting up to twenty-four hours. Snapchat’s difficulty in use is a major drawback despite its popularity. Many UI options and other elements can make it hard to understand what you are doing on a page.

It can be difficult for new users to grasp the a href=”https://social.techjunkie.com/know_someone-added_you-back-snapchat /”>.” This applies regardless of whether the user has added them to Snapchat, or read their messages. Snapchat is an easy social media platform to use if you know the meaning of each symbol. This article will explain the meaning of Snapchat’s various symbols (arrows and boxes).

What do Snapchat’s different colored boxes signify?

Snapchat uses two main messages symbols: boxes and arrows. The boxes represent messages and snaps that you have received. This section will include the boxes.

  • The gray box symbol will be displayed if you have not had sex with anyone else. This symbol can be used to signify that someone blocked you or hasn’t accepted your friend request. Gray indicates that there is still an action to be taken.

  • Your Snap has been sent with audio if the red box is empty. An empty red box means that your Snap was viewed but not sent with audio.

  • Your Snap with audio has been sent to your recipient if the purple box is full. If the purple box is empty, it means that your Snap with audio was viewed and sent to the recipient.

  • Your blue box should be full if your Snap has been sent. Your chat has been viewed if your blue box is empty.

When you receive a message, the icon will fill with color. When you view the message, it will disappear.

What do Snapchat’s Different Colored Arrows Mean?

Snapchat’s Arrow icon represents Snaps you have sent. Let’s look at the various Arrow icons.

  • If the red arrow is filled, it means you have sent a Snap without audio. The hollow red arrow has opened your Snap.

  • If the purple arrow is filled, it means that you have sent Snaps with audio. If the purple arrow appears hollow, your Snap with audio has been sent.

  • Chat is initiated when the blue circle is full. A hollow blue arrow means that you have opened your chat.

  • Gray filled arrows indicate that the recipient has rejected the friend request.

The Arrow icon shows the Snaps and messages that you have sent other users. The color and fill will be affected by the type of message that you are sending.

What about other symbols?

You can also use other icons to signify Snap view or chat statuses.

  • The red circle arrow means that your audio-less Snap has been replayed.

  • The purple circle arrow signifies that the Snap with audio has been replayed.

  • A triple-lined double-red arrow indicating that someone has taken a photo of your audioless Snap

  • Two purple arrows with the same design signify someone has taken a Snap with sound.

  • A double blue arrow means that someone has taken screenshots of your chat.

There are many icons. The system is so simple that you don’t need to know them all. The red icons are Snaps that don’t have audio, and the purple Snaps that have audio. You can then continue your learning. This simple system will be easy to master.

Additional FAQs

The section below contains more information on Snapchat.

Why is my Snaps not being sent?

You may have your snaps stuck in pending due to the recipient having removed or blocked your account. It could be that your internet connection is the reason why a snap does not send or nothing appears. This can happen if your internet connection isn’t strong enough. Switch between mobile data and wifi if possible. If you are having trouble with your snaps, close the app and reopen it.

What is Snapchat’s gold heart and what does it mean?

The most common question about Snapchat symbols is “The golden heart that appears next a friend’s Snapchat username” What does it mean? This simply means you have sent more Snaps to your friends than anyone else and they have done the same to you. This is Snapchat’s Best Friend Icon, which means that you are more active than your friends with this person.

A red heart is reserved for best friends who have been together for at least two weeks. A pink heart is reserved for friends who have been friends for longer than two months. It’s the Snapchat BFF icon.

Wrapping up

Snapchat’s unique interface can be difficult to use but it is a great way for friends to keep in touch. This article will help you understand some of the more obscure aspects and symbols of Snapchat. Do you have any questions about the meanings of Snapchat symbols? Drop us a line below!

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