How To Download Facebook Videos

Video sharing is one of the primary reasons people visit the site in the first instance It’s essential to learn how to take videos off Facebook to enjoy them from wherever you are. There isn’t an “official” method to accomplish this, just like Netflix or other top streaming services.

While there’s a link at the bottom of videos in Facebook’s Facebook website that reads “Save video” all it does is include the video in a “saved video” list to view later on the app or website. There is an alternative to this for both mobile and desktop. Keep in mind that certain content you like to download could be copyrighted, so ensure that you’re not violating any laws prior to embarking on a download binge.

In addition, uploads of private videos may be considered private due to a reason, so verify with the person whose video you are planning to download prior to proceeding.

How do I save videos on Facebook on your desktop?

  1. On your desktop, in the browser visit the Facebook website and locate the video you wish to download. To create this tutorial, we’ll be using the latest video available on Tom’s Guide’s website’s official Tom’s Guide Facebook page.
  2. Click the video you’re interested in. When the video begins to play, click the three dots on the right-hand part on the right-hand side of the clip.
  3. Within the menu which opens Click “Copy link. ” It’s the fourth option down.
  4. Copy the link to the new tab of your browser. It might be cut into the “FB. watch” URL. If that is the case, press Enter to make it expand and you’ll be left with something similar to the one in the screenshot below.
  5. Change your address bar’s URL to ensure the “www” is replaced with “basic.”

So, in the example above, becomes

Enter to be presented with a rather ugly mobile view, like below.

  1. Right-click on the video, and then select “Open link in a new tab. “
  2. When you open the tab you will see that it will be the Facebook video won’t be the main item on the screen. Right-click it selects “Save the video to”to download the video onto your computer.

How do I Download videos downloaded from Facebook on mobile devices?

Downloading Facebook videos for mobile devices is a another kettle of fish and while there are a few apps that claim to help the best option is to download the site It works on Android and iOS however, you’ll need to install to the Firefox browser on your iPhone or iPad to use the website isn’t loading properly in Safari.

Be aware that this method is only available for videos shared on Facebook that are publicly accessible.

  1. Open the Facebook mobile application and sign in.
  2. Choose the video you wish to download and then press the “Share” button below.
  3. Move your finger across until you come across the option labeled “Copy Link.” Click it.
  4. Start any mobile web browser (remember to make sure you use Firefox for your iPhone) and then go to

Copy the URL for the video into the box located in the center of the page and then press “Download.”

  1. Next, click the download button to download the video with either “Normal High Quality” as well as “High quality.” This will affect the size of the file and the amount of space it will take up on your mobile device.
  2. This will open an additional page that displays only the video on Facebook. Long-press the clip and then tap “Download video” when the option appears.

The video will be saved on your mobile device which you can then play it offline and save the video for as long you would like.

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