How to Fix It When Teredo Doesn’t Qualify

Gamers will find it frustrating to be unable to log in to their Xbox multiplayer server. Here’s how to fix the “Teredo is not qualified” message that you receive on your console.

What is Teredo?

Teredo, short for Teredo Tunneling, is used in this context. Teredo is a translator between different versions (IPv4 to IPv6) of the Internet Protocol (IP). Although the internet is gradually upgrading to version 6, many still use the old protocol. Tunneling using Teredo is used when one endpoint is private, such as behind a router. It can be translated smoothly between both protocols, allowing for data sharing.

What does ‘Teredo is Unable to Qualify?’ mean?

This means that the Xbox could not obtain a Teredo IP account. It cannot determine the location where it should send internet traffic.

What is the Best Time to Use Teredo on My Xbox?

Teredo tunneling can only be used for online multiplayer and in-game chat. You may not notice any changes to other online features like video streaming or using the online shop.

How do I determine if my Xbox is using Teredo?

Teredo’s use is generally determined by the protocol choice made by your internet service provider. You can check your IP address online or on a computer connected via the same network as your Xbox to see if you have an IPv4 connection. These are two distinct IP addresses. If there is no IPv6 connection then you will be on IPv4. It connects directly if you have an IPv6 network.

What is the Xbox Teredo Error and How Can I Fix It?

Xbox Teredo errors can be mistaken for connection problems. This error occurs when an obstacle is placed in the way of Xbox being online. It’s usually caused by an issue with your home network and not Microsoft. This could be a simple Wi-Fi issue, an update that was missed, or a problem with your home network configuration.

How to fix the Xbox Teredo error

Once you have a better understanding of Teredo and its workings, you will be able to troubleshoot any issues that might arise when you encounter the “Teredo could not qualify” error. These are some suggestions that may help:

  1. Find out if your router is Windows-certified. This information should be found on the router’s box, or in its documentation. A router that is not certified may not have the proper software to properly balance multiple Teredo consoles.
  2. Reboot your modem and router. Rebooting the console is a good idea. Rebooting the console can clear errors and faulty processes. This may resolve the problem.
  3. The Xbox can be connected directly to the router or modem. Instead of connecting the Xbox to the router or modem via a gateway, WiFi extender, or WiFi extender. This improves signal speed and makes qualification easier. This helps to reduce the chance of failure.
  4. An Ethernet cable is required to connect. An interference signal could cause slower internet speeds than actual. An Ethernet cable connects devices to the internet.
  5. Look for the firmware update on your router. Firmware can often provide useful improvements to the processes of a device, such as tunneling. A console update is also recommended.

  6. Disable your VPN. Disable your virtual private networks in order to connect to the internet. VPNs can interfere with login credentials and the tunneling process.

  7. Set the router to its factory default. Tunneling may be blocked by certain settings. Resetting the router to factory default can help clear these settings and restart things.

  8. Check your IP address. Check if your IP address is public. Teredo tunneling requires that both ends have a public IP. You can open the router’s settings app to find the IP address. You can also use another device to check the IP address that you are currently using. If they match, it is a public IP address. If the addresses don’t match, you can request one from your internet provider.
  9. The Network Address Translation table is available. Re-enable Universal plug and play (UPnP) on your router. To open the guide, turn on the console again and hold down the Xbox key. To check the Network Address Translation table (NAT), go to System > Settings General. Turn it on if it isn’t.
  10. Use port forwarding to access ports on the router. You may be able to tunnel by choosing specific ports. Select System > Settings > General > Internet Settings > Advanced Settings > IP Setting > Manual. Provide your static IP address, Subnet mask, and default gateway. Select DNS Setting Manual and enter the primary DNS or secondary DNS, if applicable.
  11. Allow DMZ and perimeter network settings to be enabled on the router. This gives you more access to public IPs.
  12. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the Xbox to the modem. The router can be removed if all else fails.

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