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How to connect heyday true wireless earbuds

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How do I connect my heyday wireless earbuds to my iPhone? You must have an iPhone running iOS 10 and later to connect to your Heyday wireless earbuds. Both earbuds must be worn. They must also be kept in their carrying cases so they can communicate with one another. To connect:

  • Hold down the power button at the back of your charging case for approximately five seconds, until Bluetooth is turned on. If the blue light does not appear, turn off the charging case and then switch it on again inside.
  • Open Settings. This is a gray app that contains cogs and is usually located on your home screen.
  • Open Bluetooth in Settings
  • Open the Bluetooth settings to see all devices in pairing mode. If your Heyday earbuds are connected and powered up, they should be visible. To pair your iPhone with them, click on their names or choose from the available devices. You may be asked to download the companion app if this is your first use of Heyday True Wireless Earbuds. It provides additional features, such as EQ settings, and tips on how to best use the earbuds. For updates or to resolve bugs, you can always go back here.
  • After connecting your Heyday True Wireless Earbuds successfully to your iPhone, you’ll see the number of paired earbuds alongside how many are inside the case. If the pairing indicator turns green, then you are good to go. Heyday can be used with all your favorite apps.

Check your Bluetooth devices to make sure they are properly connected. Once the Heyday earbuds have been successfully paired with one or more devices (in our case an iPhone), they should be listed here. You should also see the number of earbuds in the recharging container. If you don’t know how many, close it. If only one blue light appears on the charging case or either bud, it means that there is no charge. If they do not appear to be connected, it means that they have been turned on.

This concludes the How to connect Heyday wireless earbuds

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