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How to add a second face to your iPhone Face ID

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You might like to share your iPhone/iPad with a sibling, partner, or friend to make unlocking more simple.

Touch ID allows for up to five fingerprints. This information makes it easy to see if you can add multiple faces to Face ID.

Apple has stated that you cannot do this. However, there’s a way to add another person on Face ID. This is how it works.

How to add another person’s face to your FaceID

Face ID adapts to changes in facial appearances like hair and beard growth, glasses and hats. Face ID is now more reliable thanks to iOS 12. Apple introduced the ability to create an alternative appearance.

This is useful for people who have drastically different looks. You can use it to add your spouse’s/sibling’s face on Face ID.

Here’s how to add another individual to your iPhone’s Face ID:

  1. To open Settings, tap FaceID & Passcode.
  2. Tap To Set up an Alternate Appearance.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions for enrolling this new face. For the person to add their face, they will need you to be there.
  4. To lock the device, press and hold the side button. Then, use this face to unlock it. It should work.

If the option to Set up an Alternate Appearance doesn’t appear, it means that you have already created it. To proceed, tap Face ID to delete any faces that have been added. Next, use your face to set it up. Then, tap Set up an Alternate Appearance, which will add other people.

Face IDs can be removed by following these steps.

Is it safe for two people to be added to Face ID?

Face ID adds the person to your account with all the same authentication and unlocking rights. Face ID is available to them for purchase, and payment via Apple Pay, and use Face ID in all other places. Make sure to only add someone you can trust.

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