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Is PS Now Worth it? The Pros and Cons of PlayStation’s Game Streaming Service

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PlayStation Now (PS Now), which Sony has refined its game streaming service, has received more and more attention in recent years.

What benefits does PlayStation Now provide, and what do they lack? Let’s look at PS Now, if you’ve been considering it but haven’t decided yet.

What Is PlayStation Now?

PlayStation Now is Sony’s game streaming service. It offers hundreds of games for $9.99/month or $24.99/quarter. A $59.99/year subscription includes a free trial that allows you to test the service.

PS Now gives you access to more than 800 games to stream. These include titles from the PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS4 generations. Some titles are also available for download to your console. PS Now is available on your PS5, PS4, and Windows PC.

PlayStation Now: The Things We Love

Let’s start with the benefits. Here are the reasons why PlayStation Now makes sense.

  1. PS Now Offers A Great Value For Money

PS Now has a huge number of games. This is something you will notice right away. PS Now allows you to access literally hundreds of games that you want, for the cost of one full RRP game per annum (or less as games go to $70). That’s an incredible deal.

These aren’t just filler games. Here are some exclusive titles for the PS4, giving you access to unlimited gaming and hundreds of hours of quality gaming.

  1. You can stream hundreds of games across multiple console generations

PS Now’s PS2 PS3 and PS4 games libraries are a great way to get older games without having to buy the game and console.

PS Now gives you access to all these titles and eliminates the need for backward compatibility between the PS4/PS5 and PS2 and PS3 games. PS Now lets all your games be played on one console.

  1. Many Games Can Be Fully Downloaded on PlayNow

We all know streaming games can be a problem because it relies on your internet connectivity.

If you don’t have a great internet connection, streaming games can be difficult.

PS Now has a lot of great titles that are fully downloadable. You can even play them as though you have digitally bought them.

This eliminates any potential problems with your internet connection so you can enjoy your game to its fullest.

  1. You Can Stream PS Now On A Windows PC

PlayStation Now has a significant feature: you can stream PS Now titles from your Windows PC. Because many PlayStation games can only be played on Sony’s consoles this is the closest to a Sony-PC experience.

This is a great way for you to play Sony Games when you are away from your console. Sony made a really cool addition.

  1. PS Now: New Monthly Additions

PS Now adds new titles every other month. This is another notable feature. This gives you an incentive to renew your subscription. You might find the next game that you love on PlayStation Now.

PS Now’s model mirrors streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix. It has exclusive titles, new additions, and games that are limited in time. PS Now has a constantly expanding list of games that don’t compromise quality. However, you’ll always find a worthwhile game to play if PS Now is used.

  1. PS Now is a great way for you to try new franchises or different genres

PS Now provides a large selection of games. It is the perfect service for those who want to explore new franchises and other genres.

This is a great way to get into the game, as it doesn’t cost anything extra and you can stop at any time. You might even fall in love with a new genre or franchise that you haven’t tried before.

PS Now is the right choice if you want to expand your gaming library by playing a variety of titles.

What We Hate About PS Now

PlayStation Now is full of great things. But it also has its flaws. Let’s take an in-depth look at the reasons PS Now may not be worth your time.

  1. You don’t actually own any of the games that you play

Like any streaming service, the titles that you play on PS Now are not yours. They disappear once you cancel your subscription. This also applies to downloaded games that lock if your account is terminated.

PS Now may also decide to shut down. In that case, each player will need to purchase all of the games they’ve worked so hard for. This will be both costly and frustrating.

It’s nice to know that something is yours. You might consider buying it separately if you have a favorite game but cannot access it on PS Now.

  1. It’s possible to value games less, as there are so many to choose from

It’s great that PS Now offers so much, but it could also make them feel less valued.

You might find it easier to stop and restart any game you want without paying an additional cent. Or, you may feel overwhelmed by all the options. In this situation, games might feel more unpredictable and less enjoyable.

There is something satisfying about spending your hard-earned money on a video game and owning it. Then, you complete the game. PS Now might not have the same sense of value.

  1. PS Now doesn’t have a macOS version, and you can only stream titles on your PC.

While it’s great to have PS Now available on PC, it is only available for Windows PCs. PS Now is not available for macOS users. However, you can access other game streaming services such as Google Stadia on a Mac.

It’s great that PS Now games can be streamed on PC. However, they can’t be downloaded. This puts more responsibility on your internet connection than on the console version.

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