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How Laptops In The Classroom Improve Student Learning?

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In the current era of technology, laptops are an asset in every field, especially in education. Guardians and school/college tutors always try to introduce new and exciting teaching methods. Introducing laptop for education is one of them.

As you are all aware, through computers our work and personal life balancing are made easier. It’s also true in the case of education. Who would want to study with their boring old books, when they can learn the same thing in a more exciting way through laptops.

If you’re wondering whether laptops are improving the students’ learning process or not. In the coming segment, we’ll try our best to clarify it as much as possible.

Laptops: How Does It Affect Students’ Learning?

Nowadays, throughout the nation in schools and colleges laptops are being introduced for educational purposes. Since then there’s been a debate going on among parents and teachers if computers are helping their kids or not. And should it be allowed to continue?

To be honest, we understand your concern. However, with the growing technology, laptops are becoming essential equipment for everyone, even your kids in school. For that reason alone, many governments and private schools are providing laptops for educational purposes.

Yes, indeed laptops don’t enhance the student’s academic performance. However, it does positively impact students’ engagement in learning new things. It also helps a student to be more organized and efficient.

Take an intern nurse for example. Being a nurse isn’t easy, it poses challenges throughout the way. However, good laptops for nursing students can help them to face those challenges by organizing themself better.

Does Learning Through A Laptop hinder Human Interactions?

Many of you think computers and education don’t mix well, they not only distract the students but also hinder human interactions. It’s not all the way true, because you should. It’s quite common for a kid to be distracted, it’s nothing to do with a computer.

For human interaction laptops in schools rather enhance student-teacher engagements, as they’re learning new things together through 1to1 laptop programs. It’s also a good way to build a good relationship between a teacher and a student.

Although we can’t ignore the fact that computers can be a distraction if not given proper guidance. As a student, they’re just kids after all.

Benefits Of Using A Laptop In The Classroom

Laptops are beneficial for both students and teachers. As in the earlier days, a teacher had to give lectures with written notes and we all know how well that goes. It’s no longer necessary because of getting access to a laptop.

There are countless benefits of using a laptop inside a classroom. In the following segment, we’ve tried to cover the major benefits, it should help you understand the necessity of using a laptop in the classroom.

Increased Engagements

Our research shows that using a laptop for every individual student helps increase their engagement in their studies. With a laptop in the education system, it brings about different ways of learning. It helps the teacher to make the learning season more engaging.

Students find those lessons interesting and exciting. Although it’s not some magic trick that would enhance a student’s capability. However, it helps a  student to be more focused on studies.

Enhanced Organizational Skills

As students keeping tabs on their study books and notes is hectic work. Especially if they don’t organize it in order. However, with computers, a student’s organizational capability is enhanced.

Because with it, they don’t have to carry books and notes separately. All they need is to create a folder under a designated name and keep their files in there. It not only makes the organizing better but also makes keeping tabs much easier.

Fewer Errors

Copying something from the whiteboard, there’s a chance of errors. A student not only needs to keep up with the teacher’s writing speed but also with fellow students. In doing so sometimes while rushing errors do occur in writing. And that hinders their study.

However, with laptops in the classroom, every student can take notes and copy their studies at their individual speed. Also, teachers can focus on weaker students more if need be. It allows teachers to help students with their problems more efficiently and solve any errors.

Access To Helpful Applications

With laptops in the classroom, students have access to several apps. These apps work as an assistant to help them solve difficult equations or problems with ease.

Students can now solve their problems on their own without the help of a teacher, which encourages them to learn new things. Software like PowerPoint can help students with representing their subjects to teachers.

Improved Teamwork

Laptops help students to communicate with each other easily. Students can ask questions, and compare answers, also they can share any topic-related information with each other. They can also work on group projects even if some people aren’t in the same place, even from outside the classroom. 

As they have access to the internet, information sharing is much easier than a physical sharing process. Everyone in the group project can connect with each other via video or audio calls.

Drawbacks Of Using A Laptop In The Classroom

Although it’s true using laptops in class has its perks, however, using them has its drawbacks too. And without knowing them how can I reach a decision. Keeping in mind we’ve listed down the major drawbacks of using laptops in the classroom in the following segment. 

Let’s begin, shall we?

Causes Distraction

Though a computer has its effectiveness in a classroom, if not being careful the students might get distracted and lose their focus on studies and start browsing unnecessary stuff like wasting time on social media. It’ll surely hinder their studies.

File Security

Indeed computers do make collecting data and organizing it easy, however, if proper security measures are not taken then a simple virus attack can ruin the essential files and spoil the student’s hard work.

Make Students lazy

The computer makes students’ hard work such as doing assignments, projects, etc. easy. They can easily copy the projects from their friends or classmates. Doing so makes them stop looking for any problem’s solution, which makes them lazy and less active in their studies.

Final Verdict

Like everything, using laptops for educational purposes in the classroom has its perks and drawbacks. However, we shouldn’t look at it from a positive or negative point of view. 

Because in this current era, the necessity of technology is undeniable, and a computer is one of them. At some point in everyone’s life, they’ll need to use a computer. And a sudden use may ruin the experience.

So it’s advisable for the parents and tutors to prepare kids/students for the proper use of computers. In doing so, not only they’ll be benefited in their student life but also in the near future.

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