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Top 7 of the Best Websites to Download Microsoft OneNote

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You can keep track of everything with an organized note-taking system without adding any extra burden to your memory. A template gives you the ability to keep your mind on the content and has similar benefits. OneNote includes many built-in features such as preset layouts and styles. You can also use formatting tools to create templates.

Although there are many OneNote template categories, not all templates will be suitable for every purpose. However, you can find ready-made templates online. Let’s look at the best OneNote sites for downloading templates that you can use in different projects.

In OneNote, Installing Templates

The OneNote app that you are using will have a different installation process. For Mac users, the instructions will be applicable.

OneNote 2016 or Later

Many sites offer zip files. It includes the template file and any documentation. Double-click the file in order to open it using OneNote 2016.

The yellow bar will display a message saying “To get the best out of OneNote move this notebook into OneDrive.” Click here to make the move

For a simple template, you can go to insert > Select the Page templates command > Click Delete current page as a template. The My Templates pane will display your selected template next time. This is only one click away.

OneNote App for Windows 10

OneNote 10 cannot be used to directly install templates. Instead, you can use OneNote notebook Importer with any browser. Click Import, and navigate to your folder that contains your templates.

To import the folder, select it and click OPEN. Double-click templates with the.ONE extension to import them in OneNote.

1. Auscomp

Auscomp is the most comprehensive source of OneNote template templates. Templates are available for nearly everything: hobbies, projects, managing your life, niches, etc.

OneNote offers ten free templates: OneNote Templates for Finance, Family Trees, Travel Checklists, Moving Houses, Insurance, Cooking Recipes, and Cocktail Recipes.

You can also subscribe to 19 paid OneNote templates, such as Calendars, Planners, Vacation Organizer, Address Book, Client Portal, Business Suite, myLIFE, Personal/Professional Development, Teams, and more.

  • Kanban Task Example This template is inspired by the Kanban workflow visualization program. It contains a title and description as well as symbols and due dates.
  • GTD Templates to help you keep track of your goals in finance, family, and health. With weekly reviews, you can track your progress and manage your projects. For more information on GTD, see our guide on GTD methodology.
  • Productivity Optimizer: This 16-page template notebook has many productivity strategies. It includes goal tracking, procrastination control, weekly plans, and other tools.
  • myLife Template – A range of templates that can be used to store personal data. You can save these templates to a password-protected notebook if privacy is a concern.
  • Contact Book: A template that makes it easy to manage your contacts. There are four options for layouts: simple, grid, simple and extended.

Each template comes pre-configured and includes all the parameters. You can immediately start using the templates once you have installed them according to the instructions. OneNote makes it easy to make a copy of the page template in case you need additional data.

Every PRO template can be customized to meet your specific needs. You’ll receive a calendar and planner template with every template. You can also purchase the templates in bulk by visiting the Auscomp pricing page.

2. Notegram

Notegram, a web app that lets you access OneNote templates from a dashboard and allows you free installation. Sign in with Microsoft and click on the Save button. Templates are saved automatically to your default notebook section (usually Quick Nots).

Since Notegram is platform-independent, you can install them from any device. These OneNote templates are useful.

  • Monthly Calendar – This tool allows you to create a monthly and annual calendar. You can use it to create a calendar for any month or year, block time for particular tasks, view the importance of tasks, link tasks and other OneNote pages, and many more.
  • Planner Templates-These planner templates are great for planning your day or week. OneNote keeps the essential travel information in the trip planner template.
  • Template: Notegram provides a template for accounting journals and a journal. You can use Google Calendar for your personal journal, if you prefer that app.
  • Customer Support – These templates allow customers to keep track of their survey responses and record their parameters.

3. OneNote Gem

OneNote Gem offers add-ins that enhance OneNote’s functionality. You’ll find here a selection of 15+ templates to help you manage your personal life, work, and projects.

It contains weekly assignments, appointments, time management and a GTD template. Cornell Notes, homework assignments, and a daily calendar template are all included. These are invaluable tools for managing students’ class activities.

There are five to six ready-made templates for notebooks. Each section and placeholder text have been pre-filled. There are notebooks to suit students, professionals, and personal use.

4. Onetastic

Onetastic, a multi-purpose add-in for OneNote 2016, is available. It uses macros which are blocks or executable programming codes that instruct OneNote to execute repeated tasks.

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