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Looking for a new laptop in December 2021?

Reddit is the ideal source to begin your search for laptop suggestions. In the end, if you hear about a laptop that is highly praised, visit Reddit and engage in a lively discussion about the laptop.

If, on the other hand, there’s a particular kind of laptop is not recommended You can find out on Reddit too.

We’ll begin by looking through all the latest posts from December 2021. After we’ve looked over all laptop options, we’re going to look at the top gaming laptop. Before we dive into details what are the best laptops in the beginning:

What Laptop Is the Best for High-End Gaming Like CyberPunk 2077?

Here are the top-rated powerful and high-end gaming laptops designed for the most demanding gamers

Gaming laptops are an excellent alternative to traditional gaming computers. Since the mobile GPUs are at par with their desktop counterparts in terms of speed, laptops for gaming provide extremely high performance in small sizes. We’ve evaluated current models from brands like HP, Razer, and Dell and offer clear buying guidelines for budgets of different sizes. In the text and on the videos, we outline what to look out for when purchasing gaming notebooks.

The development of gaming notebooks is closing the gap between desktop computers. Nvidia specifically is a significant contributor to this. Since the GPU manufacturer introduced the Geforce 1000 series of laptops, the differences in performance between desktop and mobile graphics chips are barely to be discussed, based on the chipset used for graphics. The performance is usually (especially for the generation 1000) similar to desktop models which make buying gaming notebooks highly appealing as long as the price doesn’t matter.

In the Geforce 2000 series, Nvidia has launched “RTX computing cores”, which dramatically accelerate real-time ray-tracing on mobile computers. Our test of comparison between the top models proves that a new model doesn’t necessarily have to be significantly superior to the predecessor.

Best General Laptop

The first thing to consider is which laptop do we searching to buy on Reddit? Because different needs need different laptops, don’t you think? We’ll pick the general laptop.

A laptop that is ideal for multitasking, work, or gaming. It’s not too hot, and one that is, in volume is easily distinguished from your vacuum cleaner.

As we’re going to be multitasking the quad-core processor is the absolute minimum.

One thing I’ve realized as I’ve read the latest posts I’ve noticed that a large number of Redditor’s have this belief:


  • Alienware Area-51 m

The company that makes it believes it is an extremely powerful gaming computers around the globe.

Dell Alienware Area-51m Black Laptop 43.9 cm (17.3 “) 1920 1080 pixels 3.2 8th Generation GHz …

The components of the system can be altered or adjusted depending on the need. They are expanded, and it is extremely efficient for the user.

Numerous experts in technology, who are aware of the strengths of this device recommend it to those committed to playing so that they can purchase it without hesitation.


  • Impressive space station aesthetics

  • Great Graphics and general performance

  • Super speedy SSD

  • All the major components that can be upgraded


  • Exorbitantly expensive

  • A poor selection of SSDs for NVMe.

  • There is no MicroSD slot

Specifications that are part of Alienware Area-51 M

The principal characteristics of the Alienware Area 51 m can be noted as follows:

  • screen

The screen is an important feature that must be highlighted because it is a 17.2-inch IPS.

It also comes with a resolution of 1920 1080 pixels.

  • RAM

Inside the main memory is 8GB. It could reach 64 GB, which is the biggest storage capacity to users.

  • CPU

The computer comes with the Intel Core 19-9900K system which has eight cores, which allows for greater performance at all times.

  • Graphic card

Concerning the graphics card this Alienware Area-51 laptop has a system that comes with NVIDIA GeForce 2080 RTX

  • Laptop Weight

The laptop’s weight is extremely light. It is 17.3 inches. Its weighs 3.8 kilograms. This allows users to take it anywhere they’d like.

The dimensions of the item are as they are: 31.2 x 410 x 402.6 millimeters.

  • Ventilation

To provide adequate airflow, it employs the cooling method known as overclocking.

  • The MacBook M1

The M1 MacBook, no matter whether Air or Pro model, was everywhere on Reddit and other media. The speed and general capability that come with this M1 chip are truly impressive. If you look up M1 specifically there are a lot of articles where users say they have found that their M1 MacBook is an incredible device for life.

First in our top choices is the MacBook M1 Air. I’ve picked the Air model since the majority of people claim that there isn’t a significant difference in performance when compared with the Pro.

However, let’s take a closer look. What’s the distinction between M1 Air and the M1 Pro.

The difference is apparent. Reddit

MacBook Air M1

MacBook Pro M1

Battery Life

10 hours 16 hours
Touch Bar No Yes
Cooling no fan fan
Display 365.8 nuts 434.8 Nits
Speaker More volume More bass
TrackPad smaller larger

Most likely, you won’t be noticing the difference in a display which isn’t an argument to choose the Pro. But, the battery’s life could be something worth looking into in addition to the cooling. It’s true that the Macbook Air M1 doesn’t have an air conditioner.

However, here’s the thing with the M1 chip, you don’t need to require a fan, or at the very least, not when you’re not a professional video editor. I’ve seen a lot of Redditor’s reports that even though they’ve purchased an upgrade to the Pro version, they’ve not been able to pinpoint which time the fan started to kick in.

I for myself am currently using my MacBook Air M1 version and I was able to work with Final Cut Pro without missing an ounce. This is the version that’s most commonly used that is widely used, particularly on Reddit.

  • Gigabyte Aorus 17G

It is the Gigabyte Aorus 17G equipment that offers users the option of owning a laptop with plenty of power as well as thermal design and features such as well as support to PCl1 4.9 or USB Type C interfaces.

AORUS 17G laptop notebook Grey 43.9 millimeters (17.3 “) 17.3 inches 1080 Pixels …

Aorus is constantly striving to improve its equipment and provide customers with the highest quality of technology. It creates designs by manipulating aluminum alloys with the highest degree of precision.

  • Pros

  • Very powerful performance

  • Displays of high quality

  • It doesn’t heat up

  • Cons

  • It is a bit costly in comparison to other competitors

  • A bit heavy

Gigabyte Aorus 17G Features

In addition to the features that the Gigabyte Aorus17G equipment is equipped within it, the following are described in the following paragraphs:

  • RAM

Its memory is 2nd generation AMD Ryzen processors, with support.

  • CPU

The processor of this notebook comes from the 10th-generation that is Intel Core i9 or 7 of the H.

It includes Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro integrated into the device, and it comes with an FHD 140Hz display and the IPS 144 Hz panel.

  • Graphic card

It comes with an NVIDIA Geforce card, as well as SIPER Series or NVIDIA GeForce GTX18 Series.

  • Drums

The player has the chance to be part of a team with a battery has an longevity of 7 hours and is advantageous for someone who is committed to their sport.

  • Laptop Weight

It’s extremely lightweight and compact, allowing users to carry it with them wherever they go. It also includes a keyboard that’s extremely lightweight.

  • Ventilation

It features a highly efficient cooling system, which is called the WindForce which is also called infinity due to its effectiveness in the cooling process.


  • Best Gaming Laptop Reddit 2021

What do you think of Gaming? What are Reddit’s recommendations for 2021?

I was at my best to browse through the various sub-reddits in search of the most recommended gaming laptop. There are a lot of gaming laptop suggestions on Reddit however I was looking for an obvious winner.

One thing that stuck to me from this subreddit for gaming laptop Reddit was this:

The RTX3070 GPU and the Intel I7 processor. It’s available now on Amazon at around $3.000.

  • A highly Powerful Gaming Laptop

It’s a powerful gaming laptop. Everything runs at 1080p ultra high resolution and the build quality is top-notch. It’s got a crystal-clear display of 15.6 Inches. The WiFi is known as”Killer LAN E3100 “Killer LAN E3100” and it comes with 5.2 Bluetooth. 32GB DDR4 Ram.

There is no gap there. The laptop is complete and everything a gaming laptop requires in 2021.

The first thing to know is the fact that your battery will last under 2 hours of gaming. However, that shouldn’t seem like a shock and is the norm for all gaming consoles.

Many people like this laptop that is portable and powerful and it’s much less expensive than making a desktop computer. Therefore it’s clear that this MSI GE66 Raider is the most obvious winner. Based on Reddit it is the MSI GE66 Raider is the most powerful gaming laptop in 2021.

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