Pros and Cons of Using China Sourcing Agent

When it comes to importing from China, Alibaba probably crosses your mind, it’s never been simpler to find exactly what you need. Alibaba provides suppliers you need, from leather items to LED lighting supplies. You may contact a provider and have the goods delivered to your home with a single click, this is convenient for buyers who purchase a few items at one time. 

But what if you have 100 different suppliers? Would you like each supplier to send their product to your address and have you sign the courier receipt 100 times? Or to have a professional China sourcing agent to get all products and ship to you all together at one time? Obviously, having your agent collect products from various suppliers together and ship them all at once will greatly save your cost and time. 

Besides, sourcing agents always have the responsibility to provide quality control and inspect your goods before shipping. Which ensures you receive products in good quality and right quantity.

If you’re considering getting a China sourcing agent to import from China, this article will assist you answer those questions.

Who is a China Sourcing Agent?

To begin, we need to know what a China source agent is and how they work. China sourcing agents that help you locate and get items from China are referred to as “China sourcing agents,” “China purchasing agents,” and “China import agents.” Their mission is to discover a reliable Chinese supplier that can provide you with exactly what you want.

In the procurement process, a sourcing agent is well-versed in every facet. You may rely on a sourcing agency for everything from quality control checks to contract negotiations. Sellers want items that are of great quality and at a reasonable price. Because of this, you will need to speak with a large number of Chinese suppliers to confirm that their product quality and price meet your standards.

A sourcing agent could help. As a result of their knowledge and experience, you can limit your options and choose a provider that can help you grow your company. Outsourcing the product acquisition to a trained specialist saves you both time and money. The less risk you take, the better off your internet company will be.

Pros of China Sourcing Agent:

China Sourcing agents allow you to concentrate on product quality. The time you spend dealing with a sourcing agency is worth it since it frees you from the burden of scouring the Internet to find a reliable source.

Using a sourcing agent has several advantages, including:

1 – A Big Network:

Sourcing agents thrive on networking. If you ever try the Yiwu agent service then you must have experience of a big network. Establishing partnerships with the top Chinese suppliers and manufacturers is a priority for them. The supplier your sourcing agency recommends has been thoroughly vetted and shown to be reliable.

In addition to Alibaba, they have a slew of other relationships. You may be able to obtain a competitive edge by working with sourcing brokers who can link you to factories outside of China. It is possible to get things of a better quality than you would normally find from Chinese producers.

2 – Best Dealing Experience:

China Sourcing agents have honed their skills in the art of negotiating with suppliers. Negotiating rates might be difficult if you have no prior expertise with it. When working with suppliers, a China sourcing agent that is well versed in the nuances of e-commerce has an edge.

Just like you, suppliers are eager to put their items on the market. If you use a China sourcing agency, you might create a market opportunity that the supplier can’t afford to miss. As a result, you and the manufacturer have the opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial alliance.

3 – Authentic Suppliers:

Fake vendors are becoming more prevalent in the online shopping sector. Untrustworthy producers are easy to miss if you don’t know how to look for them. In order to minimize your risk, it is important to choose an experienced sourcing agency.

You should use a China sourcing agent if this would be your first time procuring a product. To ensure their credibility, they will do due diligence on each manufacturer they work with. The greatest way to ensure a successful company is to source with confidence.

Cons of Sourcing Agent:

1- Non Controllable Relationship:

It is easier for the sourcing agency to govern the connection with the supplier than it is for you. As an agent, you’re in charge of everything from lead times to quality control to pricing. For your firm to flourish, you’ll want to build a connection with the manufacturer first.

Because you don’t have direct access to the supplier, you’ll first need to contact your sourcing agency. Even if the product has a flaw, you can’t express your displeasure in the manner you like. A consequence of this is that the final output may not be exactly what you expected. The key is to find a reliable and trusted agent for specific needs. Once a China sourcing agent builds a long term relationship, then you would control everything that you need.

2 – Secret Commissions:

Just like finding the proper Chinese supplier, hiring a reliable sourcing agency may be a difficult task. In the event that you choose a bad agent, you might end up paying inflated pricing for your goods. Sourcing agents often work out deals with suppliers to get a concealed commission. As a result, both you and the manufacturer lose from the deal.

In order to ensure that the price of the items is fair, you should do your own research before making a purchase. Don’t be fooled by the sourcing agent’s pricing, even if you’ve done your homework and found them to be reasonable.

3 – Change Supplier without Informing You:

Unfortunately, there is still a lack of professionalism among sourcing agents. They are well aware of their advantage in talks, and they occasionally take advantage of it. It’s possible that, for example, they may swap providers without your knowledge if they locate a supplier with a greater commission rate, for example.

The quality of the product suffers, and the supplier’s reputation suffers as a result. Although the likelihood of this occurring is low, it is nonetheless possible. As a result, if you want to keep illegal transactions at bay, you’ll need to engage with a reputable sourcing agency.


Everything has two sides, the key is to find a professional and reliable China sourcing agent if you think that’s the necessary thing to do. Not all Chinese sourcing agents are the same, some for big buyers, the other for medium and small size buyers, do your homework, find their contact and communicate with them in a professional way. Once you are done vetting those sourcing agents successfully, then your sourcing agent will do vetting the suppliers for you.

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