PS5 Restock to Supply Target with ‘Biggest Drop’ In Months

According to a leaker and YouTuber, a PS5 Restock is taking place. It would supply Target with the “biggest drop in months,” according to a source. Halfway through 2021, production problems remain for the consoles, which were manufactured in the heat of pandemics. This is why there is a shortage.

Target has been consistent in delivering new stock for the PS5. This is even more than Amazon or Costco over the past months. It is still a good choice for those who want a PS5.

Target PS5 Restock: Largest Drop in Months

Influencer and YouTuber Jake Randall claims that his leaks are accurate because he has insider info from employees. He also provides screenshots of vendor drops.

The image shows that Sony is dropping new stock by July 27th, but stocks would fall from Wednesday (July 28th) to Thursday (July 29, as shown in the photo).

Randall stated that Target’s Wednesday and Thursday restocks should be the focus of users, particularly at 6:30 AM ET and 9:00 AM ET. Target’s normal releases would not be followed by the drop, since it would concentrate on different times.

Where can I buy the PS5?

Target is your first stop, but there are other retailers worth visiting. Below is a list:


Availability: The console is currently out of stock, but Target will restock the week’s Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30 AM ET and 9:00 AM ET. Target is known for restocking the console on Thursday.

Price: $499 | $399

PS5 Digital Edition


Availability: All stocks sold out. Yesterday’s restock drop resulted in immediate sales. Unknown date for restocking. However, console-only bundles and bundles are often offered in weekly intervals. Restocks take place on Wednesdays.

Price: $499 | $399

PS5 Digital Edition


Availability: Not available at this time. Unknown date for restocking. However, you can check Twitter and the retail e-shop for frequent updates. Walmart is known for dropping the PS5 restocks on Thursdays and weekends.

Price: $499 | $399

Walmart’s PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition


Availability: At the moment Sold-out, Unknown. However, Amazon can often get restocks of Sony products at the oddest times (no particular day or times). Drops on Amazon have been rare in recent weeks and scalpers are the only sellers available on the platform.

Price: $499 | $399

Amazon’s PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition

Best Buy

Availability: At the moment, all stock is sold out. There are no plans for a restock in the near future. The August restock will likely be the next. The company last restocked both the Standard Edition and Digital Editions.

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