ATTN: Samsung’s Sam Virtual Assistant a Hoax?

The rumored Sam virtual assistant by Samsung is one of the most popular features on smartphones right now. After Lightfarm created photos, several people captured them.

Samsung Sam’s Appearance Could Be Real: This is Lightfarm’s Backstory, Leakers Claiming

Some leakers and other sources posted Samsung’s Sam online. But is the 3D effect real or a hoax?

A popular Samsung leaker claimed that the real Sam would not be arriving so people should stop waiting.

“Okay, so how many people still believe that the Sam Virtual Assistant is a thing?” said Twitter user @sondesix.

The Samsung leaker said, “Wake up before you bonk your **,”.”

His latest tweet generated many comments from Samsung Sam’s followers at the moment. One fan even stated that the 3D virtual design for the mobile assistant would not be available until it did.

Samsung Sam’s 3D Appearance is Not Official

Polygon has reported that the leaked images of Samsung’s virtual assistant 3D are not official. This design was developed by Lightfarm, a well-known design firm.

Samsung Sam’s Appearance Could Be Real: This is Lightfarm’s Backstory, Leakers Claiming

Lightfarm confirmed that it created the 3D renders for Sam for one marketing company owned by Samsung. The giant smartphone developer did not use Sam’s female version.

Samsung didn’t incorporate Lightfarm’s work in any type of campaign so the digital design company decided to remove it.

However, some people and other leakers were able to get their copies. The 3D appearance of the virtual assistant continues to infiltrate the internet.

Is Sam also Bixby?

Screen Rant claimed that Sam and Bixby were two different virtual assistants. Sam may not be the replacement for Samsung, according to rumors and other reliable sources.

The tech giant confirmed that Samantha Samsung was not designed to replace its existing virtual assistant. The iPhone competitor claimed that Sam is actually a chatbot from the Samsung Service team.

Samsung explained how Sam works through one of the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger. Samsung explained that the chatbot can automatically respond to consumers’ questions and queries.

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