Google Forms vs. Microsoft Forms, Which Should You Use?

You should choose between Microsoft Forms and Google Forms when creating an online form. Let’s find out which one to choose!

Online forms are a popular way to collect data online. These forms allow you to analyse the data collected. Although there are many options for creating a form online on various platforms, most people prefer to use the form services offered by tech giants such as Google and Microsoft.

You can compare Google Forms with Microsoft Forms to see which one is best.

1. It’s easy to use

Google Forms is easy to use. It has clear sections that provide clear instructions. It is easy to find the right options. Despite this, the interface is simple to use.

Microsoft Forms, contrary to popular belief, has a modern interface. However, new users may find it a little confusing because of its clutter interface.

2. Document sharing

Sharing forms is easy and leads to more participants and different data collection. These platforms enable form creators to share their forms with others.

The form can be shared via email or its link can be shared so others can access it directly in a web browser. Both apps offer the ability to embed a form onto a webpage.

Microsoft Forms is different from other social sharing tools. You can share directly to social media or use QR for instant sharing. These options will help you get maximum responses to your form.

3. Questions and answers

The most important function of any form-making platform is adding questions. Google Forms gives you many options for choosing the question and answer categories.

It allows you to choose from short answers, paragraphs and multiple choices. There are also checkboxes and a dropdown menu that will give you probable answers.

These options are not available in Microsoft Forms. You will have to accept the limited forms that allow you to collect text and multiple choices answers.

4. Designer Themes

Themes are a way to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for participants, which will stop them feeling bored while filling out forms. You can create forms using either Microsoft or Google.

Although Microsoft Forms does not have the most extensive collection of templates, it has many graphic themes and drawings. These are important in improving the appearance and feel of the forms. Google Forms, however, has pastel themes that use some solid colors.

You can upload your images to both platforms as themes. The theme in Microsoft Forms will appear in the entire background. However, the personalized theme will not be visible in the header section on Google Forms.

5. Templates Ready to Use

No one has the time or ability to create a new form. Platforms offer templates that allow you to enter the information needed to create a form.

You can make a survey using the many Google Forms templates. Select a template from our gallery and start working with it. You can also add more to templates by using the pre-set questions.

Microsoft Forms only offers three types of templates: form, quiz, or party invitation. Although you can customize the templates, it takes a lot of time to create the form you want.

6. Collaborative Work

Multiple people may need to use the survey information. Google Forms allows you to add collaborators by entering active email addresses. The creator of the form will still have the ability to decide who can add collaborators and who can edit it, all for no cost.

To add collaborators to Microsoft, you must become a subscriber.

7. Images and videos

Online life has become a vital part of images and videos. Hence, both platforms let you add various multimedia files. Between questions, you can add images and YouTube videos as well as separate content to Google Forms.

You can use images and videos to replace questions in Microsoft forms. There are options such as image search on Bing and OneDrive, and the ability to upload images from local storage.

8. QR codes

The QR code is another feature that sets these two forms apart. Microsoft Forms users have the option to use QR codes for sharing forms.

Smartphone and tablet users will appreciate the convenience of QR codes for accessing and filling out forms. For quick sharing, you can attach the QR code to an email. Google Forms, on the other hand does not offer a QR code facility to share forms.

9. Collecting Email addresses

Google Forms allows you to collect the email addresses from the respondents. This is an optional feature on the platform. You can enable email capture when creating forms on this platform by checking the box next to the Collect email addresses default option.

Unfortunately, the Microsoft Forms for Public Responders feature that collects email addresses is not available to you.

10. Validation of Response

This functionality allows you to verify that respondents have submitted the requested data. It validates the responses before they are submitted using the Google updated response validation. It validates textual and numerical answers at the moment.

Google Forms, for example, will make sure that any field you fill out has a URL or an email address.

Microsoft Forms cannot validate the number. You can also choose conditions such as greater than or less than.

11. Spreadsheet compatibility

Google Forms and Microsoft Forms data are compatible with each other’s spreadsheet tools, i.e. Google Sheets and MS Excel. There is however a significant difference in how these integrations work.

For Google Forms, click Responses to see options for viewing data in Google Sheets. You can either open an existing or a new sheet to view the data.

To access Microsoft Forms data you will need to download the spreadsheet file from your system. To open the file, you’ll need Excel online access or the desktop app for Excel.

Survey, quiz, and poll forms

Online form-creating platforms make it easier than ever to collect and organize data from polls and surveys. Google Forms and Microsoft Forms provide unique features for users, in addition to their common features.

You now have a better idea of how the two platforms work in terms different functions. Now you can pick your favorite for surveys or online polls.

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