How to Install 2 Copies of the same Android App

You can have multiple copies of the same app on OnePlus, Samsung and other Android phones without any third-party tools. Here’s how.

You have multiple apps accounts, but your Android phone only allows you to use one. There’s an option on certain Android phones that allows you to run multiple copies of the same app. You can make a second copy by adding your secondary account to your primary account, and then use it as though it were the original app.

To create clones of your apps, you don’t need any third-party software. Here’s how you get duplicating your Android apps.

Android allows you to make multiple copies of the same app

It is important to note that the ability to create multiple copies of an Android app is only available for certain devices. This feature is available on Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones.

You can still run multiple instances of your Android applications on your phone without this feature by using a third-party app.

Although each manufacturer may have a different name for this feature (e.g. Dual Messenger on Samsung), it works the same regardless of the phone.

Here are the steps to get you started. This demo was done with a OnePlus phone running Android 10.

  1. Start the Settings App.
  2. Scroll down and tap Utilities. Next, tap Parallel Applications.
  3. A list of supported apps will appear. Not all apps are supported.
  4. Locate the app that you wish to clone and change its toggle to the on position.
  5. Your phone will add the selected app to your apps drawer.

You won’t lose any settings from the original app. This allows you to personalize the app in a completely new way than the original.

Now you can use the secondary account created with the cloned application.

Android saves the data for Cloned Apps.

The data for cloned applications is not saved in the same directory that the original apps on your Android phone. It shouldn’t take too much to locate that data.

You’ll find your cloned applications data in the Parallel apps storage section of a OnePlus smartphone. This storage can be accessed using an Android File Manager.

What are the limitations of duplicating apps on Android?

Cloning Android apps has one major drawback. You can’t copy all of your Android apps. Some apps, such as Google Chrome, are not yet available for cloning.

You can only make copies for the apps you see on Parallel Apps screen. You can’t create a copy of an app that isn’t on the Parallel Apps screen.

Android: Disable multiple copies of an app

It is easy to remove duplicate apps

  1. Go to Settings > Utilities > Parall Apps.
  2. Locate the app that you wish to delete duplicates of and change its toggle to the Off position.

The app duplicate will be deleted from your phone along with all data. The original app copy won’t be affected by this. It can be used as usual.

Duplicated Android Apps: Dual Accounts

Multiple instances of an app allow you to use multiple accounts on your phone. This feature is already built into your Android device so you don’t have to hunt for app-cloning software. As shown above, you can do this by turning a switch on the Android device.

Cloning apps has other benefits, such as increasing security. You can use Shelter to run your apps in a separate sandbox. This will keep them from being interconnected with the rest of the system.

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