Google Earth and Google Maps: How do you measure area and distance?

Ever wondered how to measure an area in Google Maps? There’s good news: Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Earth both include tools that automatically measure area and distance.

It’s not necessary to estimate distances using a map scale. You can instead measure exact distances and plot sizes of property, or even the entire land area of entire states.

It’s not difficult or time-consuming to do this. All you need is to be familiar with the process. How to use Google Earth and Google Maps to measure distances and area.

How Google Maps Scale works

You have probably seen the scale on Google Maps located at the bottom right of the screen. This scale can be found in the lower right corner of your screen.

A ruler could be used to measure the equivalent distance of one mile. It’s possible to draw a line on the screen and measure the distance, but that is not necessary. Google Maps has easy-to-use tools that allow you to accurately measure distances as well as areas on the map.

Google Maps: How to Measure Distance

You can quickly measure distances in Google Maps by using these built-in instruments. Two points on the map are the best. This will give you the shortest route. Multiple points can be added to make a path more precise.

To begin, right-click the starting point and choose Measure distance from the menu.

Click on the second destination you wish to see on the map. Once you’ve selected this point, Maps will display the distance between them.

Simply click on the map to add additional points to your measurement.

You can trace a path by adding multiple points along the route. This will give you an exact measure of the distance that you would need. This is especially helpful when measuring the distance on a hiking trail. By dragging points to a new spot on the map, you can also change them.

The distance will be updated in the popup as you follow the route. Once you are done following the path, the distance will be accurately measured.

Once you’re done, right-click on the map to clear your measured waypoints.

Google Maps: How do you calculate area?

Google Maps can measure the area. You can definitely measure the area using Google Maps, just like distance.

To calculate the area of a property in Google Maps you need to zoom in. Google will show you the boundaries of any property if you get close enough. To make delineating property walls more straightforward, you can switch between satellite view and map.

Google Maps allows you to calculate area by following the same steps as for measuring distance.

You can measure a building using Google Maps by right-clicking on the map at the starting point and choosing the Measuring distance option.

Add points to the area’s border. The Google Maps area calculator will calculate the area around your shape once you have closed it by clicking on its starting point.

At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see the total area and distance in meters and square footage.

Google Earth: Distance and its Effects

Google Maps is great enough. Why bother using Google Earth in order to measure distances and areas? Google Earth can do measurements a little better than Google Maps, so that could be a selling point.

Google Earth’s measurement of the area is very similar to Google Maps’ measurement of area. There are also some useful tools available:

  • Take a look at the altitude
  • Keep all your measurements safe
  • Measure 3D objects’ heights and areas, such as the height or width of a building.

Google Earth: How to Measure Distance

Google Earth provides more detail than Google Maps. However, Google Earth uses the same method to measure distances.

To start Google Earth, open your Chrome browser. Then select the location you wish to view. Click the ruler icon at the bottom of your left-hand sidebar to begin measuring.

After you click the icon, Google Earth will switch from a top-down view to one that asks you to select your starting place. The top-right window will show the distance.

If you choose more than one point, the popup will show the total distance.

Select Done to start a new measure. You can also modify the measurement units by converting them into kilometers, yards, nautical miles, or any other available unit.

You can use the Google Earth 3D View to find the distance between two points, such as a mountain trail. This allows you to accurately trace a path or measure large objects like mountains.

Google Earth: How do you measure area?

Google Earth can also be used to measure the area of large parcels or other locations.

To measure a large area, draw the outline of the area that you are going to measure. Start by using the ruler icon, just like when measuring distance.

Google Earth automatically calculates the area contained when you select multiple points.

Drag points to change the outline, or switch between units of measure.

Google Earth: Measurement of 3D objects and buildings

Google Earth allows you to measure Lady Liberty’s height from her toes up to her torch tip using the same technique as above.

Drag your mouse to adjust your points. If you need the area calculation to be done, adding additional points will produce an area calculation. However, if the area of a statue is to be calculated, you will need to do it one more time.


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