Making YouTube TV Think you’re in America

YouTube TV is one of the major streaming services that broadcast a wide selection of regional and national TV channels, as well as plenty of shows and even YouTube Originals. The network is only available in the United States, which means you won’t even be able to create an account here if you’re somewhere abroad.

That being said, there are plenty of exclusive shows that you wouldn’t watch anywhere else, which, for some people, is reason enough to join this network. Even though it’s much more expensive than Netflix and similar services, non-Americans still try to access YouTube TV, and there are several options for how to trick YouTube TV location.

Is YouTube TV Worth it?

YouTube TV has plenty of good shows to watch, but it’s really up to personal preference whether you want to see them or not. It’s also a good enough choice if you want to watch American channels for some reason, although there are free or cheaper services for that out there.

YouTube TV costs $65 a month to watch, it works on a subscription basis. Even if you access the service outside of America, you’ll need to buy this subscription. What’s more, they obviously don’t support any other currencies, so you’ll also need an e-payment or bank account in USD.

The subscription to Spanish shows and channels is half as expensive, which is good news if that’s what you’re here for.

Proxy Servers

The first measure you can take is to access the proxy server. It’s not the most reliable measure, but you could easily find free or cheap proxy servers, which will change your location in the world but provide little else. They can be considered a weaker, less effective VPN in this regard.

The problem with proxies is that there are lots of them. If you can rent your own specific proxy that will stay online for as long as needed and provide a full disguise, then it simplifies the business. However, if you use free proxies, you’ll more often than not have to switch them. And it’s not very good.

YouTube TV can simply block if you they sense that you keep changing your location too often. It’ll be obvious that you’re using proxies for some reason. Although they are happy to take your money and don’t really exhibit unusual malice, there is still a risk that they’ll simply shut you down.

If you are to use proxies, you’ll at least have to stick to the same state. There are plenty of proxy services that let you choose American locations down to the state level. If you can’t do that, you’ll seemingly connect from all over the country. This raises a lot more suspicion.


VPN is a more sensible approach. There are very few VPN services that are free and reliable, which means you’ll have to pay this fee in addition to the YouTube TV subscription, which could damage one’s coffers significantly. Even so, there are plenty of inexpensive services, and you’ll need one for other purposes as well.

It’s generally reasonable to have a VPN installed on your device. Besides being able to change your position to the US (or many other countries), you’ll also be able to uphold anonymity and privacy for your data, as well as encrypt it to protect it from thievery. It’s generally a very good investment.

VPN is much better compared to proxies for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s a more professional sort of product, so to speak. As such, you can count on VPNs to be more reliable on average. It means steadier connection, a better disguise, and less connection dropout during your watching sessions. The speed of connection is typically much faster on these networks.

Secondly, you get more or less the same IP address in each session. You can get a different server in the same room, which gives you a different address, but they’ll still be American addresses in the same state. This decreases the risk of your account being blocked by YouTube TV.

Other Ways

There aren’t many reliable ways besides these two. There is a somewhat effective way called the ‘playback area’. It means that, if you created a YouTube TV account while in America, you’ll be able to access their content for some time (for 90 days or until your subscription ends) by watching their shows on your TV.

You can download their app on your TV, boot it and turn on the ‘playback area’ option in the settings. This will basically tell them that you’re just traveling. You’ll have to enter the network through the ‘home area’ once every 90 days to continue watching this way. 

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