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Best iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Bumper Cases You Can Buy

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Let’s face facts! Some people don’t like a fully-fledged case, and some do not want to show off their iPhones. Even the most ardent case-free person will want to provide protection for their smartphone from accidental drops and scratches. Bumper cases are a fashionable way to protect your iPhone. These 10 Best iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Bumper Cases will win you over.

Best iPhone 12 Bumper Cases You Can Buy

First, all bumper cases have different purposes. Some bumper suits have a simple frame, with no back panel. Others feature a clear back that allows the iPhone to shine through and offers a little more protection.

Some bumper cases have built-in screen protectors that increase protection against accidental damage. Don’t let the myth that bumper cases only have a frame fool you.

We also have the best leather iPhone 12 cases, MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12 Pro, and other essential accessories that you should buy for your iPhone 12 Pro. If you are interested in more accessories for your iPhone 12 Pro, be sure to check these out. Let’s now look at the best bumper cases for iPhone 12/12 Pro!

1. RhinoShield CargoGuard

RhinoShield is a well-known name when it comes to making top-quality bumper cases. It’s fitting to start this roundup with RhinoShield CrashGuard, which has all the necessary boxes to claim to be one of the top bumper cases for iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro.

The bumper case is ruggedly constructed and can withstand drops up to 11 feet. It can absorb shock easily thanks to its honeycomb structure. To prevent scratches, the screen can be lifted off its flat surface with raised edges.

CrashGuard offers enhanced grip and supports MagSafe chargers and other wireless chargers to allow you to power up your iPhone with no problems.

2. Ringke Fusion

Ringke Fusion is clear in design and allows you to show off your smartphone without compromising the protection factor. The bumper case is made of tough PC and soft TPU material. It has the cushion to withstand bumps. It’s equally effective in providing grip.

Ringke Fusion also has clear cutouts that allow for easy access to all ports. You can trust the clicks to be more precise and well-pronounced. It’s also very affordable at $9, making it one of the most affordable iPhone 12/12 Pro bumper covers on the market.

3. ESR Silicone Bumper Case

The silicone bumper case by ESR is another option for iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro. The bumper case has a raised lip to protect your iPhone’s front and back from scratches. The bumper also provides shock absorption in the event that your iPhone is dropped or bumped.

The bumper case design philosophy is true to its backless design. This case allows you to display your iPhone’s beauty and also ensures that wireless charging doesn’t get in the way.

4. Eastcoo

Eastcoo offers a more expensive bumper case for the iPhone 12/12 Pro. The aluminum alloy frame of this bumper case makes it strong and attractive from the outside. It also features a TPU inner lining that protects your iPhone from drops and scratches.

This case has a raised lip to protect your iPhone’s camera and display from scratches when placed on a flat surface. This case is similar to other iPhone 12 bumpers, and it doesn’t interfere or block MagSafe wireless charging.

5. i-Blasion Ares

i-Blasion Ares is the best choice for iPhone 12 /12 Pro cases that provide a 360deg protection to protect your iPhone from scratches and impact. The case is extremely rugged and can absorb any kind of shock easily.

The hybrid (TPU/PC) I-Blasian Ares can withstand drops up to 20 feet. It also includes a built-in projector for your iPhone 12/12 Pro and raised bezels to protect the rear camera bump from scratches. This makes it the most rugged iPhone 12/12 Pro case on the market.

6. SupCase Unicorn Beetle Style Series

SupCase Unicorn Beetle Style Series has been a great choice for handling shock and a perfect match with my iPhone 12. The case’s hybrid (PC/TPU) casing is strong enough to withstand drops and the rubberized sides give it the needed hold.

The raised lips around OLED displays and the rear camera ensure that scratches don’t damage the device. You can also place your smartphone on a flat surface and not worry about scratching it.

Unicorn Beetle Style Series offers protection aside. It features responsive buttons and is available in clear and black. It’s a durable bumper case that protects your iPhone 12.

7. Torras

The Torras Diamond Clear bumper case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is another option that I recommend. It offers military-grade protection for your iPhone. You can still show off your iPhone 12’s design and color, while the case is also waterproof.

Torras tests have shown that the case can protect your iPhone against drops up to 8 feet. This should provide enough protection for most users. The case also has a 1.2mm raised camera lip and a 1mm raised bezel around your display to protect them both from scratches.

The Torras Diamond Clear Case comes with an anti-yellowing coating that will keep your case looking newer for longer.

8. Matone

Matone’s bumper case is a great example of the type that passes the first glance. The bumper case is made of a hard PC back and TPU bumper and provides reliable protection for your iPhone against accidental drops and scratches.

Elevated edges act as shields for both the rear camera and the OLED display at 6.1 inches. The case’s rubberized frame and textured finish provide a better grip to ensure that the device remains steady in your hands.

It’s $10 and quite affordable compared to other iPhone 12 cases. Matone, a tough bumper cover that protects your iPhone 12 while keeping its elegance intact, is worth considering.


The compact form factor is what prompted me to include the ANHONG bumper case (iPhone 12) in this roundup. The case is made of durable PC and TPU materials, so it can withstand any drops. It has beveled edges to protect both the camera as well as the Retina display.

For grip, the rubberized frame will provide a secure hold. Your iPhone will be less likely to slip out of your hand. It offers protection and tactile buttons with precise cutouts to make accessing ports easy.

HONG is a solid choice at $11 considering its impressive specs. It’s one the most popular iPhone 12 thin cases available right now.

10. Miracle Glass+

Miracle Glass+, a complete bumper case that protects your iPhone’s screen, is last but not least. Complete means the case that ticks all the boxes. It has a strong construction that can withstand drops without breaking a sweat. It also comes with a protective, tempered glass screen guard to protect against scratches.

The screen protector is equipped with 9H toughness to protect your device from any scratches. It also provides HD clarity and true touch sensitivity to allow you to use your device seamlessly.

Miracle Glass+ also supports Wireless Charging, so charging your iPhone wirelessly is no hassle. The case and glass combination are a good deal at $19. It’s a premium iPhone 12/12 Pro bumper case, providing 360deg protection for your device.

We have a selection of top bumper cases for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

Here you are! These are the best bumper covers that provide a reliable shield for your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, without sacrificing style. These bumper suits can also be used with wireless chargers to charge your device wirelessly.

Which one of these bumper covers will pair with your iPhone 12 by the way? It’s the one that provides 360-degree protection to your iPhone 12. We would love to hear your top picks below in the comments.

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