Cleaner for iPhone

Has your iPhone been cluttered with unwanted pictures, videos, and contacts? Cannot find a solution to clean them out from your iPhone efficiently? With the Cleaner for iPhone, you can easily remove a large chunk of unnecessary storage from your iPhone.

Cookies and caches only take up a small part of your overall space. In contrast, accumulated pictures and videos can run into gigabytes of storage space. Also, when you have duplicate or incomplete contacts on your iPhone, it can be a challenge as you can only remove one contact at a time by default. With the Cleaner app, you can delete multiple contacts on your iPhone at once.

If your iPhone is bogged with unnecessary similar photos, screenshots, large videos, and duplicate and incomplete contacts. In that case, the Cleaner app is your answer.

Features of Cleaner for iPhone:

  • Quick scan to detect and delete bursts, selfies, screenshots, live photos, similar pictures, and blurred photos from your Photos library.
  • Detect and delete invalid and incomplete contacts.
  • Detect and merge duplicate contacts.
  • Delete all or multiple contacts at once.
  • Displays total storage stats on an interactive dashboard.

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