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CM13 Themes to Personalize Your CyanogenMod Experience

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CyanogenMod is the most downloaded custom ROM for Android. There are many reasons why it is so popular. The ROM’s support for themes is one of its most beloved features. The CyanogenMod themes can be confused with launchers. They are system-wide and update all elements of the interface. Although there are many CyanogenMod themes, it can be difficult to choose the best from the rest. Not all themes are compatible with the latest CM13 release (based upon Android 6.0 Marshmallow). Don’t worry, we did all the research and testing. Here are the top 15 CM13 themes:

These themes will work with custom ROMs with Cyanogen’s CM 12 or 13 theme engines. For the best performance, reboot your device after installing a theme.

1. Dark Material

Dark Material is one of the most loved dark themes for CM13. Now, with another favorite dark theme “Blacked Out”, it’s even better. This theme adds a dark, minimalist look to CM. The icons are a delight! It also adds overlays for most third-party apps to create a uniform look across the OS. Although it isn’t necessarily black, we like the grey/black infusion throughout the interface. You can download its Regression+ version if you prefer the native icons of Android.

Install: (Free)

2. Material Glass

Material Glass is for you if transparent interface elements appeal to you. Material Glass theme ensures that everything is transparent so you can see the wallpaper on every interface and app. You can choose any wallpaper that you want and it will be part of every page within the OS.

Install: (Free)

3. Swift Dark

Swift Dark, a popular theme that is arguably the most popular for CM13 and the best dark theme in CM13, brings a cleaner Black look to the UI. It also brings together a lovely balance between the OS’s black and colorful elements, making for an attractive interface. It themes the majority of the most popular apps and is regularly updated to support new ones.

Install: (Paid $1.60)

4. Coalfield

Coalfield, like many other themes on this list, brings a unique style and theme to system elements and themes for a variety of third-party apps. But what makes it stand apart is that it allows users to choose from a range of different themes. You will love to tweak your device’s interface and you will be pleased to find that there are many options available. Another theme, Outray by the same developer, is also available.

Install: (Paid $0.99)

5. Euphoria

If you love the Euphoria OS custom ROM, then the Euphoria theme will be a great fit for you. Although it may look like an ordinary dark mod for CyanogenMod, the uniqueness of the theme is that it only themes certain elements which gives a more sophisticated look. The fonts are amazing!

Install: (Free)

6. Flux

Are you confused between a dark or bright theme? Flux can help you choose. Flux, a very popular theme that is also available in dark versions and white, gives CyanogenMod a modern look. Although some people complain that not all apps are themed, the majority of popular ones are. That’s what most people care about. This theme has great design and detailed graphics. Check it out.

Install: (Paid $1.38)

7. Deep Darkness

Deep Darkness, another popular dark theme is now available on all CM devices. It was originally designed for BlissPop custom ROM. However, its stunning looks have ensured that it is now available. This theme includes layers for over 200 apps and 1600+ icons. Arcus supports different color schemes.

Install: (Free)

8. PitchBlack

PitchBlack is a dark theme that people love. PitchBlack uses black as the main color throughout the interface. This is in contrast to most dark CM themes that use grey. Developer has made sure that Black elements are not a distraction while reading text. The theme’s free version brings a Black-and-Red look to the OS. It looks incredible. There are many other color combinations, such as Black & Emerald and Black & Cyan. The developer also offers paid themes.

Install: (Free)

9. H2OS

Hydrogen OS, an alternative ROM that OnePlus developed for its devices, is the inspiration behind the H2OS CM 13 theme. You will love the theme’s flat icons and gorgeous colors. The theme lacks layers for third-party apps.

Install: (Free)

10. Ubuntu

Ubuntu Mobile OS is a stunning OS. If you’ve ever longed for a similar interface to CyanogenMod, the Ubuntu Light and Dark theme can fulfill your desire. This theme features the same orange look as Ubuntu, along with similar icons and keyboards.

Install: (Paid $1.34)

11. MaterialUp

MaterialUp theme implements Google’s Material Design UI language in a more detailed manner on all UI elements. MaterialUp, on the other hand, implements all the bottom action buttons in all its apps. Google, however, has yet to implement the Material Design guidelines for the bottom action buttons. MaterialUp is the best choice if you’re looking for the most comprehensive Material Design theme for CM.

Install: (Paid $1.16)

12. MaterialOS

MaterialOS theme for CyanogenMod 13 is a collection of Material Design concepts taken from active Android communities and implemented across the OS. It brings Material Design themes and icons to many third-party apps, creating a seamless Material Design experience. It’s not as comprehensive as the material but it’s still free so that’s no reason to complain.

Install: (Free)

13. Forto

Are you tired of the same boring colors and dark themes? Forto is a great alternative. To give a bold and colorful look, the CM theme uses almost all of the colors that we know. The developers made sure that the colors were just right and didn’t go overboard. It’s a clean theme that will quickly make you hate single-colored themes.

Install: (Paid $1.64)

14. Lone

Lone is a popular CM theme. It features an interface that uses, a combination of Red & White or Red & Black. You can see the beauty in the UI with the use of Red throughout, the different customization options, and the amazing icons & widgets. It’s hard to believe, but you have to try it.

Install: (Free)

15. Inversion UI

Inversion UI is a way to preserve the stock Android interface without the whites. Because it only “inverts”, lighter backgrounds to darker grey, the theme is simple. Inversion UI is a good choice if you are looking for a dark-themed interface with no changes to icons.

Install: (Free)

Are you ready to beautify CyanogenMod 13

We are sure you will agree that CyanogenMod is a gorgeous OS. However, these themes allow you to have a variety of looks every day. These themes allow you to personalize your CyanogenMod experience. These themes are available for CyanogenMod users who have not tried them. We’d love to hear your favorite CM 13 theme.


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