9 Top ways to fix Battery Drain in IOS 16 on iPhone

iOS 16 brings welcome improvements to the hold screen, apps, notification control, and many more. Later updates have been a nightmare for many. Many users have complained of immoderate battery drain on their iPhones after installing the iOS 16 update. So you are in them.  Try different tricks to fix the problem.

iOS 16 is easy to use with a lock screen, wallpapers, notes keyboard, and other features. But they are not at the point when it runs out of battery in hours only.  Then, you can use some methods to fix your battery. You did not need to roam around the power adapter or a power bank.

1:Remove unnecessary widgets from the Home Screen 

IOS 16 has very good widget support. But if you fill your iPhone willingly, it can take a toll on the battery life. Due to weather or news, widgets refresh data to serve you with the latest information. and this has an impact on batteries. 

2:Disable Background App Refresh

It refreshes app data in the background again and again.  Due to iOsS optimisation, the app refresh exerts a heavy load on the battery.  It will be good to switch it off.

  1. Go into the settings and go to General.

  2. For refreshing, go to the Background of app

  3. Go on background again, refresh the app, and next, turn it off.

3:Never Use Live Lock Screen Wallpapers

It brings a resigned wallpaper picker.  while becoming part of another menu. You have to refresh wallpapers while applying them to the homescreen and lock screen.  it includes wallpapers of emoji, the solar system and live weather pictures.

Live weather wallpapers look stunning, and they consume batteries on the background regularly.You can pick a good wallpaper to preserve the battery on your phone.

Method:1Go on setting up your phone.

Method:2 scroll to wallpaper.

Method:3 Customise it to Tap

Method:4 we can open the lock screen or home screen on the customise menu.

Method:5Take a picture from your gallery and apply it.

4:Never make more Lockscreens 

Ios 16bpermits you to make several lock screens. You may use a focus profile,add widgets,and to change the clock style on other lock screens. But you may not go overboard with dozens of lock screens on your phone.it can consume battery in the background to leave you screen on time on your phone.

Use the below methods to delete irrelevant ones.

Method:1 Hit the power button, opening the lockscreen.

Method:2 Long press on your lock screen to open the customization menu.

Method:3 Swipe the lock screen and delete button to remove it.

5:Swoiotch of the 5g Stand Alone

If you use 5G, always be on the phone. it causes excessive battery drain.  you must switch the cellular mode to 5G Auto 

Method:1 put the setting on the iPhone

Method:2switch off mobile data

Merhod:3 Choose 5G Auto for your SIM.

6:Switch off Live Activity Apps After Using Them

You can take advantages from live activities APIS in IOS 16 show live data right on the lock screen, which will be helpful for glancing over your cab remaining time or NFL scree without locking the phone. It makes battery life better. You will have to close all apps after using them.

7:Switch off keyboard Haptics

It uses keyboard haptics to deliver a better typing experience.you must disable it to save battery life.

Method:1 Go to the iPhone setting

Method:2 Choose Haptics and Sound

Method:3 Go on Keyboard Feedback

Method:4Turn off Haptic from the following menu.

8:Donot use more Lockscreen widgets

Lock screen widgets with IOS 16 update by Apple.and add up to four widgets on your lock screen. these widgets run on background to het new data,you may notice battaery drain on your phone.

9:Update Ios Software 

For improving the ios 16 experience with modern updates.It permits to disable wallpaper on always on display to save battery life.you can head to general menu in setting and open update of software to install pending ios update.

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