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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs Galaxy S20: What’s different?

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Update The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus are now available. We encourage you to look at the latest models to ensure that you have the most up-to-date model. We think the S22 series deserves more attention than the Galaxy S20 FE or Galaxy S20. It offers longer support and a host new features.

In this comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs Galaxy S20, there is no clear winner. Although there are only a few differences between the phones, they are important to be aware of. These differences will help you decide which one is the best for your needs.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 and regular Galaxy S20 phones are almost identical. The S20FE is designed to provide all the essential features consumers want when searching for the best smartphone at a reasonable price. It features a large 6.5-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and a powerful triple camera system. There’s also a 32MP selfie shooter, as well as a 4,500 mAh lithium battery.

The Galaxy S20, on the other hand, has a premium design with double the RAM and sharper screen. If you are looking for something smaller and more portable, the S20 has a smaller 6.2-inch chassis.

These phones are over a year old. The Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S21FE have been replaced. We have a Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Samsung Galaxy S21 comparison for you. Also, a Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Samsung Galaxy S20 comparison for you to look at. You should also consider the Galaxy S22, which is another flagship phone.

Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S20: Prices

The Galaxy S20 FE is the clear winner on paper. The Galaxy S20 FE’s list price is $699. You can find it as low as $599. The regular Galaxy S20 is $999 but costs $300 more.

You can find the Galaxy S20 for as low as $799, and even less than $700. So it’s worth shopping around. For the most recent discounts, visit our Galaxy S20 deals Page.

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Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S20: Design & colors

The Galaxy S20 FE features aluminum sides and a polycarbonate (plastic back), so it doesn’t feel or look as premium as the Galaxy S20. The Galaxy S20 FE’s bezels are slightly wider than those on the S20.

The Galaxy S20 FE offers more color options, with six different hues. You have the option to choose from white, mint, lavender, red and orange, as well as navy, purple, red, yellow, and orange. Only four options are available for the regular Galaxy S20: gray, blue and pink.

The Galaxy S20 FE is larger and heavier due to its larger display. It measures 6.29×2.93×0.33 inches and weighs in at 6.7 ounces. This compares to the Galaxy S20’s 5.9x3x 0.31 inches, and 5.7 ounces for Galaxy S20.

The Galaxy S20 FE as well as the Galaxy S20 are both IP68 rated for dust and water resistance.

Galaxy S20 FE vs Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 FE has a larger 6.5-inch OLED screen with a full HD+ resolution (2400 x 1800). The Galaxy S20 regular has a smaller, but sharper, 6.2-inch OLED screen measuring 3200 x 1400 pixels.

Both handsets provide smooth scrolling and animations. The Galaxy S20FE has the same 120Hz refresh rate, while the Galaxy S20 FE is slower. We don’t think that most people will mind the reduced resolution.

Galaxy S20 FE vs Galaxy S20: Cameras

Here is where the Galaxy S20 FE vs Galaxy 20 comparison really gets interesting. The Galaxy S20 FE has a triple rear camera setup, just like the Galaxy S20 but with different lenses.

The Galaxy S20 FE has a 12MP main camera, a 12-MP ultrawide camera, and an 8MP telephoto lens that features a 3x optical zoom. The digital Space Zoom can zoom up to 30x.

The Galaxy S20 also features a 12MP main camera, a 12MP ultrawide lens, and a 64MP telephoto lens, which crops in to give you a 3x optical Zoom. The Space Zoom can also be extended to 30x.

The Galaxy S20 FE’s selfie camera is 32MP higher than the Galaxy S20’s 10MP. Samsung targets a younger audience with its Galaxy S20 FE. This is understandable.

The Galaxy S20 FE as well as the Galaxy S20 share top-of-the-line camera features such Super Steady, Night Mode and Single Take.

Galaxy S20 FE vs Galaxy S20 Performance

The Galaxy S20 FE has the same processor as its Snapdragon 865 chip. However, the FE only has 6GB RAM. We expect the Galaxy S20 FE to have a higher multitasking speed than its regular Galaxy S20, which has 12GB of RAM.

Geekbench 5, which measures overall performance and scores multi-core tests, gave the Galaxy S20 FE a score of 2,928 in the multicore test. This is lower than the Galaxy S20’s 3,147.

Each phone comes with 128GB storage. You can also add up to 1TB via the microSD slot on the Galaxy S20 FE or Galaxy S20.

Galaxy S20FE vs Galaxy S20FE: Battery life and charging

The Galaxy S20 FE has a 4,500 mAh lithium battery. This is the same size as the Galaxy S20 Plus. The Galaxy S20’s battery is smaller at 4,000 mAh.

The Galaxy 20 FE lasted for 8 hours and 58 mins over AT&T’s network, and 9:03 on Verizon. Surprisingly, the Galaxy S20 was able to last 9:31 longer over T-Mobile’s network than it did on Verizon. However, results may vary depending on carrier.

The S20 FE is not as fast charging as its premium counterpart. The Galaxy S20 FE supports 25W charging but ships with a 15W charger. A 25W charger is included in the box with the regular Galaxy S20.

Galaxy S20 FE vs Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs Galaxy S20 winner really boils down to what you want in a phone and how much you are willing to spend. The Galaxy S20FE is a great option if you have a limited budget and want a bigger display. For $300 less, you get almost the same camera and performance as well as more color options. Plus, you get a larger battery.

The Galaxy S20 is still a great option, especially if your preference is for a smaller design. You also get a slimmer bezel, more RAM, and a sharper quad HD screen. If you can find the Galaxy S20 on sale for under $700, it is especially attractive.

The Galaxy S20 FE is a great option to the regular Galaxy S20. You may want to check if the Galaxy S21 is a better choice, or wait to see what Samsung has in store for you with the S21 FE. It is rumored that it will be available in the next few months.

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