9 Ways to Use the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max comprise a brand-new Action button. On previous models, as well as the 15 and 15 Plus, it takes the place of the Silent Mode switch. You can begin applications, start shortcuts, or switch off your phone. You can do everything listed below.

Select the standard silent mode.

Silent mode is activated by default, like the earlier switch did. Long-press the Action button to use it exactly as is. The button above the volume controls on the left side of the phone. Then go to Settings > Action Button and select one of the choices listed below to change the Action button.

Start the camera

use the Action button as a shortcut if you need to use the camera more rapidly than you can click the app icon. outstanding for taking pictures at a party or while you’re traveling.

Set Off a Shortcut

Instead of asking Siri a question or tapping a widget, you can use the Action Button to carry out your selected Shortcut. You can program the free iOS app Shortcuts to perform multiple activities, comprising calculating tips, launching a playlist, and getting travel information without opening a navigation app.

Access a feature for accessibility

Have a chosen accessibility choice? Use this button to quickly access features like VoiceOver a screen reader, Live Captions, and color inversion.

Switch on the flashlight

Are you in a Tent? at a performance held outside? Trying to navigate a odd environment? Quickly switch on the light with a long button press. yet again, long press to switch it off.

Begin an voice note.


A shortcut to start a voice memo comes in useful whether conducting research, working in the field, or busy in any other activity where you need to rapidly record notes without losing anything.

Turn on Focus Mode

Switch Focus Mode on and off with the button if you see yourself daydreaming or cheating with your phone instead of working. Focus Mode is a Don’t Disturb alternative that also lets you send auto-replies and modify notification, call, and message filters.

Open the magnifier application

Use the Magnifier app to give yourself a magnifying glass.

Translate a discussion

This is a wonderful idea if you are traveling or spending time with people who speak other languages so you can translate and interpret  as needed.

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