Your LG TV Won’t Turn On (You Have to Try This FIRST).

The problem is that most LG TVs won’t turn off.

This issue was reported by many LG TV owners. Some owners claim that the issue has been an ongoing one for years.

It is possible to fix about 80% LG TVs which are not turning on.

LG TV won’t turn on

To fix your LG TV’s inability to turn on, reset it.

Unplug LG TV wall

It’s an easy fix, but it is the best way to get your LG TV on.

Allow at most 60 seconds for the plugs to be reinserted.

Switch off your TV’s electricity supply. Locate the power button on LG TV.

This will turn off any remaining power and allow the TV to reset softly.

Once the 60 second limit is up, connect the TV to the power outlet. The TV should then be turned on again.

This should solve about 80% cases. It may be more difficult in 20% cases.

How do I remove batteries from LG remote

Unplug your TV and reconnect it if it continues to have issues with the HDMI output.

Both batteries must be removed from the remote.

Once you have removed the batteries, hold down for 30 seconds the power button.

After 30 seconds, you can plug in your batteries and turn the TV back on.

Make sure to have enough batteries.

Once you’ve tried the above steps, factory reset your LG television.

Factory reset LG TV

Turn on the TV by unplugging or discharging the remote batteries.

Next navigate to All Settings >General> Reset Initial Settings. Here you will see the initial setup screen.

This will set your LG TV’s default settings.

LG TV Factory Setup Without Remote

Factory reset your LG TV.

To turn on your television, press the power key. Depending on your TV’s model, the power button might be either on the left or on the bottom.

While the TV is on hold the power button down for 10 seconds. You can also use your joystick to navigate to Menu >All Setting >General >Reset to Initial Settings.

You have other options if your TV is not easy to find, or you are in an awkward place.

Connect a USB keyboard to your LG TV to get going.

Use the keyboard to navigate or reset your TV.

With a LG Smart TV you can also download and install the LG ThinQ App.

Link your TV with the App to use your phone as an remote controller.

It can also be activated using a universal remote. Enter the LG code.

Now, you should be able to resolve all power problems. If not, you can try the other steps that I have given before giving up.

Power cord to remove for LG TV

Unplug the power cable from your TV in order to solve the power problem.

After about 60 seconds, unplug your device. Next, plug it back into the outlet.

Before you plug in the TV, ensure that it is secured.

Plug in the power cord to turn on your TV.

It’s exciting to see your television come back to life.

Enter the right source

An incorrect input source can cause your LG TV to stop working.

No matter whether you’re using a streaming or cable device, make sure your HDMI port number has been entered correctly.

There’s two ways to choose an input source.

Method 1: Remote Control to Enable Input Source

  1. Turn on your TV
  2. Use your remote controller to push the Source button
  3. You can choose the input mode you prefer

Step 2: Change input source


  1. Turn on your TV
  2. Find the MENU button at the bottom or side your TV.
  3. Use the volume button for navigation to the source menu.
  4. Click the menu button to select the input source.

You can choose the input source that you want to use on certain TVs.

Locate a new power outlet

You are unlikely to have missed the source of your problem.

Sometimes outlets may have a short-circuit or a fuse blown.

An additional small appliance could also be purchased and plugged into your TV’s same outlet.

When a device turns on, it means that an outlet is operating.

It is unlikely that this is what is causing the problem. However, it is a crucial step in troubleshooting.

Backlight broken

It is possible that your LG TV’s backlight is not working.

To check if your TV is on, turn on the TV. Then use a flashlight to hold the flashlight close to the TV.

Pay careful attention to your screen, and use the flash to take a photograph.

An image of a faint shape appears on your TV’s backlight.

Motherboard had been fried

It is possible that your motherboard was struck with lightning.

You will see multiple boards once you have done this . The main component of a computer is called the motherboard.

Turn on your TV and plug it into the wall to confirm that there is no problem. After that, disconnect the powerboard cable and the motherboard.

If your TV lights up, it is possible that the power board is not functioning correctly.

You can replace your motherboard at a very reasonable price.

If you’re not confident fixing your TV yourself, you can hire a repairman

LG TV Warranty

While it’s not easy, In the event that your LG TV does not turn on, be sure to verify that there is an active warranty.

LG will fix or replace your TV if you tell them about the problem.

They may be able provide services at your house if you have a warranty.


LG TVs have a tendency to be finicky with power settings. Here are some steps to help your LG TV get back on track.

  • Please wait 60 seconds before unplugging your TV from its wall.
  • Disconnect the batteries, and turn off the power for at least 30 second
  • Factory-reset your TV using or without your remote
  • Change the power cord on the back panel of your TV
  • Ensure your TV is connected to the right input source
  • Perhaps it is worth connecting your TV to a different power outlet
  • To get a new backlight for your TV, send it to us.
  • Send your television to get a new motherboard

Try these solutions if none of the above work. Verify your warranty.


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