Samsung Galaxy A53 is following Google Pixel 6a in popularity

It didn’t take long to come up with potential rivals for Samsung’s new mid-range smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A53. The Galaxy A53 was released a day before the iPhone SE (2022) went on sale. So comparing these two phones is only natural. The A53 also shares a $449 price tag alongside Google Pixel 5a. This is another possible showdown.

Samsung had a completely different phone in mind when it created its wishlist of features for the Galaxy A53. This phone is yet to be released.

You can see that Samsung is very focused on the Pixel6a, Google’s next budget smartphone. The A53’s most notable features are those you would expect to find in Google’s next Pixel 5a.

Samsung Galaxy A53 vs. Pixel6a: What Google is planning

Rumors suggest that the Pixel 6a could arrive before we know it. The phone could make its debut at Google’s annual I/O developer event. Google announced this week that GoogleI/O would begin May 11, less than 24 hours after the launch of the Galaxy A53.

Rumored Pixel 6a renderings (Image credit to 91mobiles/OnLeaks).

The Pixel 6a’s highlight could be the Google Tensor chipset that Google has fitted to the budget phone, similar to the one that powers both the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 PRO. Tensor is a chip that powers onboard machine intelligence and artificial intelligence. This allows for advanced AI-driven features on Google phones.

Samsung Galaxy A53 features

Google has been focusing on AI features in its phones and it is no coincidence that Samsung highlighted the AI capabilities of the Exynos 1280 chipset within the Galaxy A53. Samsung claims that the 5nm Exynos1280 chipset delivers 31% more AI performance than the previous generation.

Samsung spoke about AI experiences and the Galaxy A53’s ability to adjust the framerate at which its cameras capture video based on lighting conditions. The phone’s Portrait mode has been enhanced to capture more detail and outline of subjects. Fun mode integrates augmented reality filters into your photos.

Samsung Galaxy A53 Fun Mode (Image credit: Samsung).

Samsung spoke up the Galaxy A53’s Object Eraser in what seems like the most direct attack on Google and its Pixel phones. This can remove unwanted objects and people from photos using AI. This sounds very similar to the Magic Eraser Google featured on its Pixel 6 phones, and will likely be brought to the Pixel 6a.

It is not an accident that Samsung’s Galaxy A53 features are all related to the camera. The Pixel 5a is one of the most popular camera phones, especially considering its modest price. The camera was one of the weak points in last year’s Galaxy, so it appears that Samsung is trying to bridge the gap between what Google offers and what its midrange models have to offer.

The Galaxy A53’s price is $50 cheaper than the A52. The Pixel 5a is almost as expensive as the Galaxy A53, and the Pixel 6a will be around the same price. Samsung clearly wants to draw comparisons with Google’s phones.

Samsung Galaxy A53 vs. Google Pixel 6a outlook

These comparisons will need to wait a while. Although the Galaxy A53 won’t be available until April 1, you can still pre-order it now. We won’t know how the Pixel 6a compares to the Galaxy A53 until we get more information about the phone before its expected debut later in the spring.

Samsung’s latest mid-range phone is still a challenge after spending the past couple of years improving the Galaxy A-line. While the Galaxy A53 will be evaluated on its merits, a Pixel 6a-sized challenge lies ahead.

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