Top Best 3 Ways to Instantly Create a New Email Address for Yourself

You don’t need to sign up every time you need a new email address. It’s tedious, time-consuming, and annoying to do this when there are faster and easier ways to get an email address that you can share with friends or use on websites.

Here are three of our favorite. These inboxes ensure that you won’t have to log in and out of multiple email accounts to check for new updates.

1. Gmail Separators

Let’s assume your Gmail username muoreader. This means that you receive email at With a simple trick, you can now share/use multiple email addresses. You just need to add a special Gmail separator, the + sign (plus), to your username and then any keyword you choose. Here are some examples of valid addresses:


All emails sent to these addresses will still be in your Gmail Inbox. However, it is easier to organize your inbox. You can also filter your emails by the to address and add labels to bulk emails. You can also create filters that tell Gmail what to make of the messages sent to each new address.

This Gmail separator trick can also be used to identify spam sources and block them.

Another benefit is that you can sign up for multiple websites with one Gmail account. Some websites may not allow non-alphanumeric characters or suppress the separator, but most will.

If a website treats the separator as an invalid character, but doesn’t warn you with an error message, it could cause problems. In such cases, an email intended for you at could end up going to the person who owns the address

Remember that separators (and even dots) in your Gmail account don’t really matter. Malicious users could use them for their own purposes.

Outlook supports the separator function. There are a few other email providers who support the separator feature, but their symbol might be different. Some services, for example, use a hyphen rather than the + sign.

2. Email Aliases

You can create Gmail addresses using separators as we have discussed. These basically email aliases.

An email alias is a nickname for your primary email address, or simply a forwarding address. You can still use your primary email address, settings and contacts to send or receive emails. Only the address and name on the digital envelopes are different. The alias can be deleted at any time.

Email aliases are useful when you need to:

  • Your primary email address should be hidden.
  • Keep your inbox clean of junk mail
  • Comment on our websites.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Temporarily, set up a dedicated mailbox to post job ads or sell items online.
  • Different addresses can be shared in different situations.
  • Filter and organize messages that relate to different roles or projects at work.

Are you wondering how to create an alias? It all depends on which email service you use. A simple internet search should help you find the answers. These are the instructions you need to use a few of the most common email services.


To create Gmail aliases you can either use the + sign to separate them or use any of your email addresses as an alias. First, click Settings on the menu hidden below the gear symbol at the top of your inbox.

Switch to the Accounts tab in the Gmail settings. Click on Add an additional email address.

Next, use the popup box to follow the instructions to create an email address that you can use as an alias. Make sure you leave the Treat this email address as an alias box selected. This Gmail Support Page will explain what exactly that option does.


Open the Microsoft account’s information page, and click Manage how to sign in to Microsoft. To reveal the Add an additional alias page, click the Add email address link on the next page.

You can either create an Outlook alias with an email address that ends in @, or you can use an existing email address to create one. Click on the Add an alias button to close.

Microsoft restricts you to 10 email accounts per alias. Learn more about adding aliases to Outlook .

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail does not support aliases for accounts that use it as an email hosting service for a custom domain. If you are the owner of such an account, and you have admin rights to it, you can create aliases in Zoho Mail’s Control Panel. Click on User Detail in this section. Next, in the right-hand pane click on the user for which you wish to create an alias.

After the user’s profile is displayed, go to the Email Accounts section via navigation and click the Add new address link. If you have any problems, the Email Administration section of Zoho’s email hosting setup guide can help.

Does your email host use cPanel? If so, log in to your cPanel Account and create aliases starting Email > Forwarders.

3. Email addresses that are not required

It’s best to use a throwaway address for one-off registrations. These services allow you to quickly get one. There are many options available that will give you:

  • Temporary private Inbox: 10 minute Mail, MintEmail and MinuteInbox
  • Permanent public-inbox with self-destructing emails: Mailinator and Maildrop, Guerrilla Mailsac, Mailnesia, Mailnesia.

Each service has its own rules regarding email handling. You can go through each feature one at a time to find the one that is right for you.

33mail is another useful tool for creating disposable email addresses. After you sign up with your primary email address and choose your username, you will be able to have as many email inboxes as you like.

They don’t need to be created manually. If you share any email that ends with, 33mail forwards all messages sent to that email to your primary inbox.

If you are looking for more ways to protect yourself, take a look at how anonymous emails. When you are dealing with official or important emails, it is forbidden to use disposable addresses.

Simple Access to New Email Inboxes

For obvious reasons, it is important to keep your work email separate from your personal email. You might create separate inboxes to receive personal emails from various websites like social networks, dating websites, banks, etc.

A new email address may be helpful in such situations. It acts as an identification tag that allows you to organize your emails throughout your professional and personal lives. It can also be used to help you avoid spam and other grey mail. There are many ways to create an email address, and you don’t have to sign up for every service.

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