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What Is Highest Snap Score?

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What is the highest score on Snapchat? Millions of people use Snapchat every day. They have the highest snap scores. This post lists the Snapchat accounts that have the highest Snapchat scores.

Accounts with the highest snap score in 2021

  1. dion-19 has more than 61 million snap scores
  2. cris_thisguy with more than 50,000,000
  3. michae86l has more than 29.6 millions snap score
  4. ciqlo is home to more than 26.6 million snap scores
  5. gpierson_20has more than 20 million snap scores
  6. daydrunkhas more than 20 million snap scores
  7. jade_rush1has more than 10.8 million snap scores

What is a Snap Score and how do you calculate it?

Snapchat’s snap score refers to the number of snaps you send and the frequency with which you receive activity. Other factors can also affect the snap score. It is basically the number that appears next to your Snapchat username, as shown in the picture.

Actively using Snapchat’s features can help you achieve high snap scores. I have explained how to get the highest Snap score as well as the longest Snapchat streak.

What is the average Snap Score?

Quora user has 1500+ Snapchat followers from different countries, according to Quora. They all used Snapchat regularly.

He estimates that the average score of them all is between 50,000 and 75,000. The frequency with which you use Snapchat will determine how Snapchat scores.

Accounts with the highest Snap Scores

Snapchat users tend to use this list more in order to achieve the highest Snap score. After analyzing the data online, I decided to publish this list as it covers 2017 to 2021.

dion-19 With More Than 61 Million

cris_thisguy with more than 50,000,000

michae86l With More Than 29.6 Million

ciqlo over 26.6 Million

gpierson_20 With More Than 20 Million

Daydrunks with more than 20,000,000

jade_rush1 with more than 10.8 million

Dailybrayden123 with more than 7.2 million

sillyblackguy with more than 6,000,000

jashanzzz with more than 2,000,000

Pateldeep3 with more than 1.4 Million

Everyone was talking about Snapchat’s account with 6 million snap scores in February 2017.

This is not normal as it’s too difficult for anyone to get 17,000 to 33,000 snap points per day. Dion-19 revealed his snap score of more than 61 million in August 2019.

This shows how much time people spend on social media platforms. It’s not important to have a snap score. Snapchat is addictive.

If you use Snapchat well, it is easy to increase your snap score by sending streaks to other people and also receiving streaks.

What is Snap Streak?

Streaks send snaps to one another or friends on Snapchat. In return, he will send the image back within 24 hours. If the process takes more than three days, a fire emoticon appears along with a number next to your friend’s username.

They send a Snap to a Snapchat friend every day with a white filter or other temperature filters. Their streak continues to grow. Streak allows users to have a competitive mind, which keeps their friendship fresh each day. It can also be used to show how close your friend is to you.

The number next to your username and a fire emoticon can show you your Snapchat streak score. This is based on the number of snaps you have sent.

Highest Snap Streak

Snap streaks are sent to friends and show how many times you send and get snaps each day. A fire emoji appears in the right corner of the friend’s name bar with the numbers of your streak.

Below is a list of the top snap streaks, along with their names and streak numbers. The list may not be complete as it changes daily. However, this is the most recent information according to internet data about the longest Snapchat streaks that have been exchanged with these users.

Snapchat Streaks with the longest duration

As I mentioned above, the longest Snapchat streaks held by a holder are:

  1. Caitlin M’Mahony 2,033 (December 3 2020).
  2. Ryan, Serg. 2,020 (August 31, 2020).
  3. Alex and Raff2,000 (October 6, 2020).
  4. Nina, Eva. 2,000 (December 16, 2020).
  5. Joseph, and Gabriel. 2,000 (January 22, 2021).
  6. Pierson Gilreath, 1,999 (December 2, 2020)
  7. Daniel, Robin. 1,985 (February 5, 2021).
  8. Jeff, Teresa. 1,983 (December 11, 2020).
  9. Jake, Micah 1,983 (January 22, 20,21)
  10. Jake, Keegan. 1,979 (November 16, 2020).
  11. Matt, Stephen. 1,978 (January 30, 2021).
  12. Andy, Gaige. 1,976 (November 30, 2020).
  13. Kat, Swain. November 2, 2020.
  14. Stephanie and Jessica 1,957 (June 5, 2021).
  15. Martin & Koen 1,956 (December 1, 2020).
  16. Ivan, Kitty. 1,954 (February 4, 2021).
  17. Alexa, Kira. 1,947 (November 12, 2020).
  18. Dan P., and Joe M. 1,947 (February 4, 2021).
  19. Ian, and friend 1,946 (December 26, 2021).
  20. Teka, Rissa. 1,943 (October 12, 2020).
  21. Daniel, and Justin. 1,925 (December 19, 2020).
  22. Vismit, Ankita. 1,912 (January 15, 2021).
  23. Abby, Emmy. 1,908 (August 6, 2020).
  24. Casey, Bill. 1,907 (February 12, 2021).
  25. Chad, Amanda. 1,905 (August 14, 2020).
  26. Chas, Elizabeth. 1899 (February 14, 2021).
  27. Micheal Roche, 1,890 (November 8, 2020)
  28. Gabriel, and Joseph. 1,876 (September 21, 2020).
  29. Craig and Grant. 1,871 (August 20, 2021).
  30. Angus & Paul 1,866 (January 20, 2021).

How can you increase your Snap score?

Snapchat score increases when you open and send video and picture snaps. This is also true for stories. This article explains how to increase your snap score organically.

Check your Score

Open Snapchat. Tap the profile symbol in the upper left corner. You’ll see your score under your name.

To see a split between the number of snaps sent and the number you received, tap the score.

Send Snaps Regularly

Snapping with your friends increases your snap score by one.

Snapchat would give you 6 points if you didn’t use it for at least two days.

Snap Multiple Friends at Once

When you send the Snap to a friend, you get the point. Because you can send Snaps to multiple friends at the same time, sending a photo of 10 people will net you between 10 and 11 points.

To select your companions, tap their names after taking a photo and tapping the “Send” button. When you tap the “Send arrow” again, each user you choose will receive your Snap.

You’ll see more photos from your friends the more often you send them.

Open Unread Snaps

Each Snap you open earns you a point. Tap the purple (photograph) and red (video) boxes close to the sender’s names to open a Snap.

Use Snap to Send Messages

Snapchat does not allow you to send a direct message via Snapchat. Neither does opening direct messages.

To get points, you can send visit messages. Tap a message from a sender to tap the round “Catch” button and then click the round “Catch” button above the console to respond with a photo.


Your story earns points each time you upload a Snap. Tap the “Send” button to add a snap into your story. At that point, tap on the My Story hovers at the upper-left corner.

Do Not Use Hacks & Shortcuts

Many claim they can hack Snapchat servers and other methods to increase your snap score. You’ll be able to see a huge increase in your snap score if you give them money. These people will permanently ban your Snapchat account.

Snapchat App

Although it is not easy to understand, Snapchat is the best way to increase your score. You will see a rapid increase in your score if you are committed and post stories and snaps regularly. You may like a text mail subscribers.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the highest snap score

How can you increase your Snapchat score?

Users receive points for sharing snaps and points for uploading photos to their accounts. App policy states that users do not get points for messaging. Finally, you will be able to open a snap and earn points. User points won’t increase if you watch the story.

What is a Snap Score?

It depends on your activity. These are Snapchat points that can be earned by opening stories, sending personal messages, and posting snaps to your profile. It all depends on your activity

Is there a maximum length that your Snapchat streak can last?

This is something I’ve researched and I found that there is no limit to how long a user can keep a snap streak. It is simple. Users can send snaps every day to anyone else. This means Snapchat streaks last longer. Because several days indicate how long the feature has been available, we know that the streak limit for Snapchat is 2,189 days.

A second fact is that the record will change as each day passes. This app has no limits. Check out its official website for more information. All your questions can be answered here. You can also find information about franchise history. It looks like a great time.

What if your Snapchat Score isn’t Updating

If someone uploads an image or sends an image app score

Your score will increase instantly but it won’t change if you compare your profile to other people. It doesn’t matter how slow it takes. It can take a while to see all of your points.

How does Snapchat’s score work?

Many people don’t understand what Snapchat’s score is and how it works. Snapchat’s score can be described as the number of points you earn by engaging in certain activities on Snapchat, such as sending streaks and receiving streaks.

How can I start a snap streak?

must send each other snaps for at least three consecutive days. The fire emoji will then appear. These emojis also have a number. It also includes a user name and shows how many snap streak days you’ve had.

How to get Snapchat points?

Your Snapchat score is based on how many snaps have you sent and received from friends. Stories do not give you a point. Stories are often thought to provide you with points, but that is false. It simply shows you what you have done on the app.

How do you find your Snapchat score?

Your camera screen Snapchat score will appear next to your username. Click to see the number of snaps that you have sent and received within your account.

How can I get my Snap score up?

It isn’t difficult to increase your snap score or make it higher. To increase your snap score, you must send photos, videos, and streaks to friends. Your account won’t be able to gain any points by texting or sharing stories.

How do I check another user’s Snapchat score?

Click on the chat icon of the friend whose score is desired. Tap on the profile icon to open a new window with their username and snap score.


Snapchat has been a popular platform with more than 238,000,000 daily users. A portion of these clients is the ones who get the highest snap scores. Snap streaks, which are the most popular snap score, are also very popular. This article is for students looking for the best tutoring jobs for teens.

I trust you have the right answer.

Highest Snap Score?

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