These top 7 Android apps are great for finding friends via GPS

Are you looking for an application that tracks your location and shows you where they are located? Despite sounding creepy, most people now share their locations via social media.

You can read the article if searching for the best GPS-tracking apps and location-finding tools.

1. Glymp

HTMLmpse is the most downloaded location app in the Play Store. They allow you to quickly and easily share your GPS location with family and loved ones

Glympse doesn’t require users signing up to view their location on a mapping service. Glympse works with any web connection.

Glympse contains an important safety function: after a set time, all “Glympses” automatically expire. This means that it is very unlikely that someone will forget to turn on location sharing or accidentally broadcast their location for hours.

2. Family Locator

Family Locator has been voted the best family apps. It is ideal for parents of children who need to know their location.

Parents can set up notifications to be notified if their child reaches certain destinations, such as school or the home of a friend. Parents are notified when their child crosses a boundary.

Family Locator should also be installed for other people so you can track where they are.

Family Locator FREE, in-app purchases available

3. A-GPS Tracker

Many apps in this group are designed to help parents keep an eye out for their children. For hikers and campers,

Safety can be at risk when hiking in unfamiliar terrain.

It was made by map developers for hikers. Coordinates, including latitude, longitude and coordinates for your location can be loaded in degrees or UTM-WSG84 and an audible alert will be sent if you get too far from the destination.

4. Geo Tracker

Geo Tracker is another GPS tracker that is worth checking out. This is similar to A GPS Tracker but it is made for people who spend most of their time outdoors. But it can be used anywhere.

It will plot your position on a map. Save all tracks in GPX or KML format so that you can import them into Google Earth.

Additional features: Yandex Maps (if Yandex Maps has superior Google Maps in Russia) as well as the ability to mark crucial points along your trip.

You also have the option to share your location and contact family members.

Read on to find out more about the top offline navigation apps available for Android.

5. Google Maps

Didyou know that Google Maps is a great tool for tracking family and friends?

This is dependent on the person sharing their home with you. It might not work in every case.

The following instructions will help you share your location on Google Maps to friends.

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Click in the upper-right corner to see your profile photo
  3. Select Locale Sharing
  4. Tap in the lower-right hand corner to activate the newShare option.
  5. Share your content for a set time or until you want it to stop .
  6. You can choose from your contact lists the people you want to share with

Any children’s GPS coordinates will be accessible to you if they are members of a Google Family Group . You can also use Google Assistant for tracking a p

Life360 uses the “Circles”, an app that lets you share your location and allows you to track your friends.

Each group can decide when they want to share your location.

Each Circle maintains its own private map, private message service and has access only to other members.

7. GeoZilla Family GPS Locator

GeoZilla Family GeoZilla Location Locator is also useful for locating family members.

GeoZilla Family is more efficient than other location sharing apps. The SLC (Significant Location Change ). This feature makes GeoZilla Family more efficient than other location-sharing applications.

You can get notifications when family members arrive in a location. You can also view a week’s worth of location history on the map.

There is another way to track people

There are many apps that can be used to monitor the health of people you care for.

Keep in mind that some apps can be very intrusive. It is necessary to have permission from the person to track them.

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