Top Best Open Source Operating System In 2022

Are you not content with Mac, Windows, or other operating systems that are paid and would like to experiment with something new? Perhaps you’re someone who enjoys trying out different operating systems or you want to test your hand at an OS since your acquaintances use it. There are many operating systems that are speedy and loaded with features. This article has highlighted the top open-source operating system that can be run on your computer.

You can experiment with your Open Source OS to explore its functions and possibly take some lessons from it.


Ubuntu is an OS based on Linux which is thought to be one of the best and most effective free operating systems around the globe. It was created by a group of skilled developers across the globe to build this complete operating system that is speedy and packed with features. Ubuntu contains essential programs like instant messaging and office suite, media maps, web browser and more. Ubuntu is among the top popular operating system running on Linux making it an ideal option for Windows as well as Mac.

Ubuntu developers use using the Debian architecture. Experts agree that Ubuntu is a great operating system for older laptops and comes with a majority of the most essential applications like Thunderbird F-Spot, Firefox, Transmission, LibreOffice, Open Office, etc. It is easy to use and adapts with both desktop and laptop interfaces. There are two kinds of Ubuntu platforms Ubuntu is “non-LTS (Long Term Support) and LTS”. The most current stable versions of the non-LTS and LTS versions have been released as 17.04 16.04 and 16.04 respectively. In the name of the version refer to month and year. For instance”16″ refers to the year, while ’04’ refers is the month.

Linux Lite

Linux Lite is another free open-source operating system that works with lower-end hardware. It’s a light OS designed to help users with little understanding of the Linux operating system. The operating system comes with all of the essential software, functionalities tools, desktops, and other features.

Linux Lite has a very simple interface that is based on Ubuntu distribution. It is stable and has been supported by regular updates for five years. Linux Lite is efficiently functional immediately after installation. Users aren’t required to install additional drivers following installation. Select Linux Lite if are looking for a light open-source OS for your computer. Go below for the download of Linux Lite.


Fedora is another well-known operating system based on Linux and is widely considered to be the top open-source OS following Ubuntu. Fedora OS is an all-purpose OS that is RPM-baseband which is supported by Red Hat and designed by the Fedora Project community.

Fedora’s aim is to create and offer Open Source modern technology at no cost. So, Fedora developers decide to develop updates to the upstream, whereas they created fixes only for Fedora. All Linux distributions benefit from the updates that are released by Fedora developers.

Fedora offers a desktop based on GNOME that is customizable. The Fedora Spins feature lets users modify and implement modifications to the user interface and desktop. Click here to download Fedora.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a beautiful Linux-based OS that demonstrates modernity and power. It’s user-friendly and comes with all multimedia capabilities making it a very user-friendly open-source OS. Linux Mint is Ubuntu-based and is equally popular with novices as well as experts.

Linux Mint uses Debian architecture and includes an extremely powerful set of software administrators. It’s durable and provides more appealing visuals than Ubuntu. You can click this link to install Linux Mint.


Solus is a free, open free operating system, which runs in your computer. Solus is a brand new operating system that is part of the Linux family, which was developed in 2012. More than 6000 registered users have taken advantage of the application.

Solus features Solus are VLC, Transmission, OpenShot Video Editor, XChat, Thunderbird, Budgie desktop environment, PlayOnLinux, Firefox and LibreOffice Suite. Solus 3, the latest version of Solus was released in August 17th, 2017. Solus 3 is expected to include some improvements to its Opus encoder and its multimedia filters.

Furthermore, Flash and Java plugins are already loaded in Solus.


Xubuntu is one of the more renowned OS that is open-source designed for those who are still using older XP machines. Xubuntu is a Unix-based system that runs on the XFCE desktop operating system. It’s distinct from Ubuntu and has a good standing against other operating systems that are fully featured on the list. It comes with GNOME applications, and also an integrated Compositor. However, it is occasionally slow.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS is partly an open-source operating system with many appealing features. It’s an element of the Chromium and Linux family of operating systems that include options like enhanced security features, compatibility with select Android applications, Chrome apps, Google cloud print, Aura windows manager, virtual desktop access, an integrated media player, and cloud-based management. The only drawback in the system’s operation is the fact that it is only compatible with Nexus devices and its internal hardware. Therefore, if you’re already a Google enthusiast, you can certainly benefit from Chrome OS with Chromebook.

React OS

ReactOS is another open-source OS that has received more than 1 million downloads across around 100 different countries. The community-based OS can use Windows applications, making it an excellent alternative to the Windows operating systems. While ReactOS is not yet fully developed and popular with users who appreciate high-end, customizable operating systems can choose ReactOS. But the operating system is geared towards developers.

These are the most effective open-source operating systems which can be used in lieu of expensive operating systems such as Mac and Windows. This list has a nice combination of features and power. Try them out and let us know if you enjoy them by leaving a comment below.


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