How to install Microsoft Office Linux

It’s easy to install Microsoft Office under Linux. This article will show you three ways to run Microsoft Office under Linux.

Microsoft Office is the leading office productivity suite. Microsoft Office is the most used office productivity suite, regardless if your computer runs Windows 10 and macOS. If you’re not using Microsoft Office, there are ways to find someone who is.

Linux runs on your computer. Linux is installed on your computer. How do I install Microsoft Office on Linux?

How to install Microsoft Office Linux

There are three methods to run Microsoft Office, the industry-leading office program on a Linux computer:

  1. Microsoft Office web-based Linux
  2. PlayOnLinux lets you install Microsoft Office.
  3. Microsoft Office can also be used in Windows virtual machines.

Microsoft Office 365 isn’t available for Linux. Microsoft Office 365 Linux is not yet available. These methods can be used to run Microsoft Office without Office 365’s enhanced features.

Option 1: You can use Microsoft Office through a browser

It may not include all the Microsoft Office features, but it is enough to handle most office-related tasks. It’s a quick and simple way to get up to speed without needing to buy the entire Microsoft Office suite.

Your Office 365 monthly subscription includes a copy of Microsoft Office. Linux users have the ability to access browser-based tools that are almost as extensive as the Windows, Mac, and Mobile versions.

It is browser-based and will not work offline. Making the desktop shortcut will make it even easier. Microsoft OneDrive accounts allow you to save files to the cloud.

Office 365 access is not necessary. The features you get will be limited. It is useful but not all that you need.

Option 2: Install Microsoft Office with PlayOnLinux

It is necessary to have complete Microsoft Office Linux. You will need it to install it. You might be apprehensive about installing Windows software on Linux. Microsoft Word, along with the rest of Microsoft Office Suite, is some other tools that can help install Windows software on Linux.

PlayOnLinux allows you to easily install Microsoft Office. These instructions will allow you to install Office 365 for Ubuntu. These instructions can be modified for other distros.

PlayOnly Linux

Start by opening a terminal and installing winning.

This tool verifies that PlayOnLinux is correctly linking the Windows login with the software you want to install. If p7zip and cUrl are not installed, they may be required to be installed.

Open the app installer to your distro. Ubuntu 20.04LTS: Open Ubuntu Software to search PlayOnLinux and click Installation. Wait for the installation to finish.

Now, all you need to do is launch PlayOnLinux via Menu > Application. Select the Office tab, then use the search box to locate the right option. You will need to install all of the suites. The only exceptions are Project 2010, Word Viewer (Excel Viewer), and Excel Viewer (Excel Viewer).

PlayOnLinux shows you a summary of compatibility for each app. Click the link for more information. WineHQ will open in a new browser window. Learn more at WineHQ.

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