The best running headphones in 2022

Running headphones are more than just music players. It’s important to not understate the motivating value of having your workout playlist playing as you run hard. All the headphones and earbuds in this list can help with that.

Running headphones need to be fit. This could mean a snug design that fits comfortably in your ears while you run, or IP-rated protection from sweat and water. These are the headphones that we have tested the most: the best headphones for running. Reda the following to see our top picks for the best running headphones currently on the market.

The Top 3 Best Running Headphones

Best overall: Jabra Elite Active 75t

This set of wireless earbuds are an oldie but a goodie. They are lightweight and comfortable, and even though they do not have ear hooks or wingstips, they fit comfortably in our ears. These earbuds are durable, waterproof, have a long battery life and provide excellent audio quality.

AirPods Pro . They have a more balanced sound than other Beats designs. The ear hooks also keep them in place during strenuous running or running. They are not waterproof but they are IPX4-rated which means that they can withstand sweat.

Best for iOS Users Beats Powerbeats Pro

Although these are more expensive than the AirPods Pro, they have the same Apple H1 chip. The ear hooks hold them in place while running or strenuous jogging and have a more balanced sound than other Beats designs. They are not waterproof but they are IPX4-rated which means that they can withstand sweat.

The JLab Epic Air Sport is a great noise-cancelling deal. Comfort levels are high enough to be worn for extended periods of time. The fit is strong and sturdy. These buds are protected against rain and wind with an IP66 rating. The Be Aware transparency mode makes them a great partner for running safely.

Which headphones are best for running?

Jabra Elite 75t is still our favorite running headphone. Although they are an older model, you can still find them online through retailers. These earbuds are a little pricey at $179 but they’re well worth it. They fit comfortably in your ears and keep them there.

We think the JLab Epic Air Sport earbuds offer the best value and it will be difficult to find a better active sound cancelling deal. These earbuds were comfortable and fit well on our runs. They also had great sound quality and a long battery life. However, don’t believe what your phone says about the remaining charge percentages.

Shokz OpenRun, formerly AfterShokz Aeropex, is a great pair of bone-conduction headphones.

These are the best running headphones that you can purchase right now

1. Jabra Elite Active 75t

These headphones are the best for running


Size and weight: 0.8×0.7×0.6inches; 0.2 ounces

Battery life (rated), 7.5 hours, 28 hours (with the charging case)

Bluetooth range: 30 feet

Water resistance

Noise canceling: Yes

+Loud, full sound+Secure fit during runs+EQ customization

Avoidable reasons

Nothing at all

The Jabra Elite 75t wireless headphones are compact, stylish, and rich-sounding. They also make excellent running headphones. The fit is first: It’s rare to find true wireless buds that are completely secure in the ear.

Weatherproofing is another option, with an IP57 rating. This rating protects against dust and allows for submersion in shallow waters. As such, sweat or rain pose no threat. Jabra’s buds also offer ANC at a lower price and a longer battery life than the AirPods Pro. Check out our AirPods 3 Vs Jabra Elite 75t comparison to see if the AirPods 3 is able to beat this beloved pair.

2. JLab Epic Air Sport ANC

Best ANC running headphones at a cheap price


Size and weight: 2.4×1.7×0.9inches, 0.3 ounces

Batttery life (rated), 15 hours (ANC On); 55 hours with charging case (ANC On).

Bluetooth range: 30 feet

Yes, water resistant

Noise canceling: Yes

+Secure, stable fit+Useful transparent mode+Great battery life

Avoidable reasons

Unreliable battery indicator-Poor quality

The JLab Epic Air Sport earbuds are the bestactive noise cancellation deal. The JLab Epic Air Sport earbuds have great sound quality and a long battery life. We were able to play ANC for 9.5 hours on a single charge. Don’t believe what your phone says about the remaining charge.

They were more comfortable than the Beats Powerbeats Pro for running because they fit well and are stable. You are protected against the worst rain showers with IP66 protection. If you need to temporarily switch off noise cancellation to hear traffic, the Be Aware transparent mode will provide you that extra awareness, without the need to take either earbud out of your ears.

3. Beats Powerbeats Pro

These are the best running headphones for iPhone users


Size and weight: 2.2×2.2 inches; 0.7 ounces

Battery life (rated), 9 hours, 24 hours (with the charging case)

Bluetooth range: 100 feet

Yes, water resistant

Noise canceling: No

+Long battery life+Well-balanced sounds+Comfortable and stable for running

Avoidable reasons

-Bulky charging case

Although the Beats Powerbeats Pro may not look like it at first glance, they are a strong copy of Apple’s AirPods headphones. They even share the same Apple H1 chip that the AirPods Pro so they can instantly pair with iPhones. You can also instantly switch between other iOS or Mac devices if you have iOS14 (opens new tab)

It’s all great, but how does the Powerbeats Pro run? It turns out that the Powerbeats Pro runs extremely well. The ear hooks hold each bud in place while running, and the sound signature is powerful. An IPX4 rating also notes the inclusion of water resistance. Although it is not waterproof, the Powerbeats Pro can withstand sweat just fine.

4. Shokz OpenRun

The best bone-conduction headphones


Size and weight: 1.7×4.3×5.1inches; 0.9 ounces

Battery life (rated as): 8 hours

Bluetooth range: 33 feet

Yes, water resistant

Noise canceling: No

+Comfortable, secure fit+Good battery life+Fully waterproof+Satisfactory sound

Avoidable reasons

-Fit cannot be adjusted

Running with bone-conduction headphones is a great idea because they allow you to hear potential dangers and keep your ears open. Shokz OpenRun (originally called AfterShokz Aeropex) are an excellent example of what you can get now. They are not too costly, but they are one of the best bone-conduction headphones available. In our battery testing, they lasted much longer than any true wireless earbuds.

They have an IP67 rating which is more than enough to protect against splashes and sweat, and they fit perfectly despite not being adjusted. These ‘headphones aren’t going to snag on your head while you run. They’re also comfortable enough to wear for hours, without feeling fatigued.

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