The Best iPhone 6s Plus and 6 Plus Cases

Is bigger better? It’s your choice to decide. However, if you own the Apple iPhone 6s Plus or an iPhone 6 Plus ( on Amazon)(Opens within a brand new tab) , one thing is for certain: bigger screens are more fragile glass to care for. One drop and your 5.5-inch Retina display can turn into a web of glass that has been smashed. Be careful, however since virtually every case manufacturer out there is determined to safeguard the screen of your device.

There’s virtually no physical distinction there is hardly any physical difference between iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6s Plus. The 6s Plus is ever so slightly thicker, to the tune of a hundredth of an inch. It’s also a bit more expensive. 6s Plus also weighs more (6.77 ounces as opposed to 6.07-ounce iPhone 6 Plus) however that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to selecting an appropriate case. It’s generally true that any case that is compatible with an iPhone 6 Plus should also be compatible with an iPhone 6s Plus just fine. It’s the same for iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 7 Plus can technically be used however the cutouts will not be in line, so you should be prepared to live a bit and buy an exclusive seven Plus-specific case. Make sure you go to the site of the case maker for compatibility with your phone.

The kind of case you’re seeking will mostly be based on your requirements and the way you live. A majority of cases are designed to protect you from bumps, falls, and wear and tear from everyday use however when you’re an athlete, or have a passion for adventure then you’ll need something stronger that can also guard against rain and wind. Some cases add a bit of fashion to Apple’s hottest phone, but if you like the style the way it appears, there are translucent alternatives (and plain bumpers) are aplenty. If your phone takes up a lot of space in your purse There are wallet cases that be used to store your credit cards and cash and also free the space. If you are being powerless throughout the day you can find battery cases that keep your phone completely up and running

We’ve collected our top iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus cases below with some that offer additional functionality, while others just add a personal touch.

Apple Leather iPhone 6 Plus Case

$49.00 from Apple.comSee It(Opens in an entirely new window)

It’s impossible to go wrong using a case that comes directly from Apple. Its iphone 6s plus leather Case(Opens in an entirely brand new tab) will wrap your phone in leather that is shaped to fit your. You can choose from midnight blue, saddle brown and brown (pictured) or black or red. Don’t believe the name: Apple assures the case will fit the iPhone 6 Plus just fine too.

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iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus Silicone Case – (PRODUCT)RED

The less costly iphone 6s plus silicone Case(Opens within a brand new tab) ditches the leather for a more shock-absorbing silicone exterior. Choose from white, antique white, charcoal gray, midnight blue or red.

Ballistic Jewel for 6s Plus

$24.00 from AmazonCheck Stock(Opens in a new tab)

The Ballistic Jewel(Opens in an entirely brand new browser) offers serious, 6-sided protection against drops of up to 6 feet. The transparent materials let the Apple’s style be seen through.

Carved Traveler Padauk for iPhone 6 Plus

$49.00 from CarvedSee It(Opens in an entirely new window)

The Carved Traveler Padauk(Opens in a new tab) is a handmade wooden case that has an elastic rubber bumper. It shields your phone from drops and bumps and gives it a stylish natural appearance.

Case-mate Sheer Glam Case (for iPhone 6 Plus)

$5.99 on AmazonSee It(Opens in an entirely new window)

The eye-catching sheer Glam Case(Opens within a brand new screen) isn’t for everyone However, the glittery and transparent appearance can be a great way to enhance the simple style that is the iPhone.

Caseology Wavelength for iPhone 6S Plus

Check Stock(Opens in an entirely new window)

It has a textured back to ensure it will never fall from your hands, Caseology’s Wavelength Series Case(Opens in a new tab) is a sturdy case to go with your larger iPhone. It’s especially for those who want to use it only one handed.

Casetify Blooming Gown for iPhone 6 Plus

$35.00 from The CasetifySee It(Opens in a new tab)

Give a touch of class to your iPhone by using the casetify new standard Case(Opens in an additional screen), available in various designs including that ball gown-style one(Opens in an entirely New window), to add some colour and original artwork.

Elago S6+ Wallet Card 6s Plus

$14.99 on the Amazon Check Stock(Opens within a brand new tab)

Who doesn’t want to carry an enormous wallet and a large phone? It’s the Elago 6s Plus wallet Card(Opens within a brand new tab) is a hybrid authentic leather phone case that comes with three slots for cards to meet essentials.

Griffin Trainer (for iPhone 6 Plus)

While it’s not as runner-friendly than iPhone 6, it’s still a great phone for running. iPhone 6, if you are looking to carry the larger iPhone during your next race, take a look at the Griffin Trainer(Opens in a new tab). The window allows you to use the phone to interact, and sweat-wicking neoprene helps keep your arms from getting too cold.

Incipio Stowaway [Advance] (for iPhone Plus 6)

$9.95 from AmazonCheck Stock(Opens in a new tab)

In contrast to other wallet-style cases unlike other wallet-style cases, the Incipio Stowaway(Opens in a new tab) carries your valuables inside a secluded compartment which doubles as a stand.

JETech Bumper Cover iPhone 6s Plus

$8.99 on AmazonSee It(Opens in an entirely new window)

With a blend of TPU and polycarbonate, The The JETech Bumper Cover(Opens in a new tab) has air-cushioned corners to shield against hard falls however, it will allow access to all ports as well as the speakers and buttons.

Luvvitt Cristal Case Series 6s Plus

$14.99 on AmazonCheck Stock(Opens in a new tab)

The ability to protect your phone from 360-degree impacts and bumps, while being able see your iPhone’s design is quite a feat However, this Luvvitt Cristal Case(Opens within an entirely brand new tab) does so while keeping things affordable.

Luvvitt Ultra Armor Series 6s Plus

$14.99 on AmazonSee It(Opens in an entirely new window)

The Luvvitt Ultra Armor Series(Opens in an entirely New Window) doesn’t fool around it has a shock-absorbing center as well as a hard outer shell. The two components meet at the edges of the case to provide all-round security at a reasonable price.

Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus

4.0 $15.00 on AmazonCheck Stock(Opens in a new tab)

Mophie’s Juice Pack(Opens in a new tab) comes with a built-in battery of 2,420mAh to make your phone more efficient for daily use. The case itself uses pads made of rubber to shield your phone from drops and dings.

Mophie Juice Pack (for iPhone 6 Plus) Review

Moshi Sense (iPhone 6/6s Plus)

$29.99 from AmazonCheck Stock(Opens in a new tab)

A distinctive folio case featuring pads that let you make calls and deactivate alarms without opening it. Moshi Sense Cover(Opens in a new tab) is a great option for protecting your phone from all angles and has integrated intelligent features.

Noreve Leather Case for iPhone 6 Plus

$59.00 on NoreveSee It(Opens in an entirely new window)

Give your phone more personal look Give your phone a more personal touch with the Noreve Leather Case(Opens in an entirely brand new tab), which lets you select from a range of leather colors as well as the lining. Belt loops are available as an additional accessory.

Otterbox Defender Series (for iPhone 6 Plus)

Check Stock(Opens in an entirely new window)

Otterbox is the brand that first comes to mind for rugged cases, and with the right reason. Otterbox’s Defender Series(Opens in a new tab) is the company’s highest-quality model that offers serious security.

Otterbox Commuter Series (for iPhone 6 Plus)

$28.27 from AmazonCheck Stock(Opens in an entirely new window)

Although not as durable like that of the Defender Series, the Commuter Series(Opens in a new tab) from Otterbox offers ample protection, but without breaking the bank.

Poetic Atmosphere Series iPhone 6s Plus

$5.95 on Amazon Check Stock(Opens within a brand new tab)

It is made of TPU that has been dual-injected with polycarbonate. thin Atmosphere is a stylish and slim design. Atmosphere(Opens within a brand new tab) has a stylish gray border that works perfectly with any silver or space gray iPhone.

PureGear DualTek PRO iPhone 6s Plus

$4.99 on AmazonSee It(Opens in new window)

PureGear’s DualTek PRO series(Opens in a new tab) uses ‘AirTek Suspension technology which isolates vibrations and minimizes the effects of an impact. Along with metal buttons that function and a front lip which provides screen protection in the event that the iPhone is dropped face-down.

Spigen Slim Armor CS (for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus)

$18.25 from WalmartCheck Stock(Opens in the new window)

Spigen Slim Armor CS Spigen Slim Armor CS comes with a slide-off back, which opens up an area to store important items like IDs and credit cards. Web-inspired TPU liner is designed to absorb the impact of falls, making it safer for the iPhone.

Spigen Tough Armor for iPhone 6S Plus

$17.49 from AmazonCheck Stock(Opens in a new tab)

Rugged cases don’t need to be heavy. For instance, the Spigen Tough Armor(Opens in a new tab) can take some tough abuse and has an impressive kickstand that can help prop the iPhone up from two angles.

Velvet Caviar Black Marble iPhone 6 Plus Case

$30.00 on Velvet CaviarSee It(Opens in an entirely new window)

The name exudes elegance The Velvet Caviar black Marble(Opens in the New window) case clads your iPhone in TPU and has an elegant, smooth and glossy appearance. It’s made of layers, which provides the protection you need while looking as chic as it gets.


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