TikTok Gets Stitch, Rocket Raccoon, Chewbacca, C-3PO Text-to-Speech Voices Through Partnership With Disney

TikTok has partnered with Disney to improve its text-to speech feature. TikTok’s text to speech feature will allow users to hear the voices of Stitch, Chewbacca and Rocket Raccoon as well as other Disney characters.

Disney and TikTok are partners

According to Disney’s tweet, Disney has reportedly teamed up with TikTok to provide official voices for the social media app’s text-to-speech function. This would allow users have their captions read out by Disney characters such as C-3PO, Stormtrooper, Chewbacca and Rocket Raccoon, all of whom are part of the popular galactic Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

As part of Disney’s Plus Day promotional holiday, the brand new voices for characters will be available in the app. This will be a celebration for the service’s two-year anniversary.

TikTok Text to-Speech Voices

According to The Verge the voice recording works in the same way as the regular text-to speech voices on TikTok. After recording a video, tap the text button on the TikTok screen and type whatever characters the user wants for their text-to speech feature.

To select a Disney voice, users can tap the text to speech button. Users will not be limited to the Siri-like voices offered by TikTok, but can now try new Disney voices.

Rocket Voices – Tested Out

According to the publication, users will need to use specific keywords to unlock the new Disney voices. The feature was only available for Rocket voices when they tested it.

This was probably to point out that Disney fans online would still need to figure out how to unlock other voices quickly. The Disney collaboration isn’t the first time TikTok has offered promotional text-to speech voices.

TikTok teams up with Paramount Pictures and Disney

Paramount has previously teamed up TikTok to create the iconic Scream-themed voice. This was to coincide with the trailer of the horror movie that will be released soon as per collider. Disney and TikTok are yet to say how long the new text-to-speech characters will be available.

The Verge pointed out that there is no way for TikTok creators to have the ability to make C-3PO say anything. This is because the new text-to speech voices are being used only wisely and appropriately.

Variety states that to use text-to-speech TikTok videos users must create a new post using the “+” button. Click the button to edit the image or video. Then click “next”. To add text, users will need to click the “text” button at the bottom. To add the feature, users will click on the “text to-speech” button.

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