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The Best Games For Nintendo Switch in 2022

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With so many games that are listed on the top Nintendo Switch games list below You’ll be spoiled for choices when you’re looking for something brand new and fun game to enjoy on the Switch.

No matter if you’re using the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED, and Nintendo Switch Lite and whether you’re looking for something distinctively Nintendo for playing (think Mario, Zelda, Metroid) or something that is more off-the-wall Buy pokemon go accounts We’ve got plenty to recommend below.

These are the top Switch games you can play right now and, if you’re just beginning You might also find this Nintendo Switch OLED starter guide helpful, as well as Our list of five first Nintendo Switch games to play. To find out what’s coming up look at our most-anticipated Nintendo Switch games for 2022 list.

The most enjoyable Nintendo Switch games to play today

38. Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Super Mario 3D All-Stars packs three of the most popular 3D platformers ever into one, highly nostalgic set. The collection includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, allowing players to experience the progression in 3D Mario games from the Nintendo 64 all the way to the current Wii time. In addition, you get access to the complete soundtrack for each game, which lets you rock like it was 1996.

It is worth noting that Nintendo stopped selling the game in March 2021 as it was intended to be a tie-in that was time-bound with the 35th-anniversary celebration of Super Mario. Super Mario series. This could mean it will be difficult to locate copies in the future.

37. Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

Clubhouse Games is a virtual treasure trove of old-fashioned games, including sports, board, and card games that include a myriad of titles that you’ve likely grown playing, and others you’ve never heard of. From the classics of chess, checkers as well as air hockey, to international favorites such as Mahjong as well as Shogi, Clubhouse Games offers an incredible amount of multiplayer games for just $40. There are some generic variations on classic games like Connect Four, Uno and Rock ’em’em Sock’em robots, surprising solid bowling and golf games, and many more.

36. No More Heroes 3

Suda51’s latest game is another example of his unique ability to create style and a sense of humor in games. Again, you play the role of the assassin Travis Touchdown, with the goal of this time battling an array of alien foes. The storyline continues in the two previous games but the exposition is well-written to ensure even novice players are brought well-informed about the storyline.

This isn’t a game that you can pick up at random because the unique nature of the game’s gameplay and dependence on pop culture references can turn off a lot of prospective players. It’s worth taking a look at a concept that is refreshingly creative thinking when compared to other genres of staling.

35. Streets of Rage 4

A stunning return to the adored Sega beat-em-up series Streets of Rage 4 preserves the nostalgic and fun gameplay of the first games while expertly modernizing the game to appeal to a new generation. The classic characters such as Axel Blaze and Blaze will be joined by brand new characters Cherry and Flloyd as you punch and kick across Wood Oak City with one to four local or online players.

34. Pokemon Amazing Diamond / Shining Pearl

No matter if you’re a novice to fourth-generation Pokemon or are looking to relive those fond memories from your first experience when you embarked on the journey The versions of Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl are a fantastic method to do it.

The game is not much different from the originals, in contrast to other remakes Nintendo has released and which are deemed as either great or not. But the formula that has been refined to fighting and catching the game’s special creatures has stood up to tests of time with ease.

33. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.0 is a fun fan service excitement that allows you as well as up to three offline or online friends to cut and hack your way through your enemies with your most loved Marvel characters. The game’s roster of 36 characters features legendary heroes such as Wolverine, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man and deep cuts like Spider-Gwen Elsa Bloodstone and Ms. Marvel and you are able to blend and combine in all sorts of ways, using various combinations of synergy attacks and team-based bonuses as you fight in preventing Thanos from acquiring in the Infinity Stones.

32. Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 improves on Nintendo’s adored Wii U level-creating game in every way. It features an array of brand-new creation tools, a full-blown story mode featuring 100 levels created by Nintendo, and multiplayer options that allow you to compete with your friends. New level components such as sliding claws, slopes, and on/off switches let players to be more imaginative (and creative) than ever before. Additionally, the new and robust collection of online options lets players climb the leaderboards as the creator and players. Super Mario Maker 2 is already an excellent game and will provide an endless supply of awesome community-created Mario courses for the years to be.

31. Monster Hunter Rise

It starts out as a normal villager who is invited to join the hunter’s guild. It soon becomes evident that you’ll get more than you expected as signs of a fresh “Rampage” appear.

Select this best Switch games player if you’re avid about hunting big creatures and upgrading yourself by the accumulated rewards of slaying them. What’s new to MH:R is the malamute, which is a mount that cliff-scales to aid you in fighting by allowing you to control and ride other monsters as you fight them wire bugs. This gives you new ways to move to change the odds against your target. You can explore in the wilderness on your own, with animal companions, or join with others online with human players to fight the largest of predators and the most dangerous.

30. Mortal Kombat 11

The Nintendo Switch has become an extremely powerful fighting machine in recent years and the Switch version of Mortal Kombat 11 delivers a full AAA brawler experience that can play while on the move. Mortal Kombat 11 is absolutely packed with content, which includes an impressive cinematic story mode as well as a variety of online games and an extensive roster of characters that let the mainstays such as Scorpion and Sub-Zero mix with guests like Spawn as well as The Terminator.

29. Mario Party Superstars

Experience the excitement and frustrations of Mario Parties past with this new game in Mario’s game library for parties. Much like the All-Star remakes from Mario Party, the 2D or 3D Mario platformers, this game incorporates mini-games from of the previous Mario Party titles, plus game boards from the first three Mario Party games on Nintendo 64 and creates an amalgamation of the most memorable games from the decades.

As always it’s a game of moving around playing a board game using dice rolls, hoping to collect coins and stars to win, and attempting to stay clear of hazards as well as power-ups from opponents which will rob the player of. These opponents can play with them on your game through local wireless multiplayer, or online, which means you will always find a friend to enjoy a night out with.

28. Astral Chain

Astral Chain can be described as one of the more original and thrilling action games that you can play on the Switch — or any other platform to be precise. The futuristic adventure of anime puts an innovative spin upon Platinum Games’ signature brand of combat that allows players to make all sorts of amazing combos using both your main character as well as an array of humanoid Legion players in conjunction with each other. The highly enjoyable fighting is complemented by a variety of detective missions, enjoyable environmental puzzles, as well as a lively sci-fi setting that comes alive with a thrilling techno-metal soundtrack, and some of the most stunning visuals that you can find in every Switch game.

27. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Despite its oddities, Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a rewarding mashup. This turn-based strategy game has Mario working with Ubisoft’s sly Rabbids to bring back the Mushroom Kingdom and set the foundation for a series of exciting battles that allow you to connect attacks and special abilities in all sorts of enjoyable ways. The game’s beautiful, colorful worlds collide with the Rabbid’s hilarious potty humor. The result is a hilarious, fun, and incredibly deep experience, unlike any other Mario game you’ve ever played.

26. Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield contain all of the fun of monster-catching fighting, exploring, and battling that makes the series fantastic and also brings some major changes to Game Freak’s adored RPG formula. The game’s British-themed Galar region has one of the most exciting environments the franchise has ever seen and features open-world-style Wild Areas packed with wild Pokemon that offer a challenging test for even the most experienced trainers.

25. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

It is a prequel game to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (another one of the most popular Switch games) that lets us see the world prior to when it was thrown into chaos. Instead of playing as Link In this game, you are able to play as any of the heroes of the kingdom as you fight massive forces commanded by Calamity Gaon. Alongside friendly soldiers, and an optional co-op companion you’ll need to travel to different battlefields across Hyrule by completing the objectives in each location and then tearing into waves of foes using your unique moves.

24. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition

The most loved role-playing titles of our time (and possibly of all time) are finally available in the world of Nintendo Switch. Its name says it all: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition includes all of the content in CD Projekt Red’s sprawling open-world adventure, as well as all previous digital content (including the wildly popular Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions). Although The Witcher 3’s Switch version sacrifices quality of graphics to make it more playable, however, it offers the same vast world, captivating story, diverse narratives, and thrilling combat that makes Geralt of Rivia’s 3rd outing unforgettable. It’s among the best Switch games, even if you’re at all interested in Nintendo’s traditional games for children.

23. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition

After being out of stock for more than 6 years now, this hit-and-run is based on the cult comic book and the film is now available for sale.

Similar to the show as in the series, you’re required to defeat Ramona Flowers Seven evil ex-lovers to allow Scott to be able to meet her peacefully. In the Complete Edition, you also get access to DLC packs that allow you to be Wallace Wells and Knives Chau along with the core group consisting of Ramona, Kim, Stephen, and Scott.

22. Heaven’s Vault

Heaven’s vault is an archeological journey through an open world that requires you, as a researcher El in translating an ancient dialect while you discover ruins on Moons in The Nebula. The thing that makes it one of the top Switch games is the flexibility you can enjoy as a player both in exploration and translation. There are always a variety of possibilities to choose from and these choices add together to provide you with various dialog options with other characters, and ultimately one of the many possible outcomes in the narrative.

21. Untitled Goose Game

The mountains of games are filled with honking. A stealth-based game that’s part of prankster paradise, Untitled Goose Game became one of the top internet Nintendo Switch games picks by placing gamers at the feet of a frightened goose that is determined to devastate the lives of the people living in a small little town. Although its extremely simple controls can fool players into thinking that it’s easy, however, the difficulty is heightened enough to make this adorable puzzler into a truly challenging game.

20. Knockout City

If you love dodgeball, however, you wish it had a number of additional power-ups, this is the best Switch game selection. Because of its trial, you’ll be able to play the game for free before purchasing the game.

Similar to the original game, the goal is to hit opponents with dodgeballs found in the various maps in the game, and to keep away from firing back as well as environmental dangers. You can improve your throwing skills by using abilities like explosives, anti-gravity, and traps, and even throw you or your friends in ball-form to surprise your opponents with a daring attack. Naturally, since this is an online-based game, there is plenty of unlockable equipment to personalize your character in this game, which makes it an ideal alternative to the traditional Battle Royale and FPS games.

19. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a stunning recreation from the original 1993 Game Boy classic, preserving the original game’s innovative game’s dungeons and puzzles, as well as wrapping it in a vibrant and stunning modern art style (seriously did Link ever looked so charming?). Although Link’s Awakening is pretty close to the original’s structure, it adds some spice by giving you the chance to build your own Dungeons. If you’re looking for some classic 2D Zelda action or just require something to hold your interest till Breath of the Wild 2 is released Awakening, Link’s Awakening is another fantastic Zelda adventure available for your Nintendo Switch.

18. Tetris 99

Even Tetris has joined the battle of royale fever. Tetris 99 lets you as well as 98 other players play Tetris against each other in real-time in which you clear lines and send blocks to opponents playing areas until only one player is standing. There’s an amazing amount of strategies to be found here when you decide to take on particular opponents or leave it to the computer is filled with blocks as you rush to clear space. However, the most important thing is that Tetris 99 is just fun it’s fast-paced and fast-paced and you’ll soon be wondering how long it’s been when you promise yourself that you’ll only play one more time. Tetris 99 is available for free to Nintendo Switch Online users, however, everyone (including non-subscribers) is able to purchase The $10 Big Block DLC to get offline play, as well as new modes.

17. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

The game was originally designed to be played on originally designed for Wii but is now available for the Switch Nintendo has made more than just a refresh of the look of the game by introducing Skyward Sword HD. The game’s motion controls are divided which makes the game easier to play consistently and available to more gamers.

The story, although not as popular as the latest hit release, Breath of the Wild It’s still an intriguing glimpse at the beginning of the LoZ timeline. It offers entertaining characters, intricate caves, and an entire sky to explore. It’s an excellent option for those who are new to the game or those who have enjoyed the first game but would like to revisit it with a more refined version.

16. Three Houses: Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem 3 Houses is among the largest, most expansive entries to date in the cult role-playing franchise of Nintendo. Three Houses builds upon the series’ thrilling, intensely tactical, and strategic combat, but adds a game with a fresh twist. you play as an instructor, who has to pick one of three homes and mentor their students in their everyday school lives as well as in battle. With unforgettable characters, massive battles, and the first fully-free roaming hub world of this series Three Houses is easily one of the top Switch games available.

15. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley offers a peaceful farming simulator that’s so easy, you’ll be wondering what you did to lose three hours of playing it. This casual, RPG game entails you to turn an unorganized field into a flourishing farm and is filled with lively characters, beautiful pixels, and a myriad of exciting activities. Stardew Valley’s inhabitants are charming and memorable and no matter if you’re meticulously putting in crops to earn a huge cash payout or exploring the hidden mines, it’s not difficult to lose yourself in the 16-bit world of developer ConcernedApe. Thanks to a recent update for multiplayer it’s now possible to play playing the game with your other players.

14. Subnautica below Zero

The next game in the series of survival games that are based on the water takes things in a more chill direction. The fresh-frozen biomes are fun to see and will provide a fresh perspective to the building loop and scavenging that the game is built on.

Contrary to the first one, there are risks both in the water and above which is why you must be alert at all times. As you climb the tech tree to increase your shelter, tools, and vehicle options, you’ll eventually become a master of the surroundings. Although the primary focus of the game revolves around survival, there’s an unwinding “Freedom game mode” for those who would like to soak in the sights.

13. Luigi’s Mansion 3

While it’s based on an eerie vacuum that hunts ghosts, Luigi’s Mansion 3 most certainly does not disappoint. The new installment of the spooky Ghostbusting series from Nintendo is one of the top Switch games available and comes with a box with brand-new specter-slaying tools that you can explore as you traverse the labyrinth of a hotel that transforms into King Boo’s latest haunted house. With the inclusion of Gooigi Luigi’s gooey, doppelganger spectral, you’ll be able to control two characters simultaneously while you navigate through the most enjoyable challenges the series has created to date. With new combat techniques like an enthralling ground slam, and plenty of thrilling, difficult boss battles The actual ghostbusting itself is fun, too. If you’re looking for an easy adventure that’s smart as it is fun, Luigi’s Mansion 3 delivers huge.

12. Cuphead

One of the most popular games of the last decade has finally arrived out on Nintendo Switch, and it’s stunning, enjoyable, and as bruisingly challenging as ever. Cuphead is a combination of an airtight, highly challenging bullet-hell 2D sidescrolling with rousing jazz music and hand-drawn 1930s-inspired art which looks straight from an old Disney cartoon. The outcome is a savagely difficult game that will make you feel driven to finish due to its thrilling shoot-em-up action and captivating visuals. Studio MDHR’s indie gem is a perfect fit for Switch and is equally enjoyable regardless of whether you’re fighting your fellow players or the Devil and his gangsters along with your friend in the local co-op, or slaying some bosses while at the go.

11. Celeste

In the sea of fantastic indie platformers available on Switch, Celeste stands out as one of the top Nintendo Switch games available. The pixelated, super-tight 2D sidescroller is easy but thrilling, as you make use of your jump, dash, and wall grab skills to stay clear of spikes pits, spikes, and all kinds of spooky specters that appear on the form of screen-after-screen of strictly executed challenges in platforming. Celeste’s top-of-the-line 2D action is enhanced by an emotional and well-crafted tale of the mental health issues that affect us and is wrapped in an incredible synth soundtrack that is both peaceful and eerie. If you have the Switch and you want to play it, you must have Celeste for sure.

10. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is the most imaginative and expansive 3D adventure yet. It takes your sights on a number of stunningly designed sandbox universes that are packed with fascinating mysteries. It’s a continuous stream of fun and discovery, no matter if you’re battling an oversized T-Rex, a swarm of Goombas wearing a sentient cape Cappy or crashing into an obstacle for some traditional 2D Mario gameplay. Odyssey is accessible, stunning, and completely bizarre, blending the pure joy of Mario’s greatest 3D games with an abundance of amazing unexpected surprises. It’s definitely one of the top Nintendo Switch games out there.

9. Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is more Splatoon which is fantastic. Nintendo’s online shooter is even better on the Nintendo Switch with the addition of new weapons and capabilities that allow you to dual-wield guns and launch rockets in a barrage and unleash powerful ground pounds when you attempt to cover the field in vibrant ink. The game’s single-player mode serves as a great off-the-wall game as well as the brand new Salmon Run mode provides an intense challenge to co-op with you with up to three players. It’s a pleasure to play and enjoy.

8. Hades

As one of the most influential games on the Nintendo Switch, Hades is a punishing but highly rewarding roguelike action game that has you strategically hacking your way through an intriguing take on Greek mythology. Each time you play Hades is different when you are faced with new challenges and capabilities as you piece together the type of story is only Supergiant games (Transistor, Bastion) can tell.

7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn’t just a good fighting game. It’s an affectionate tribute to everything gaming. The game’s vast roster of 74 characters blends classics like Mario, Donkey Kong, and Pikachu with newcomers such as Splatoon’s Inkling and Metroid’s Ridley and Castlevania’s Simon Belmont and Metal Gear’s Solid Snake, allowing you to play groovy dream matches with more than 100 different stages that are based on video games. Ultimate’s multiplayer options cover the entire gamut of insane 8-player brawls and intense 1-on-1 battles, while its hefty Spirits mode, an RPG-like one, gives gamers on their own plenty of content to sink into. If you’re looking for an awesome Switch Party game, or fierce brawler that is competitive, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a game that does live up to its reputation of being one of the top Nintendo Switch games.

6. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

A mix of remastering and expansion, this package includes all the smooth, joyful platforming that you’d expect from a game featuring the smart plumber and his companions. The new features this time include the ability to play by up to 4 players. take advantage of the cat-powered power-up, as well as the brand new Bowser’s Fury expansion that includes

5. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight takes a traditional Metroidvania game’s design and throws with a dash in the style of Dark Souls to create an expansive 2D world that is both thrilling and difficult to navigate. It begins as a game that lets you play the form of an insect creature that is exploring a vast world of wild and sentient insects, develops into a thrilling and captivating adventure that is fueled by the mystery that is revealed through conversations with characters exploring and drawing inferences from the layout of the entire world.

4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a stunning update to an already fantastic racing game for karts, incorporating all the content available for download of the first Wii U game and adding new characters like Inklings from Splatoon as well as the popular Battle Mode. Mario Kart 8’s colorful tracks are just as beautiful as they have ever been no matter if you’re playing it on your television or enjoying the action out on the roads in handheld mode.

3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The ultimate digital adventure is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. New Horizons builds on the already addictive gameplay of Nintendo’s most loved life simulator. It lets you make your own objects and earn satisfying Nook Miles while you hunt for bugs and plant trees, connect with your fellow players and collect interesting household and clothing items to build your own village. There’s always something you can work toward in New Horizons which makes every minute enjoyable as you create the tropical paradise that you’ve always wanted to be.

2. Metroid Dread

Since 2002 you’ve been waiting for the next 2D Metroid, or even If you’re just beginning to learn about Nintendo’s long-running sci-fi franchise and you’re going to be in for a treat. In Samus Aran’s boots that can be upgraded the goal now is exploring Planet ZDR, find new abilities for your armor, and staying clear of the dangerous E.M.M.I robots that are always after you.

There is a variety of intriguing story beats to discover throughout the game, which is the conclusion of the tale that began with the first Metroid. The game’s gameplay is extremely familiar, with many backtracks and searching, and even though the design is outdated it’s still a joy to play.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild lets you explore an expansive, stunning open-world in which you will battle mazes, solve challenges, glide through the sky, or prepare some food. Breath of the Wild is a new definition of what an open-world adventure game could be. It is an open-world Hyrule, where every mountain can be climbed and every hidden route will lead to an exciting new adventure (you may play bee-lined to your boss if you’re feeling inclined. With memorable boss fights as well as a variety of difficult puzzles, an amazing artwork style, and some of the most exciting combat of the series, there’s a reason why many think BoTW to be among the most enjoyable Zelda game ever created.

What are the top Nintendo Switch games?

If you’re here on this list of top Nintendo Switch games purely to discover the top options we’ll help you save some time. Our top three choices include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Metroid Dread, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They’re all distinct in their style, from a massive 100+ hour RPG an action-adventure packed with a lot of detail to an island management simulation however, they’ll offer hours of entertainment that is top-quality.

There are some other huge Nintendo games on the list for those who enjoy multiplayer games. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features the biggest lineup of famous figures that hail from the Nintendo series and more. Additionally, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains the most popular kart racing game and is expected to increase its scope even further with the announcement of a new collection that includes expansion packs.

For players who want to play something other than the standard Nintendo game, The Switch offers a wide selection of games designed for an audience that is more mature. The enormous The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition brings the grim and thrilling RPG to an electronic console for the first time Heaven’s Vault features grueling game-playing that is based on languages in a point and click type adventure. Cuphead and Celeste both feature platforming action that demands more skill and precision than your typical Mario game.

It’s not like there’s anything wrong with the plumber’s games. My favorite among the options would be Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. 3D World is a fun mix that combines 2D as well as 3D Mario level design that can be played by up to four players. Meanwhile, Bowser’s Fury is a brand new type of open-world experience that is designed for Mario games that mix the gameplay with a variety of dangerous surprises appearances of the particularly furious Bowser.

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