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How to Undo in Notes on iPhone

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You can use the Notes app on your iPhone/iPad to jot down thoughts and save important information. Making a mistake in Notes can be frustrating, especially if you accidentally delete important information or enter it incorrectly.

There are many ways to correct a Notes error, which we will cover below.

How to Undo in Notes with Shake to Undo

Shake is the easiest way to undo any typing done in Notes. Give your iPhone or iPad an easy shake after you have finished typing text or editing. The Undo Type popup will appear. To delete or undo any changes you have made, tap on Undo.

You can restore text if Undo Typing has been accidentally selected. Give your iPhone another shake. You will see the Redo typing popup. Tap on it to restore deleted text or make a new edit.

Shake to Undo is enabled by default in iOS and iPadOS. You can turn it off from Settings > Accessibility Shake To Undo.

You must remember that this will turn it off for all apps, including WhatsApp, Mail, Twitter and Gmail. We recommend that you leave it on unless there is a reason.

How to Undo in Notes by Using the Undo button

Although useful, the Shake to Undo function can sometimes be annoying. You may find it a little odd to shake your iPhone around depending on where you are using it.

You can also use the Undo option in Notes to undo a mistake made on your iPhone or iPad. Although it may not be obvious at first glance, the button is easy to find and use.

Click on the Markup icon to undo any mistake. It is located at the bottom of the menu. This will bring up the Redo and Undo arrow buttons at top of screen. You can undo or reverse any errors by tapping on them.

Use Finger Gestures to Undo a Note

You can also use finger gestures to undo mistakes in Notes. This is more convenient for iPad users, who have a larger screen size. However, you can also do these gestures on an iPhone.

An iPhone can be undone by simply double-tap and three fingers at the bottom of the screen. This will undo any text you have previously written. You can also swipe the left side of the screen with three fingers . This will undo any previous changes. You will see the Undo notification at the top of your screen confirming that your last action was undone.

To undo something, swipe three fingers to the right side. This will display the Redo notification at top of the note.

You can also use tap your screen with three fingers. This will open a prompt with action buttons, including cut, copy, paste, undo and redo. To undo an action, you can press the undo button.

How to Undo a Note Using an External Keyboard

It’s very simple to undo a mistake if you use an external keyboard on your iPhone or iPad. You can use the same keyboard shortcuts as on an Apple computer, while using Notes app– Cmd +Z to undo or ShiftCmd+Z to make a mistake.

Notes is a handy application

If you know how to use Notes, it can be an extremely useful application. It is one of the most useful iOS and iPadOS apps because it allows you to create lists, draw sketches, make handwritten notes, insert photos, and share them with your teammates.

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