Snapchat: How to get someone off your Best Friends List

Snapchat is the most popular social media platform among people aged 13 to 25. It is designed to keep friends in touch. The app allows you to list your contacts via the Send To function. Right at the top is where you’ll find your “Best Friends”.

What does Snapchat mean by Best Friends? Is it possible for anyone to see your friends on Snapchat? How can you remove someone from your Best Friends list?

What is Snapchat’s “Best Friends” Program?

Snapchat keeps track of your Best Friends List, which shows you the most frequently chatting people. This list appears at the top on your main friends list. It makes it easier to find these users when you send a Snap.

How does Snapchat determine who your Best Friends really are? It’s very simple.

Snap Score is a measure of how many Snaps a user has sent or received since they joined. An identical score is given to each conversation between you and your friends. Your friendship score increases the more you talk with a person.

Snapchat uses these scores to determine your Best Friends List. It then lists your most frequent chats, in the order of your friendship score.

What do Snapchat’s “Friend Emojis” mean?

How do you find out who your Snapchat Best Friends really are? These friends will appear at the top right of your Send To screen. Click on your profile (the circle at the top-left) to view My Friends. Your Best Friends will then be displayed at the top. The rest of the friends are alphabetically listed.

You’ll be able to see all your contacts and emojis when you swipe up on your Chat screen. These are also your Best Friends.

These are some of the meanings:

  • Baby: We’re now friends.
  • Double pink hearts: You are their #1 Best Friend.
  • Red heart For two weeks, you’ve been your #1 Best Friend.
  • Gold heart You are each other’s #1 Best Friend for less than two weeks.
  • Smile They are your Best Friends but not your #1 Best Friend.
  • Smiley Face with a Smirking Smile: They’re your Best Friends, but not one of yours. You’re not keen to reciprocate their kindness, even though they send you lots of Snaps.
  • Sunglasses and a smiling face: We share a mutual Best Friend.
  • Grimacing face: Both of you share a #1 best friend.
  • Fire This appears when on a “Snapstreak”, along with the number of consecutive days you’ve snapped each other.

Snapchat’s Best Friends: All Your Questions Answered

Before we tell you how to remove someone from your Best Friends List, let’s address some related questions.

Snapchat allows other users to see your Best Friends List.

Perhaps you are concerned about privacy and would like to know how to hide Best Friends from Snapchat. Don’t worry, no one can see your friends on Snapchat.

Other users used to be able to see Best Friends lists. Snapchat deleted the feature in a 2015 update.

Some emojis like the Smiling Face With Sunglasses symbol can still be used to indicate that you are Best Friends.

Are You Their Best Friend On Snapchat?

It doesn’t mean that you are their Best Friend. It all depends on what emojis you see.

How can you tell which sign is it? Any of the heart emojis are a good sign. The Double Pink, Red and Gold Hearts signify that you are each other’s Best Friend. They differ based on how often they are maintained. The simple Smile Emoji indicates that contact is one your Best Friends, but it’s not your #1 Best Friend. This might hold true if the roles are reversed. The Smirking Smiling Face is another example.

This is not something to worry about. Keep having fun and sending them Snaps or Chats. It doesn’t matter whether they have other Snapchat friends at the same time.


What number of Snapchat friends can you have?


Some people only have one or two. Some people converse with many people. The Best Friends Emojis move between these contacts every day.

How can you make someone your best friend on Snapchat?

It is not possible to “set” someone as your best friend. Snapchat works by analyzing who you most frequently converse with.

Send lots of Snaps and Chats to your Snapchat Best Friend! You should ensure that the feelings are mutual. It’s not a good idea to bombard someone with Snaps if they’re just going to be annoyed.

While one user may be your Best Friend it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are theirs.

How to remove Snapchat best friends

Only you know who your Best Friends are.

You might still wish to delete Best Friends from Snapchat. This can be done easily, depending on how often you chat or snap with them. This method is no longer possible.

There are three choices.

Snapchat: How to Delete Friends

First, you should delete the friend completely. This could be due to a breakup, and you don’t want them to be reminded every time you use the platform.

Swipe to Chat, to the left of your camera interface. Next, tap on the Bitmoji (or profile icon) of the person to be removed. Click on the vertical ellipsis in the top-right corner of your screen and select Remove friend or block.

Removing a friend is temporary. They can still message you and it’s easy for them to undo. Block makes it more permanent. This will take them off your Best Friends list and from the app in general. This user won’t be able see your Snap Score so they might assume that they have been removed.

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