How to Deal With PS4 Overheating Problem | Best 5 Ways

If you are a heavy gamer then you should know that a perfect gaming experience starts from a perfect place and that’s the only reason we have brought this article for all the gamers who want to get rid of their PS4 overheating problem. A PlayStation 4 is an amazing device with high-end specifications having the latest technology but still, there are some technical problems. One of them is Overheating which causes many problems for gamers like slow performance, lag in-game, crash games, etc. So not just for gamers but this problem is also faced by most of the people who use their PS4 on regular basis so let us check out How To Deal With PS4 Overheating Problem with 5 Best Ways To Fix It.

Method 1:  Disconnect The Extra Devices

One of the major reasons for a PS4 Overheating is that it starts to overheat when you connect your Playstation 4 with a lot of external devices like USBs, Microphones, etc. So if you are also facing this issue then try to disconnect all other extra devices from your PlayStation 4. This will solve 40% of your problem because most probably these devices are responsible for the overheating of the device. However, there is one thing which you should consider. It has been noted by gamers that if you keep extra controllers or headsets then also their may be an overheating problem so better take necessary steps and follow the simple 5 ways we have given in this article and deal with it

Method 2: Clear Dust And Fix Fan

The second most reason for PS4 Overheating is dust. If your console has been with you for a long period of time then the dust inside your console might have also become a cause of the problem because dust not only makes your device slow or lag but it also blocks the fan and impure air can damage your gaming device so better clear dust from all the ports of your PlayStation 4 and clean its fan with a soft cloth after that simply restart your machine and see if there is any improvement in its performance. It will increase its speed by 40% which isn’t much but definitely helps to improve the gameplay experience

Method 3: Clean Your PS4 With Alcohol

Yes, this method is what you should follow when nothing seems to be working. We understand that you don’t want to do this but trust us it is the last resort and we are sure that it will help you in cooling down your PlayStation 4. So what you will need is 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and a cotton swab or ball. Take a bowl and pour alcohol into it then dip the cotton swab in it and clean all the ports of your Playstation 4 with it, be careful while doing so because if any liquid enters inside your console then it will create more problems for you. After cleaning all the ports let them dry and then take another cotton ball and dip it in the isopropyl alcohol again and wipe down the entire surface of PlayStation 4 with it, make sure that you don’t miss out on its fan.

Method 4: Use A Stand

If you are using your PlayStation 4 on a regular basis then it is better to use a PlayStation 4 stand. This will not only help in keeping your device cool but also improve its performance. All the heat that is created by the system will dissipate through the vents and your device will be able to run cooler. You can purchase a stand for your PlayStation 4 from any gaming store or online but make sure that you purchase the one which is designed for PlayStation 4 and not for any other device because it won’t fit perfectly and may create problems while using it.

Method 5: Purchase A New Console

This is the last method and we don’t want you to go for it but all the above methods have failed then purchasing a new PlayStation 4 is the only way to deal with PS4 Overheating Problem. If your device is more than 3 years old then it is better to buy a new one because the hardware of the older device won’t be able to support the new games and you may face other problems in near future. So these were the 5 best ways to fix the PS4 Overheating problem, we hope that one of these methods will definitely help you in cooling down your device and improve its performance.


PlayStation 4 Overheating problem is a serious issue and the cause of it must be identified properly in order to get rid of it completely. There are several ways by which you can deal with this problem but it has been found that some methods are more effective than others so try them out one by one.


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