PS5 Restock November 15-21: Walmart, Sony

PS5 restocks are expected to arrive soon. From Nov. 15 to 21, more consoles will be arriving at select retailers. It is still difficult to believe that the anniversary of PlayStation 5 will end, but this is a sign that more consoles are expected to arrive in the coming days.

This article will help you find the best PS5 retailers near your area if you’re looking ahead to Black Friday.

These PS5 restocks are a great way to celebrate Christmas.

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PlayStation 5 Drops this Week: Stores to Visit

Below is the latest list of retailers that may drop PS5 stock from Nov.15-21. Find out where you can score the next-gen console by reading this article.

According to Gaming Intel’s report, prominent stores like Walmart and Sony are expected to drop consoles beginning Monday, November 15. For those who missed the last PS5 stock, it will be a week-long celebration courtesy of an invite-only event.

Amazon Restocks 5

We have not seen any Amazon drops in the last week. We believe that this retailer will finally go online this week after a three-week period of no console restocks.

It’s possible that the PS5 stock will be withdrawn if the supplies don’t arrive by Sunday, Nov.21. This is a great time to get in on the Black Friday sales which are highly anticipated by many buyers.

Restock Target PS5

Target is not expected to drop PS5 consoles this week, according to our sources. We saw last week that Target launched minor PS5 console sales. This was a huge surprise to many.

The retailer would take a break. We could get a confirmation from Jake Randall (a restock insider) about the likely schedule for the next drop.

Target recently teased its PS5 advertisement. This would hint at a surprise Black Friday sale.

Target reportedly had problems with its PS5 restocks last week due to cancellation issues during the anniversary celebration of the next-gen console.

One customer said that she placed her PlayStation 5 order through Target’s website. She was unable to make it in time for the PS5 drop.

Walmart PS5 Restock

Walmart went live last week twice, but this event was exclusive to Walmart+ subscribers. The store will not be able to release stock for customers this week.

Walmart customers, here’s a reminder: You can get your PS5 when you sign up for Walmart+ for one month. This card is the best way to score a PlayStation 5 for your holiday. This exclusive deal is only for members.

Sony PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock

Sony has held many restocking events in the past week, but there is a catch: this invite-only event. You should find out how to apply for the Direct invitation before it goes live.

Restock PS5 Best Buy

This week, the retail giant will be launching a huge sale on its Xbox restocks. This is a sign that there could be a huge increase in PS5 consoles during this massive restock event.

Best Buy will likely stock PS5 on Nov.15. However, it would only be available to members. For more information about TotalTech membership, visit the store’s site.

This article will help you find PS5 stock locations outside of the US. You can also find additional tips to help you buy the standard and digital versions of PlayStation 5.



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