Watch out – that PS5 deal that seems too good to be true could actually be a scam

Experts warn that online criminals and scammers are targeting gamers looking for the best PS5 deals.

Researchers at security firm Kaspersky claim to have found over 100 suspicious resources with links to ‘PlayStation’ in their names.

This is half of the total number of websites that were detected between January & October. It suggests that there has been a spike in interest in gaming enthusiasts.

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Scam PS5 deals

Kaspersky claims it discovered 130 suspicious resources that mentioned ‘PlayStation” in October. These threats were found all over the globe, suggesting that scammers weren’t limiting their efforts only to certain countries and regions. The threat was detected after the PlayStation 5 went on sale officially on November 12.

Kaspersky discovered that most sites offer preorders for the PlayStation 5 through prepayment or leaving personal information. This information could then be used by scammers to steal your personal data and make it available to criminals.
Some websites even offered special deals on the PlayStation 5 at a discount over the retail price. Other sites also had special prices for the PlayStation 4 (previous console generation), with savings due to the launch of the new PS5.
Again, however, any person entering personal or payment information would have their data stolen and sold, without the possibility of their dream console.
Tatyana Sidorina, Kaspersky’s security specialist, stated that “if it looks too good to be real, then it probably is a scam.”

We advise against clicking on links in suspicious emails, messages on social networks or messengers that contain sales or pre-order information. A security solution that has up-to-date spam and phishing resources is recommended.

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