Best Samsung Phones 2022

Finding the top Samsung phones are can be an arduous task due to the fact that it is the South Korean phone maker has produced a variety of models throughout the decades. We’re here to assist.

In 2021, we’ve already seen the top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy S21 range, as well as folding Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and a lot more. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has already arrived in 2022. The Samsung Galaxy S22 range will be arriving soon and this list is likely to alter drastically over the next months.

Some of our top choices are older models, especially when you’re in search of an inexpensive Samsung phone – which may be similar to Samsung’s Galaxy M51 We’ve also included some of them as well.

Before diving in taking a look at more than what you are able to pay for. Consider the screen size you’ll need. Do you require a large screen that is immersive or a smaller one that can fit in the palm of your hand? Battery life is essential for many users too.

Then, consider the way you intend to use your phone. Do you require speed or do you prefer to be a photographer lover?

To help you make a better decision to make the decision easier, we’ve provided an overview and specifications list for each phone and also highlighted the best and worst features. It’s possible to make an easy choice or take a look at our in-depth evaluations of each phone.

Best Samsung phones 2022

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

It’s the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra that will be Samsung’s most premium flagship for 2021. And what is it that it’s? For the first time, Samsung has provided S Pen support on an S-series handset, which means that you are able to get Samsung’s Galaxy Note range’s best feature.

However, even without that, this is an amazing handset with a fantastic quad-lens camera with 10-fold optical zoom. In our review, we rated it the top camera zoom that is available on an Android phone.

Its Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra also looks fantastic and has a sleek Gorilla Glass back that has a matte surface that appears superior to those in the Galaxy S20 range, while at the front, there’s an edge-to-edge curvature of a 6.8-inch screen.

In terms of the screen, it is the first time ever on a Samsung phone, you can get the QHD+ resolution as well as 120Hz refresh rate all at once. As a premium Samsung screen, it is among the best on the market.

There’s plenty of power however, while it’s obviously expensive, this actually comes at an affordable price to start as Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra did when it was launched.

2. Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is the most basic and inexpensive among the Galaxy S21 range, but it does have plenty of advantages in addition to its low cost.

The camera’s triple lens is highly versatile and includes three primary lenses that are expected from a high-end smartphone, including the main lens that is telephoto, the main one, and an ultra-wide. All three lenses perform very well.

The phone also comes with premium power, long battery life, and an AMOLED display with 120Hz of a refresh. With a screen size of 6.2 inches, it’s smaller than the other models in the S21 range, making it perfect for those who don’t need an enormous phone.

Beyond being the most affordable model in the options and the most affordable of the range, it’s also the most affordable of all. Samsung Galaxy S21 is actually priced lower over its previous model, meaning it’s actually a bargain, though in order to get that phone’s screen has reduced from Full HD to Full HD+, and the back of the phone reads “Glass” instead of the actual glass.

3. Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Its Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is possibly the least intriguing out of three Samsung Galaxy S21 models – it’s not quite as impressive as Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra while being a significant cost over that of the Samsung Galaxy S21, but it’s still a top-quality handset.

It comes with a bigger screen than its smaller version, measuring 6.7 inches. Additionally, it has a glass back unlike the Galaxy S21 makes do with plastic. It also comes with a bigger 4800mAh battery, though it has a larger screen, so more battery power is needed.

It’s also a great phone, and that’s not a negative, since it features a top-of-the-line chipset with plenty of RAM, a powerful triple-lens camera an on-screen fingerprint scanner, and a chic design.

It’s definitely expensive, especially when you consider that the display’s only 1080 x 2400pixels and the absence of an SD card slot for microSD cards could mean you’ll need to buy a 256GB model, however, these aren’t major issues with the overall quality of the phone.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a colossal phone with a monster of a price tag, but it has specifications to match. It has the main camera having 108MP as well as a 12MP periscope as well as a 12MP ultra-wide one. In addition, the screen is a huge 6.9-inch 1440 3088 AMOLED screen with 496 pixels per inch and an incredibly fast refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

However, this Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra isn’t just about that, as it stands out from competitors due because of its S Pen stylus, letting you draw across the display, sync voice recordings and hand-written notes, and so on.

In addition, the phone comes with top-of-the-line power, as well, with 12GB of RAM as well as the Snapdragon 865 + as well as an Exynos 990 chip. The choice of which you will get is contingent on where you’re located around the globe, but they’re both extremely robust.

It also has 5G, plenty of storage, a stylish design, an on-screen fingerprint reader, as well as an enormous battery, making this an iPhone that has everything – although the charging might be quicker and it’s a bit disconcerting that you cannot make use of 120Hz refresh speed and the QHD+ resolution simultaneously.

The main obstacle is cost, however, If you’ve got the cash and you want all the features that Note 20 Ultra has to offer, then it’s a great choice. Note 20 Ultra is offering It’s an excellent option.

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Samsung’s most folding phone to date, due in large part to its compatibility with the S Pen stylus, which makes it an ideal device to sketch and write on.

This is made possible by the huge 7.6-inch screen that folds which we found large enough for working on spreadsheets using. We discovered that a 6.2-inch cover display is less spacious, however, both screens come with a 120Hz refresh rate which makes them comfortable to use.

We were also awed by the toughness and durability of this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 It’s not just stronger than the previous models, but it has water-resistance as well. In addition, it has a top-of-the-line processor and you’ve got an ideal foldable device, though the high cost of it hinders its use.

6. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is basically a reworked version of the Samsung Galaxy S21. Samsung Galaxy S21, and one that was released just over a year later than that phone.

The highlights from the S21 FE are a stunning 6.4-inch 1080 2400 AMOLED display that has a 120Hz refresh rate as well as the powerful Snapdragon 888 chipset and an elegant 7.9mm thick construction. The triple-lens camera configuration (with primary, ultra-wide, and Telephoto lenses) is also capable of making this very close to being an all-rounder. But it has two major issues.

In our evaluation, we found that the battery life was not excellent The phone was barely lasting for a single day of normal use, despite having a decent 4,500mAh power source. In addition, it’s not charging all that quickly compared to other Samsung rivals.

Another problem is the cost that is close to the top however that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE feels more middle-of-the-road.

This makes it difficult to give a definitive recommendation, however, should you be looking for a flagship Samsung Samsung at a less expensive cost than Samsung’s actual flagships, it’s worth looking into, especially in the event that you can get the price reduced.

7. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus sat at the top of the list all through 2020, only being pushed down further with the S21 range being out.

Unsurprisingly, it’s an excellent phone. The design isn’t drastically different from its predecessor, the Galaxy S10 Plus, but the majority of other components have been improved. The screen now comes with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate It also has an upgraded processor, as well as its camera, has received significant improvements.

The most interesting lens is the 64MP telephoto version, which offers an optical zoom that is 3x hybrid however, there are 12MP main and 12MP ultra-wide versions and the depth sensor.

With a powerful 4500mAh battery, 5G connectivity along with all the other features you’d expect from the Samsung flagship phone – such as water resistance, and an in-screen fingerprint scanner, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus will be definitely one of the most impressive phones of any manufacturer but not only Samsung but especially the South Korean giant.

8. Samsung Galaxy S20

Although slightly less thrilling than The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra, the standard Galaxy S20 has a lower cost in addition to an easier-to-carry size.

Even at 6.2 inches, this is not a tiny phone and comes with a QHDPlus resolution and 120Hz refresh rate it is among the top quality AMOLED screens ever placed on a smartphone, the display is something to shout about.

It’s also a great camera. Samsung Galaxy S20 also has an impressive camera setup highlighted by a 64MP telephoto sensor, that is complemented by a main 12MP sensor as well as an ultra-wide 12MP sensor – meaning it’s not able to capture its depth sensors.

It’s the Samsung Galaxy S20 is also available with a 5G version with a huge 4000mAh battery, as well as top-end performance, thanks to either the Snapdragon 865 processor or Exynos chipset 990 (depending on where in the globe you buy it from).

9. Samsung Galaxy Note 20

It’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is less thrilling than Note 20 Ultra. Note 20 Ultra. Actually, due to its plastic exterior and FHD+ display, It’s not as premium as what you’d expect from a device that’s part of the Note series however it’s worth a look if you’re looking for an affordable smartphone equipped with the S Pen.

This phone comes with more than its S Pen going for it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 also is extremely fast due to its Snapdragon 865 + and processor (depending upon the area) with 8GB of RAM. In addition, its triple-lens camera (with a 12MP main sensor lens, 64MP telephoto, as well as an Ultra-wide 12MP sensor) lets you take photos in a variety of ways.

Even with its less-than-optimal specs, it’s still not an affordable phone however if you are unable to reach Note 20 Ultra, or even Note 20 Ultra and you need a more modern handset than Note 10, then it is still a viable option.

10. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

A reliable and solid option for a mid-range phone The Samsung Galaxy A52 may not have anything to impress you, however, with its high-refresh-rate screen and a more powerful rear camera than others within the series of A, it’s easy to be impressed by the capabilities of this phone.

Also, there’s 5G connectivity for reasonable prices and an attractive design that could appear a bit cheap but is also durable and usable.

The primary highlight will be The Super AMOLED screen that looks stunning, especially when you are watching videos. Streamers must be aware of this feature.

What we tried to test

We’ve only included phones we’ve thoroughly examined in this guide, and each phone has been thoroughly test-driven. This means we can be certain of the way each phone compares against similar Samsung phones, as well as the overall smartphone landscape.

In addition to the score of the review, We also look at the specifications of a smartphone and how it works in real life and how much it will cost as well as how valuable it provides and how it ranks other smartphones.

What should I Look For In an Item I purchase?

Certain things are crucial for different people, but the price, screen size, and battery life are the three main aspects for a lot of buyers. Think about what else is important to you about a phone whether that’s performance, camera, or something else you want to get – and then focus on buying one that is suitable for the task at hand.

Do I require a premium phone?

Samsung offers phones at different prices and, if you’re a light user – for instance, mainly browsing the internet as well as social media, and some basic applications – then you won’t have to invest a lot. Premium phones are for people who require everything and include a superb camera, and the capability to play games that are demanding.

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