How to Turn On Location Services on iPhone

This article will show you how to enable Location Services on iPhone and Android (most versions). This includes information about apps that require location services to be used.

iPhone location services: How to enable them

Location Services will be found in your iPhone’s Setting.

  1. Tap Settings > Privacy.
  2. Tap Location Services.
  3. Move the location services slider to green. Now Location Services are available. Location Services are now available to all apps that require them.

How to turn on location services on Android

You can turn on location services during the setup of your Android device. However, you can turn them off later by following this:

  1. Tap Settings> Position.
  2. Set the slider to on.

Information about Location Services

Location Services refers to a group of features that locate your phone’s location and provide content that is based on it. Google Maps and Find my iPhone use your phone’s GPS location to show you where to go, where to find restaurants within a quarter-mile, and where your stolen or lost phone is.

Location Services taps into your phone’s data and hardware to perform its functions. Location Services’ backbone is GPS. This is accurate and readily available. Location Services uses data from nearby Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices to help pinpoint your location.

Combining GPS, network data, crowd-sourced data, and extensive mapping technology from Apple, Google, and Apple, you can create a powerful tool to find out where you are on the street, which store is nearby, and much more. Some smartphones have a compass/gyroscope which determines where you are facing and how fast you are moving.

What to do when apps ask for location services

Location Services apps might ask you permission to view your location when you first launch them. Ask yourself if the app should use your location when making this decision.

Sometimes, your phone may ask you if it wants to continue allowing apps to use your location. This privacy feature allows you to be aware of which data apps have access to.

This feature is more secure than Android’s privacy options. You can choose whether you want the app to have access to your location all the time, or only when you use it. The pop-up window also displays the location of the app to help you understand the meaning of the tracking.


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