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How to Set up and Test a Microphone in Windows

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This article will demonstrate how to install a microphone in Windows, including Bluetooth microphones.

How to set-up and test a microphone under Windows 11

First, install the driver program if you purchased a USB microphone.

Bluetooth microphones may require additional steps. Please refer to the next section.

  1. Go to the Start Menu and select Settings.

  2. Select System from the sidebar. Next, choose Audio.
  3. Select under Enter. Select a device to record or speak.
  4. To open the microphone settings, select a device by clicking the right arrow beside it.

  5. Next to Set as default device, select Is default for audio.

  6. Use as your default for communications.

  7. To test the microphone, click Start testing. Any changes made will be saved.

  8. Go Settings > Voice Recognition.

  9. Under Microphone, select Get Started.

Setting up a Bluetooth Microphone in Windows 11

First, pair your wireless microphone to your Windows 11 computer.

  1. To open Quick Settings, click the Action Centre symbol (network, sound, and power icons) located on your taskbar to the right side of the date and the time.
  2. If the Bluetooth buttons are grayed out, you can turn them on

  3. Right-click the Bluetooth Icon and choose Go to Settings.

  4. Select Add device.

  5. Choose Bluetooth.

  6. Select your Bluetooth device from the list.
  7. Once you have paired your device, a confirmation window will appear confirming that it is ready to use. To close the confirmation window, click Done.
  8. Follow these steps to test your microphone.

Set up a wired microphone in Windows 10

There are a few differences in the steps for setting up a microphone on Windows 10.

  1. After the microphone is plugged in, click on the speaker button on the taskbar to choose Sounds.

  2. To see all connected microphones click on the recording tab. To check if it’s set to default, right-click the microphone you have attached.

  3. First, select the Microphone. Next, choose Configure. To open Speech Recognition window,
  4. Select Set up microphone to open the Microphone Setup Wizard.

  5. Select the microphone type that you have connected to the computer. The wizard will continue. Next
  6. Next, you can use the Microphone Setup Wizard screen while reading the text. When your microphone is working properly, the sound bar should move down as you speak.
  7. Next, click again.

How to setup a Bluetooth Microphone for Windows 10

To use Windows 10, you must pair your Bluetooth headset or microphone with a Bluetooth microphone purchased from a Bluetooth manufacturer.

  1. First, make sure your Bluetooth microphone is turned on. Next, click the Bluetooth icon in the Windows taskbar. Select Add Bluetooth Device.

  2. Check that the Bluetooth toggle has been turned on in your Bluetooth window. Next choose Add Bluetooth.

  3. Choose Bluetooth from the Add device Window.

  4. The Bluetooth device should be listed at the bottom. Once it does, click on the device to start the pairing process.

  5. Once you have paired your device, a confirmation window will appear confirming that it is ready to use. To close the screen, click Done.

  6. You will see your Bluetooth microphone under the Bluetooth or other devices windows.

  7. Right-click the sound icon in Windows taskbar. Select Sounds> Recording. Now your Bluetooth microphone should be listed.
  8. Talk to your Bluetooth microphone. This means that your microphone is functioning properly and is ready to be used.

How to Test A Microphone On Windows 10

If your microphone stops working, you can quickly test it.

  1. Right-click the Speaker button in your taskbar. Next, click on Sounds > Recording.
  2. If the label Disabled appears grayed out, the microphone might not be functioning. Right click on the microphone to choose Enable.

  3. Talk into a microphone. Depending upon how loud you speak, the soundmeter should be visible to your right.

  4. Your microphone is now connected and tested for proper operation. Close the Sound window by selecting OK or Cancel.


  • How can I set up a condenser microphone for Windows?
    To use the condenser microphone with your computer, you will need an audio interface like a mixer. It must be able to support phantom power.
  • How do I disable my microphone?
    Select your microphone from Settings System Sound. Next, click on Don’t Allow under the Audio section. Click Manage sound devices in Windows 10. Next, choose your microphone and click Disable.
  • What should I do if my Windows microphone doesn’t work?
    It is possible that your Windows microphone is not working. Check that your microphone isn’t muted. You can also check your permission settings to automatically troubleshoot the problem. Right-click the speaker symbol in Windows Taskbar.
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