How to Scan a Document on Your iPhone or iPad

Did you ever need to send a document to someone but weren’t near one? You only need an iPhone or iPad to scan any document. It can be saved as a PDF and sent in an email. You can even add your signature. Scanning an iPhone or iPad.

How to scan on your iPhone or iPad using the Notes app

Open the Notes app to scan a document from an iPhone or iPad. Next, create a note by tapping the camera icon and selecting Scan documents. Hold your device above the document, and then tap the shutter button.

  1. Open the Notes app for your iPhone or iPad. You don’t need to download this app. It looks like a memo pad with a yellow strip at its top. You can download the Apple App Store if you don’t find it.
  2. To create a new note, tap on the pencil and paper icon. This icon is located in the bottom-right corner. It is located on your screen in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Next, tap on the camera icon. This icon can be found in the ribbon just above the keyboard.
  4. Next, tap Scan Documents in the menu that appears. Once you have done this, your camera is now enabled.
  5. Place the document underneath your iPhone/iPad and then tap the shutter button. This is the large white circle at bottom of the screen.
    Notice: Your device will automatically scan your document if it is well-lit and flat. You will then need to tap Keep Scan at the bottom-right corner.
  6. To adjust the scan for the page, drag the circles to the corners of the box. If your device scans your document automatically, you won’t need to do this step.
  7. Next, tap Keep Scan. This button can be found in the bottom-right corner.
  8. Next, click Save. Next, tap Save.
  9. Tap Done at the top-right corner. You can also return to the main Notes page simply by tapping the notes em option in the top-left corner.

To send your scan image via email or text message, tap the share icon at the top-right corner.

By tapping on the image, you can edit your scanned document. You can then crop, alter the colors or rotate the image by tapping on one of the options at bottom of the screen. Your scanned image can be deleted by tapping the trash icon at the bottom-right corner.

You can print your scanned document from your iPhone by following our guide How to Print From Your iPhone.

Tap the share icon at the top-right corner of your screen to add a signature. Scroll up and choose Markup. Next, tap on the plus sign at the bottom-right corner to select Signature.

You can choose an existing saved signature. If you don’t have a saved signature, you can select it and click Done. Drag your signature to the desired place and then resize it using the circles at the corners. To save the image, tap Done near the top of the screen.

The Notes app can scan a PDF and the Microsoft Office app lets you edit the text. To learn more, check out our How to Use the Microsoft Office App.

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