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How to run a Ping Test with a Mac Computer

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To test your internet connectivity and check your connection, all you need is a ping test. The ping test will tell you if there is a problem with your connectivity. This article will teach you how to run a ping test on a Mac.

Note: This step-by-step guide will teach you how to ping Windows 10 computers.

What is a Ping Test, and how does it work?

A ping test shows how quickly your computer sends a ping request to a host, domain or another device in your network. The ping test will show you how quickly your computer responds to a “pong” request. It takes less than a millisecond.

The ping test measures latency and shows you how reliable your connection is. It is important to have a low latency connection for online gaming and loading pages quickly.

Open Finder and navigate to Apps > Utilities. Open Terminal, and then type ping followed closely. Stop the test by hitting Control +C on the keyboard.

  1. Open Finder for Mac. Click on the half-blue/half gray face icon in your Dock.
  2. Click Applications. Click on the Command + a key in any Finder window.
  3. Next, open the “Utilities Folder”.
  4. The Terminal app is now open.
  5. Next, enter ping followed closely by a space. You might type “ping hellotech.com” and “ping192.168.1.1”.
  6. Next, hit the Enter key and then enter. Wait for the results.
  7. To stop the Ping Test, press Control +C on your keyboard.

How to interpret the results of the Ping Test on a Mac

The ping times (in milliseconds) and the number of lost or received packets for each ping test you run from a Mac will be displayed. These ping times will display the minimum, average, and maximum ping responses (stddev).

To test your internet connection and run a ping test, type “Ping”. This will reveal if you have an issue with your internet or the site’s connection.

It could be an indication of a problem in your connection if one or more of your ping tests failed to deliver packets on time.

Common Ping Error Messages

These are the most common errors you will see if your Ping tests fail results.

  • Request Timeout is an indication that the ping test took over the default limit of 4,000ms (4 seconds). This could be due to network congestion, a firewall that blocks certain traffic, defective cables, ports, or any other reason.
  • Host down: This error is a sign that the requested hostname has not responded. Verify that you have entered the correct information and that your router is functioning properly. If your router is not working properly, you can refer to our guide on how to reset it.
  • TTL expired during transit. TTL, which is displayed before you ping each test, indicates the maximum number of hops your packet can make without it being discarded. This error message is an indication that your packet has exceeded the permitted number of hops.

If you notice any of these failure signals, you should immediately troubleshoot the network problem. If your remote device is not responding to your packets you can try pinging another location. This will let you determine if your network is the problem or the remote device.

A ping test can be used to get more information about your internet speed. This step-by-step guide will show you how to test the speed of your WiFi connection.

Last updated December 24, 20,21

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