Make Sure to Catch Fish with These 7 Terraria Baits

Terraria Baits

When we are bored, we turn on our gadgets and play online games. The online gaming world is consistently growing because more people want to engage in them. This impact of online games on society allows game developers to release new and exciting games. One of the popular games nowadays is Terraria, an online fantasy game where you can battle and do all sorts of real-life activities like fishing. 

It is unusual to go fishing in an online fantasy game, but Terraria did not pass it up. The game concept can teach so many strategic life skills. Terraria fishing is just one part of the game, and you can even do it creatively. Thanks to the different kinds of fishing tools you can use. An essential element in fishing is the bait, so Terraria has a variety of magical and powerful baits you can collect to perform at your best.

1. Black Scorpion Bait

Real-life scorpions are one of the most dangerous animals in nature, but any gamer would love to have the black scorpion bait on Terraria fishing. You can only catch this type of bait using a Bug Net and do not interact with other players. It can also be part of a player’s inventory or collection in the game. 

Real-life scorpions are usually easy to kill with the right hunting equipment. But in Terraria, it has up to 5 healths. This bait unleashes 15 percent of power, and it will eventually require a black scorpion cage. 

2. Buggy Bait 

A real-life buggy can mean a small car, but in the world of Terraria and the fishing section, the Buggy is different. The buggy bait is a red and green bug that almost looks like a ladybug. You can find this bait in the Jungle or the underground jungle biome. 


You can catch the buggy bait using the bug net, just like the black scorpion. The Buggy bait is something that you want to collect because of its rarity and 40 percent bait power. 

3. Purple Emperor Butterfly

We all know that butterflies are not actual fishing bait. They fly free within a field of flowers and give life to an environment thanks to their different colors. Real-life butterflies are usually delicate and taken care of when in a sanctuary, but Terraria has a different narrative for these creatures. In this fantasy game, butterflies are small yet powerful creatures. 

The Purple Emperor butterfly is one of the many baits in the game. You can immediately find this bait when you explore the forests in the daylight. If you have the bug net and the butterfly jar, you can catch this creature anytime. Using the purple emperor butterfly will take up 35 percent of bait power. Not bad at all!

4. Tree Nymph Butterfly

It is not every day that we see a gray-colored butterfly. In the Terraria world, the tree nymph butterfly is a pixelated-gray butterfly with one of the highest bait power among the butterfly baits, with 50 percent. 

Despite this huge percentage, it is on the white section, and it is a common catch. They are found almost everywhere, so players need to explore them. If you want to sell this, make sure to have plenty of them because they cost one gold coin.  

5. Enchanted Nightcrawler

Most people find worms fascinating because of what they do for the environment, but some fear them because of their physique. In Terraria, they are also useful and enchanted hence the name. You can find these creatures most likely during a meteor shower. 

As long as you have the bug net and the can of worms, then you are free to collect this type of bait. Its bait power goes up to 35 percent, and it will serve you well in the game, just like a real-life worm. 

6. Gold Worm

The Terraria fishing bait also has a gold edition on the list. You can find the gold butterfly, dragonfly, and grasshopper alongside the gold worm. Since they are in the gold category, these creatures are harder to collect than the other ordinary baits. The bait power of a gold worm goes up to 50 percent. 

7. Magma Snail 

The Magma snail is inspired by a volcano, especially with its red and black color combination. This bait creature lives in the underworld, so it requires a deeper exploration of the Terraria world. 


Unlike the other insect baits, you cannot catch them using the bug net. You should have the Magma snail cage alongside you if you want to collect it. Its bait power goes up to 35 percent and is sold for 50 silver coins. 

Final Thoughts

We must admit that it is cool to see a simple fishing bait made into different types. Some even have their strengths and powers. It is also amazing to see how simple life activities are turned into game concepts. It just shows that technology is creative and innovative. If you want to explore more about the gaming world, visit today!

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