How to Make a Phone Call From a Computer

Did you know that you can use your Windows 10 computer for making and receiving phone calls? You only need the “Your Phone”, app, and an Android smartphone. After you have set it up you can make and take calls as well as send and receive text messages. You can even do this without your phone. Here are the steps to make a call from your computer.

How to use the Your Phone App on Windows 10 Computers

Download the Your Phone app to your Android phone and use it to make a call. Pair your phone with your computer using Bluetooth and your Microsoft account.

  1. The Your Phone app can be installed on Windows 10 computers. It is available in the Microsoft Store.
    Notice: You should check your computer’s list of apps to make sure that it is not already installed.
  2. Download the Your Phone App to your PC.
  3. Next, choose to connect your Android phone and click Continue.
    Notification: To sign in to your Microsoft account, you will need to log in from your computer.
  4. Next, install the Your Phone App on your Android smartphone. Download the Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows App from the Google Play Store.
    Important: Make sure that your phone and computer are connected to the same WiFi network.
  5. Connect your phone to the app by opening it on your smartphone. Sign in to your Microsoft account, or scan the QR code. You will receive a notification on the mobile phone asking for permission to allow the link. To allow the link, follow the onscreen instructions.
  6. Next, ensure Bluetooth is enabled on both your phone and computer. After your phone is connected to your computer, you need Bluetooth enabled on both your phone and your computer. To enable Bluetooth on your phone, simply pull down the notification shade of your mobile phone’s screen and long-press on the Bluetooth icon. Bluetooth should be enabled by default.

    Go to Settings> devices> Bluetooth and other devices. Next, make sure that the slider under Bluetooth is on.
  7. Download the Your Phone App to your PC.
  8. Click on the dialer icon on the left sidebar.
  9. Next, select Get Started.
  10. Follow the instructions on-screen. A notification will appear on both your phone and computer asking you to pair the devices. To pair the devices, click OK on your phone or Yes on your computer. Click here if you are unable to connect the devices. Bluetooth Manually Connect Follow the instructions on the screen.
    Notification: To make calls, ensure that your headset and speakers are correctly configured.
  11. Call the number you want to call or search for your contacts. Clicking on one of the other options in the left sidebar will allow you to view your text messages, photos, and notifications.
  12. Click the telephone icon at the bottom to make a call.

You don’t need your phone to send a message. Check out this article How to Text from a Computer.

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