How to Get a Free Phone Number

You are normally given a free phone number when you register for a VoIP Service, activate a SIM card or phone, or pay for a landline phone service. You can still get a free phone number without signing up for monthly billing. If you look hard enough, free phone numbers are often included in packages that include other useful features.

It is free to have a Google Voice number

Google Voice provides a free number that multiple phones can use to make incoming calls. If you sign up for a Google number and people call it, your phone, tablet, and computer all can ring simultaneously. This ensures that you don’t miss incoming calls.

Google Voice offers transcribed calls. This means you can listen to your voicemail and read it instead of hearing it. You can also port your phone number to Google Voice.

Google Voice allows you to make free local calls within the U.S., including to businesses, other mobile phones, and home phone numbers. You will need to pay extra for international calling.

Apps that give out free phone numbers

You can make free internet calls using a variety of apps. Google Voice is just one example of many apps that allow you to make and receive free internet phone calls. You can download FreedomPop, TextNow, or the TextFree app directly from their websites.

You are given a phone number that you can call other people and can use to make calls. You can keep your actual phone number and all calls are handled through the apps.

These apps offer text messaging and voicemail options as well as other features similar to a phone.

Use iNum to find location-independent numbers

The INum project is fascinating because it aims to give one number that can be used all around the globe.

iNum allows users to access phone numbers with the +883 international country code. That code was created by the ITU (International Telecommunications Union). A +883 number can be used as a virtual number, without the need to know about area codes or associated rates.

Numbers from iNum can be obtained through service providers listed on the iNnm site. To receive a free SIP account and free calling to all iNum numbers, contact one of these service providers.


How can I find out the phone number of my friend?

You can find many websites on the Internet to look up phone numbers. You can use Google to look up phone numbers. Sites like ZabaSearch could also provide the information that you are looking for.

What is the best way to call freephone numbers via Skype?

It is not free to call mobile phones or landlines. You will need either Skype credit (or a subscription) or a plan (call plan). You can make voice or video calls to contacts.

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