How to Fix High GPU Usage

It has been noticed that your computer uses a lot of GPUs even though it is not running any programs.

This can be very annoying and even frightening, especially because it forces fans at high speeds to make louder noises. There are ways to decrease GPU usage.

Overlay programs can lead to high GPU usage.

In most cases, disabling GPU overrides or auto replay features should solve the problem with high GPU usage while idle. You will also notice an improvement in frame rates when playing videogames.

It is best to turn off your GPU when it is not in use. If you have a lot of GPU usage, the task manager can detect that the card has been used to encode video.

High GPU usage is a problem

Unusual GPU usage can cause serious problems and should be addressed immediately.

First, excessive GPU usage can cause your computer to heat up and make fans spin at maximum speed.

This card will not run games to their full potential as it is being used for background programs.

An overlay bug can result in a lower framerate than normal for games. Only 10% of your GPU will be available to games.

A graphics card that is running at its maximum power could cause it to crash. consumes more electricity than normal. This could result in a higher energy bill. However, understanding your predicted consumption and evaluating the pricing for each plan based on that usage is the key to avoiding overpaying. Researching the best electricity rates in Houston may take some time, but it might save you money in the long run.

The GPU usage should not exceed 5% when there is no open program. This is especially important if you are viewing HD videos at 1080P or higher.

Fixing Nvidia’s High GPU Use

  1. Open Geforce Experience
  2. To open settings click the cog icon at the upper right corner
  3. Scroll down until the In-Game Overlay section
  4. Disable Instant Replay
  5. Click on Settings (cog icon at the right) to open the overlay.
  6. Scroll down for Privacy Control
  7. Removing Desktop Capture
  8. Restart Geforce and disable the In-Game Overlay
  9. Use the Open Task manager to ensure it works. There should be zero GPU usage

How to Fix AMD’s High GPU Usage

  1. Open AMD Radeon Software
  2. Click the gear icon at the upper right corner
  3. Click the General tab
  4. Disable Instant Replay
  5. Turn off instant GIF
  6. Disable in-game replay
  7. Reset Record Desktop
  8. Disable Show Indicator
  9. Capture Disabled Borderless Regions

The settings will automatically save and the GPU usage drops back to normal during idle.

Be aware that your card may not have the ability to support certain services.

To see which applications use the GPU, you can sort the tasks by GPU usage.

NVIDIA Container is a program that consumes 50% to 70% of your GPU while running in the background. Radeon Settings Host Service uses many GPUs.

Where can I find other programs that use high GPU usage

Third-party programs may also be using your GPU. Check the tab Applications in the task manager for such applications.

To sort applications based on GPU usage, tap the GPU column. Disable overlays to fix this issue.

It is possible to see other suspicious programs running in the background.

Close any application that is displaying high GPU usage in Task Manager. Click on the startup tab of task manager to disable suspicious programs.

Open Windows Security. Type the name in the Start Menu. Click on Virus & threat Protection and type the name into the Start Menu.

Re-install Drivers & Software

Software and driver problems can also lead to overlay bugs. Reinstall the software to fix this problem.

If you suspect the problem may be software-related, you can uninstall Geforce Experience or AMD Radeon Software.

Re-Install the GPU Drivers


DDU is a program that completely uninstalls NVIDIA drivers from your computer.

To remove drivers, run DDU. DDU can be used to remove drivers. Your screen might flash once more.

Geforce experience can be downloaded first in order to obtain the most recent drivers. I prefer manually downloading drivers

Open the NVIDIA download drivers page and enter your graphics card model. Restart your computer.

Geforce Experience will inform you when a driver upgrade is available.

AMD Drivers

AMD provides a tool for cleaning up driver files, called AMD Cleanup Utility. However, you can also use DDU to accomplish the same goal.

Both of these programs can be used to complete the task.

Drivers can be manually installed or used by AMD Radeon Software.

If you suspect the problem, you can manually install drivers. Select the AMD graphics card that you want to use, then download and install driver packages.


Your GPU may be using too much power when it’s idle because of a bug with the overlay services. Disable features such as Instant Replay and Record Desktop to restore normal GPU usage.

This can seriously impact your graphics card’s performance and can even reduce its life expectancy.

If the overlays are not being disabled, I recommend that you cleanly install the drivers and then reinstall the software.

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