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How Do I Find My Email Address?

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What is my email address? Depending on which email service you use, the steps that you take to find out who is viewing your email address depending on what program or service you are using. These are both general and specific instructions for the most popular email providers.

General Instructions to Find Your Email Address

To identify your email address in nearly any email service or program, first make sure that your email is working then open the program/service and:

  1. Send a new message to your email.
  2. Look out for a line that starts with From. It will contain your email address.
  3. When you create an email, you will see multiple email addresses that you have configured to send. You can use any of the email addresses. Any of them can be used.

Echo Service allows you to see your email address

You can find out the content of your emails by sending an email. It would be so easy to find your email address.

You don’t even need to know your address in order to do this. You can send an email to an email echo provider and it will be sent back to you. This allows you to see exactly what you sent and from whom.

Echo services are usually run by universities and are safe to use. The known services don’t store your messages or your email address and they don’t sell or use it.

You can use an echo service, such as that offered by Vienna University Computer Center. Send your email to echo@univie.ac.at. Your email address will be added to the To field.

  1. Send a new message to your email service or program.
  2. In the To area, enter echo@univie.ac.at It is not necessary to include a subject line or message.
  3. Select Send.
  4. Wait until the email arrives from Vienna University Echo is opened.
  5. Your email address can be found in the to section at the top of your email address.

There are other methods that can be used to locate your email address. However, they will vary depending on which service you use.

What is my AOL Email Address?

Find the AOL Mail default email address to send messages via AOL Mail.

  1. Click Create to start a new message.
  2. Above the to line, see the default email address you will use.
  3. If you see multiple addresses, choose the one you prefer to use. They all belong to you.

How do I find my email address in Mail for Windows

Mail for Windows allows you to find your email address.

  1. Mail for Windows should have the email sidebar fully visible. If necessary, click the hamburger menu icon to expand a collapsing sidebar.
  2. You can see each account’s email address under the account name in Accounts.
  3. You can send multiple emails to an account by clicking on the From link.

What is my Gmail Email Address?

You can find the default email address that you use to send emails in Gmail on the Desktop and the Gmail apps for iOS or Android by clicking here:

  1. Select Compose to start a new message.
  2. Find the email address that was used to send in the From line.
  3. To see the other addresses that can be sent to Gmail, click on the default address near From.

Find the email address that you used to create your Gmail account.

  1. Click on your avatar or picture near Gmail’s top-right corner.
  2. Your primary Gmail address is listed under your name. If you have connected Gmail accounts to your account, the current account will be listed at the top.
  3. Your primary Gmail address appears in the browser’s title and tab bar.

You can view your primary Gmail address using the Gmail App:

  1. Tap the profile picture at the top right.
  2. Locate the address of your current account listed under your name.

What is My iCloud Email Address?

To view the default email address for sending mail to iCloud Mail@icloud.com, log into your Apple account using your Apple ID. You will find your iCloud address in the Reachable at section.

What is My Outlook.com, Hotmail, or Live Mail Email Address Address?

To identify your Outlook Mail address which you may have received from Hotmail, Live Mail, or Outlook.com

  1. To start a new email, click or press New message.
  2. Look for the From email address.
  3. To view all addresses that can be sent, click From and to change the email address.
    Click your name or an image in the top right corner of Outlook Mail to find the Outlook Mail address associated with your Outlook Mail account.

What is my iOS Mail address (iPhone, iPad)?

Find out your iOS Mail email address here

  1. Start the Settings App.
  2. Go to the Passwords and Accounts category.
  3. Tap the desired email account in the Accounts section.
  4. The email address of the selected account is displayed at the top.

What is my Outlook email address?

To find out which email address you use in Outlook For Windows, click here

  1. You can create a new email by pressing CTRL+N.
  2. You can see your email address at the From page.
  3. To see other email addresses that you can use, click From

To find your email address in Outlook on Mac :

  1. From the Outlook menu, select Outlook > Preferences.
  2. Under Personal Settings, open the Accounts section.
  3. Locate the address of each account that is listed under its name.

Find out more about your Outlook on iOS and Android email addresses:

  1. Start writing a new email.
  2. The default email address is listed at the top under New message. To see all accounts and addresses, tap the default email address.

What is My Yandex? Mail Email address?

You can see the default email address that Yandex. Mail uses to send messages.

  1. To start a new message, click Compose. Or press C.

Locate your default email address on the From line.

  1. Click on the address to view other email addresses that Yandex. Mail has been set up.

Click your image, username, or silhouette in the Yandex. Mail top right corner to identify your primary Yandex.Mail address. The pop-out menu will display your primary Yandex. Mail email address.

What is My ZohoMail Email Address?

You can see which email address defaults when you send a message in Zoho Mail to find out:

  1. Click New Email to create a new email.
  2. Locate the default sending address near from.

Click the image in Zoho Mail’s upper right corner to find your original email address. The primary Zoho Mail address is listed below your name in the window.

What is My ProtonMail Email address?

You can see the email address ProtonMail uses to send you a message when you create a new one:

  1. To create a new email, click Compose from the web interface.
  2. Click on the address to view all email addresses and aliases that have been set up for email sending from your ProtonMail account.

Click on your name or the icon at the top right of the screen to find your primary email address. You will find the ProtonMail address right below your name.

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